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PokéDex: #13 - Weedle - #14 - Kakuna - #15 - Beedril

by RenzFlintrock

E71097DA-7E30-44B9-970F-ADC494A2DC1D.jpeg C1782DA4-42B7-42D7-9644-75AEAE4BB8D9.jpeg 744BAA86-E250-462E-AC36-7B4E42DBF9C8.jpeg
RenzFlintrock I’m pretty happy with these. Kakuna was another one where I used a ‘base’. Again, still my art, just with some guidelines while making the rough sketch. Weedle was pretty fun to do. Beedril is another one that’s complicated, but not too bad.


@Lime Weedle

Created using ibisPaintX
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  1. Zipz
    Kakuna: *nothing*

    Memes: "He's just standing there...MENACINGLY!"
    Aug 7, 2019
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