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1st Attempt Sketch: Gliscor

by The Celestic Warrior

1st attempt Sketch Gliscor for Twitter and Pokecharms.png
The Celestic Warrior Yeah. The colours are too dark but I didn't have the appropriate shades. ;A;
As a first attempt I'm rather proud of this one. It wasn't too hard, other than getting the pincers, feet and ears as perfectly symmetrical as possible, which I failed to do. [​IMG] But hey. At least I can say that I did a sketch of my second favourite Pokémon!
By the way, I tried sketching Jolteon. It's design is way too angular for me to attempt right now... Maybe I don't have to get every detail. BUT. ECH.
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  1. Renimo
    This is cool!
    Nov 2, 2015