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A Pokemon Life for Me: ~ 13 ~ A Trade

by ekatsu

ekatsu Today some stuff changes. @Devan_Plays
Becca let me out again, fully healed. She was in front of a young man, in black.
"Hey, so is it a deal?" The man whispered. Becca looked at the pokeball in hand and gripped it tightly. Then she handed it to the man. They exchanged Pokeballs. I looked at her questioningly. The man let out Machoke! He glowed with a familiar light and turned into his final form, Machamp. The man's eyes flashed triumphantly.
"Thank you miss!" Hey exclaimed in a whisper-shout, and dashed away. He stole Machamp?! I was about to run after him when I realized Becca's face was happy. She was delighted, and let out her new Pokémon. A Dratini! She grinned broadly and ran to Bugsy's gym to show Piper.