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Mraneveno Pokedex: #15, 16; Mounticat, Smashicat.

by Cryronn the Mudkip

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Cryronn the Mudkip Mounticat:
The Mountain Cat Pokémon.
Normal/Rock Type
Pokédex:These Pokémon live high in the mountains, and although they look rough, they are extremely loyal.
Moves: Hatch:Scratch, Sand Attack. Lv.6:Bite, Oder Seluth. Lv.9:Mind Reader. Lv.13:Snarl. Lv.14:Rock Throw. Lv.18:Fury Swipes. Lv.23:Defense Curl. Lv.27:Slash.
A.1:Keen Eye. A.2:Rough Fur(Does the same as rough skin.). H.A:Intimidate.
Evolves into Smashicat at Lv.28.

The Smashing Bobcat Pokémon.
Normal/Rock Type
Pokédex:These Pokémon are natural nocturnal hunters. Their nighttime eyesight is only rivaled by that of Luxray, and it can see around a mile away.
Moves: Evolve:Crunch, Spikes. Lv.34:Stealth Rock. Lv.39:Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang. Lv.44:Rock Slide. Lv.49:Sandstorm. Lv.51:Stone Edge. Lv.53:Swords Dance.
A.1:Keen Eye. A.2:Rough Fur. H.A:Intimidate.
Does not evolve.
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