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A Pokemon Life for Me: ~ 4 ~ Friends and Foes

by ekatsu

ekatsu My friend motivates me. Thanks friend. you know who you r devan :)
The lady with pink, ribbony hair smiled.
"Thank you, your Pokémon are at full health. Hope to see you again!"
I felt better! Then I was accompanied by the Pikachu. He nodded to me.
"Hello! So I'm her Pokémon now?" He asked.
"Yep, her name is Becca, by the way." I heard Becca approaching.
"Hey guys, today we're traveling to Cherrygrove city! I have a friend for you to meet." She let us walk.
When we arrived, Becca ran over to two figures standing a few yards away.
"Piper!" She exclaimed. She threw her hands around a tall and skinny girl with short and dark hair and dark eyes. The girl, Piper, let out a Chikorita besides her. A boy, standing next to her with bright orange hair was with a Charmeleon. He waved to her.
"Hi Flame! How've you been? I heard th- Oh! Charmander evolved?" She started talking to him. Then Piper squealed.
"Oh! I know! Why don't we take our Pokémon to the Pokémon Park?"
They all started to murmur.
"Yes that's a great idea!"
"Let's go now!"
"Sure, why not?"
We were returned into the Pokeball.
Again, all of us were let into some soft grass. Standing around me was a Charmeleon, Pikachu and Chikorita.
I introduced myself.
"Hi, I'm Cyndaquil, Becca's starter. I've ne-"
"Yeah yeah, we get it. It's not like we don't know who you are."
It was that Charmeleon. How rude of him.
"Well I'm sorry! I thought that it would be nice to introduce myself. That's what civilized people do anyway."
He just grunted and turned away. The chikorita spoke up next.
"H-hi, I'm chikorita. I'm a grass type and I'm Piper's s-starter."
That left Pikachu.
"Hey there! I'm Pikachu. Becca caught me a little while ago."
"I'm a Charmeleon. Flame chose me as his starter." Charmeleon started unexpectedly. We all looked at him, expecting more, but he said nothing.
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