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I’m doing Fakemons... Again: 3 down, 4 more to go

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain Last time on the 7 legendaries of the Ancient world I made two of them in one day! Today there will be no such luck maybe

Anyway, this one is based on the Colossus of Rhodes

Helriodes (Helios - Rhodes)
Rock / Fire
Gender : 100% Male
Ability : Pressure - Drought (HA)

Moveset when caught:
Ancient Power

Dazzling Gleam
Divine Rays* (Signature move)
Pokédex Entry:
HELRIODES is one of Seven, He assists in heating up the temprature during the Day And was carved by SOLGALEO and COSMOLYMP from the Sun, he is said to be the gifter of Fire Stones to mankind

* The user rains down radiant fire from the sky, this move is also considered as Fairy Type