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A Pokemon Life for Me: ~ 12 ~ Burning through Bugsy

by ekatsu

ekatsu Bugsy gon die.
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What in uniting all peoples within our nation?!
Becca stomped over to Bugsy, on command I sizzled all Ariados that came near. Then it was battle time.
"Go Quilava!" She shouted. I jumped out in front of Bugsy.
"Go! Metapod!" He yelled, sending out a green cocoon-like Pokémon.
"Use your flamethrower!" Becca commanded. I ran towards Metapod and let out a blast of flame. But...
"Metapod, counter it with harden, then use string shot!" Bugsy ordered the Pokémon. It flashed with a blinding light, and was instantly hardened. Then it sent out a strand of string and trapped my leg. I burned it quickly, and it evaporated.
"Quilava! You can do it! Use flame wheel!" In an instant, I was flaming and rolling in a ball of fire. As I hit Metapod, he fainted immediately. The process repeated with his kakuna.
"Scyther, lets show em what we got!" He called out.
A giant green bug Pokémon with slavering scythes was sent out. Great.
I blasted it with a flamethrower, but he was gone. What?
"Scyther!!!!!" He screeched, and I was clobbered on the back of the head with his giant scythe.
Then I felt heat all around me, and let out a scorching fire blast that surrounded me. Scyther was down.
"Wow! Quilava learned overheat!" Piper commented. That was the last thing I heard, before I staggered, and fell.
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