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A Pokemon Life for Me: ~ 11 ~ The Next Gym!

by ekatsu

ekatsu Today our heroes head to the second gym, the bug type gym.
Lol I sound like the Pokémon Narrator
Great, that leaves me walking. As we trudged through the forest, we came to a town!
"Here it is!" Piper said excitedly.
"Piper, these are bug types. Be careful with Bayleef-" Becca started, but trailed off as Piper bounded to the Pokémon Centre.
She walked over to the shop inside the Pokémon Centre and bought me a new Pokeball. As I looked at her, she seemed delighted. Then she stooped down.
"Quilava! I've been saving up my money, and I got you something!" She placed a Pokeball on the ground, and it had an amazing flame design on it!
"It cost me $2,000 Pokedollars, but it's worth it! Even if I'm flat broke." She said dryly.
As I was healed, I was let out in the gym!
"I AM BUGSY! If you want to challenge me, you'll have to reach me first!" The leader's eyes sparkled with mischief. I cocked my head. What does that mean?
Becca's horrified gasp gave me my answer.
"I'm supposed to RIDE THOSE THINGS?!" She screeched. I turned my gaze over to a herd of Ariados.
"Yep!!" Bugsy exclaimed happily.
"AUUUUGH! You know, maybe I don't need the badge?" She backed away slowly.
"Oh no you don't. You've gotta do it." Piper's voice rang out.
Becca was shuddering from head to toe.
"I can't do this!" She cried.
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  1. ekatsu
    Mar 6, 2017