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Daily challenge (days 1-7, unfinished): #332 + #474

by Cockyroaches

Cockyroaches I forgot to mention on the first post that themes from days 1-3 are your faves from each region/gen! Last one were from Kanto and johto, so now these are from Hoenn and Sinnoh!

Cacturne is dear to me because I'm super fond of scarecrow characters, despite it having a blaring weakness to bug attacks Porygon-Z is just lovely in it's own glitchy way! Especially when you feed it pokepuffs or pokebeans, it moves as if it were glitching and I love that about it...
  1. JayBird Joe
    JayBird Joe
    Ah yes. My old friend Hoenn. How have you been doing?
    “You sold me to get $ to buy a phone!”
    Oh yeah....we can still be friends right?
    “You restarted me 5 times!”
    So? I mean, uh......
    “You killed a shiny Gible!”
    Uh, yeah.........

    I love this drawing. The porygon line is great and I love your art! Keep up the good work!
    Sep 4, 2019
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