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Bismuth 2V-1537-fasset 12: "4 rubies, 1,peridot, 2 quartz." Entry #4

by DartrixTheIntrovert

DartrixTheIntrovert Bismuth is going to earth to help colonize with 4 rubies, a peridot, and 2 quartz soldiers. He's hoping to even get a pearl soon enough. He'll make homeworld a better place.
They appointed me captain of a small ship. They gave me four rubies, a peridot, and two quartz. A purple quartz. And a blue quartz. And the best part, they said once I got to earth and built one thing, anything. They would give me a pearl. The rubies and the quartz were for fighting and overall help, and the peridot for technology, and she was really the one driving the ship. 12 other ships were going out at the same time as mine. Every one contained a bismuth, four rubies, one peridot, and two quartz soldiers. We were the seventh round of gem ships headed to earth. I didn't have experience captaining a ship, but I guess here is my practice.
Bismuth 2V-1537-fasset 12
Entry #4