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A Pokemon Life for Me: ~ 2 ~ My First Battle

by ekatsu

ekatsu Part 2!!
I was taken out of my Pokeball to face no other than Totodile! He smirked and got into battle stance, I did too.

“My Totodile has the advantage!” It was the snotty trainer from earlier.

“Well Jake, that means we’ll just fight harder!” Becca, my trainer.

“So, we meet again…” I eyed him carefully as I spoke.

“So, we do. Prepare to lose.” He grunted nonchalantly.

“Okay Totodile, use tackle!”

The water Pokémon ran to me and tried to knock me out. I jumped to the side, dodging. He scowled and I, I dared to mock his usual smirk. Suddenly my trainer called out,

“Cyndaquil! Use ember!”

I knew it want effective but if I just burned him we could have an easy win. I ran as fast as I could and blew my flames at him, he was scorched and thankfully, burned. He howled in pain and turned to face me, boy was he mad.

“Arceus help you.” He growled.

I backed away, terrified.

He landed a good water gun on me and I was weakened. I kept on though.

“Cyndaquil, use smokescreen!” I let a blast of smoke cover the field. Totodile was coughing and squinting, looking around for me.

He used his claws to try and break the coat but to no prevail. I tackled him with all my strength and he was fainted.

“WE DID IT!!” Becca picked me up and swung me around. I, shocked, didn’t know what to do. His trainer, Jake? Picked Totodile up and returned him to his Pokeball.

“Bye Jake!” She called and returned me.

When I was next let out of my Pokeball, Becca was standing very still, in front of a…

  1. Flame the Trainer
    Flame the Trainer
    My character is a trainer named Flame. The same one I'm using for my series called Pokemon Trainer Adventure. He got Charmane as his starter, it will be able to mega evolve when it's fully evolves. He also has a Eevee that's a baby that knows no moves that he got from his parents. The Eevee doesn't like to be in its pokeball. Hopes that enough info.
    Dec 13, 2016
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