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A Pokemon Life for Me: ~ 14 ~ Confusion

by ekatsu

ekatsu Basically, what just Happened?!
Becca's jaws were wide. She knew that the Dratini was hurt because she dropped the pokeball and she fell out. She was angry with Piper. She always jumped to conclusions! She grabbed her flame designed pokeball.
"Quilava! Get piper!" She said angrily.
The fire type exploded into a ball or flame and ran off as fast as he could. Becca let out Pikachu as well.
"Search for Piper." She told him. He nodded and ran off.
Pikachu saw Piper enter the Pokémon center. He scampered after her and heard a voice. He stopped and looked around. There was a man, standing in the shadows behind the Pokemon Centre. He had a stone, a yellow one. Pikachu scampered up to it. He took it from the man and started to nibble on it, then he swallowed it on accident. He gulped. The man stared at him in shock. The electric type saw Piper coming out and he ran over to her.
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