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10 things: 10 things you didn't know about Luna

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice And here's one for an OC.
1. Luna has long black hair, blue eyes, and a white crescent moon on her forehead.
2. Luna has a cat form (which is black with blue eyes and has a white crescent moon on its forehead), Lunabolts (solar power that she can form into bursts of concentrated energy), extraordinary strength and stamina, and possibly flight.
3. Despite being created first, she is a Dark side of another OC, Ash. Ash looks similar to Luna but she has long blond hair and a yellow sun on her forehead. She has the same powers as Luna but instead of Lunabolts, she calls hers Solarbolts.
4. Luna was inspired by three things: the Lunar Wolves/Dark Lunar Wolves ( @Midnight Princess ), Starfire, and Luna from Sailor Moon.
5. At one point I was thinking of adding a Purrloin form to her list of powers, but threw out the idea.
6. It is unknown if she has any crush at all.
7. Luna is not currently in a relationship.
8. She likes tuna.
9. She once saved the lives of Vulcan and Obsidian (See here: https://pokecharms.com/works/luna-before-moon-ran-away.37605/)
10. One of her favorite songs is "I want my mullet back" by Billy Ray Cyrus
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