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Pokemon Art: 3D Headshot Model

by ~Rinko~

~Rinko~ "Ei? I'mma 'stachei guy, not a lil' Scorbunnei."

Randomly made this model in paint 3D.
The background looked cool so I kept in for the screenshot.
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  1. ~Rinko~
    @Umbreon06 @GymLeaderJojo
    I was thinking Scottish Scorbunny (nothing to do with the moustache though), but both of those are neat ideas~
    Mar 7, 2020
  2. JojoMaker
    @Umbreon06 oh I thought this was a French Scorbunny, But the imagine a Mexican Cinderace!
    Mar 7, 2020
  3. Umbreon06
    Mexician Scorbunny
    Jun 19, 2019
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  4. pluveon
    There's a very... specific shape in the clouds...
    Jun 19, 2019
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