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Splatoon In Pokemon: #2: Welcome To The World Of Pokemon!

by Sylvious

Scene 3: "Wha...., Where are we? I can't move." Scott Said. "I don't know. Are we stuck? In this black hole? FOREVER!?" Sara Yelled. "No....." Somebody Silently Said. "What?" Sara And Scott Said. "I am..... Professor Ink!!!!!!!!" Prof. Ink Said. "Your the... Person from the stories. Every 100 years. When there is a turf war. Somebody gets inside this world.... Many are inklings. But you were different. Your a squid. Not a kid. Or an inkling. Your special." Scott Said. "Yes. Now... Welcome to the world of Splatto! Come to my lab to get the pokemon! Now. The new pokemon that were ink based gone extinct. Now pokemon from other regions joined this. Because of this region becoming the most relaxing place for pokemon to be in. But there is only 2 pokemon that are still here. Come to my lab in Inkopilon City! See you there!" Prof. Ink Said. Scott And Sara Got Dropped In The World Of Pokemon.
Scene 4:
"Okay. Professor Ink said that we need to go to the lab. This looks like a lab!" Sara Said. Sara And Scott Go To The Lab. Seeing The Creatures That They Saw In Inkopolis. "Ah!!! Its them!" Scott Said. "No... I asked them to go get you. Now. Pick Lucario, Or Tentacool." Professor Ink Said. "I pick lucario!" Sara Said. "I guess i pick Tentacool." Scott Said. "Okay! Here!"