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Old Sprites: 2010-2012: Misc.

by Shiny Pyxis

PlusleMinuncosplayers2.png PichuCosplayer.png RanpuraaCosplayer.png Shocari_Contest_Female.png WinterShinyEevee.png Minilyn Done.png Lyni Older 1.png
Shiny Pyxis #flashchallenge

Plusle/Minun Cosplay, Pichu Cosplay, Lampent Cosplay, random girl sprite, me in a Christmas outfit, magical girl me, older me

Not shown: Vocaloid Sprites, Touhou Sprites, Youtaite Sprites

At this point, I finally began to finalize my sprite style, and improved my scratch spriting skills that I could pretty much sprite whole outfits with relative ease (as shown with the magical girl me sprite, along with the other sprites in the links). I figured out how to shade better and finally learned how to pick colors for myself instead of using the pre-existing palettes used on already-existing Pokemon sprites. However, my outlines were still rather black-less, which is something I only started doing about a year or two back.

That's that, guys! All other sprites after this point you've seen in the corner. Thanks for following through this series until the end, and I hope I can continue making sprites for this community ^^
  1. Shiny Pyxis
    Shiny Pyxis
    Apr 8, 2015
  2. Psycho Monkey
    Psycho Monkey
    Magical girl you was on;y 2012? I though she came in 2013. Time flies so fast for us old folk that the years just run together! @.@
    Apr 8, 2015