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10 things: 10 things you didn't know about Tai

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice
1. He was the second to last Pokemon caught by Kari in his home region.
2. His name was originally going to be Kai, after the character from Ninjago.
3. Among the artists he enjoys listening to are Meghan Trainor, Fall Out Boy, and Maroon 5.
4. Tai once fought with Mona about what martial arts style is the coolest (no one won).
5. One of his favorite shows is Avatar: The Last Airbender.
6. When Kari first met him he was kind of clumsy.
7. Tai once suffered a humiliating defeat, from a female of his species. He still has a grudge against that particular Mienfoo.
8. Tai once had a crush on a Milotic named Melanie.
9. Tai was orphaned at a young age.
10. He is a sucker for cute things.
  1. Ariados twice
    Ariados twice
    May 3, 2017