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10 things: 10 things you didn't know about Yutu

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice
1. Yutu is a well mannered Pokemon and quite a gentleman.
2. He has only been drawn twice. One of the times was a request from me. https://pokecharms.com/works/request-from-excalibur-queen.35222/
3. He was Kari's starter Pokemon in Kalos.
4. He is currently not in a relationship.
5. Yutu's sexuality is unknown.
6. One of his friends is a uniquely colored Umbreon named Candi, whom he met when she was an Eevee and he was a Fennekin.
7. He's okay with battling, but would rather perform in Showcases.
8. He has a ward, a Noibat named Trudy who isn't even a year old.
9. He thinks Ali (@Alistair Jinn ) is cute, but doesn't desire to be in a relationship with her.
10. He almost got trampled on by a Gogoat when he was a young Fennekin.
  1. PaisleySeeker63
    Quality memes right here
    May 11, 2017
  2. Astralpunk
    Ali: Of course I'm cute. I'm the cutest Emolga in the world~!
    Me: Yeah, okay. Just don't let it go over your head…
    Oshen: *frown* As long as this Yutu fellow doesn't do anything with my girl.
    May 11, 2017
  3. Ariados twice
    Ariados twice
    May 11, 2017
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  4. Ariados twice
    Ariados twice
    May 10, 2017
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