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10 Facts (Old): 10 More facts about Alpha the Mightyena

by Midnight Heart

Midnight Heart I was bored. :p (Like usual)
#1 - At night, his eyes glow a bright light blue, although its unknown why.

#2 - He is ignored by almost everyone in his family. When he was a Poochyena, his family didn't ignore him, but ever since he evolved into a Mightyena, they have ignored him. His niece, Nora, a Houndour, is the only one that doesn't ignore him.

#3 - His favorite move is Bite, and he also knows Bite.

#4 - Due to being the runt of the litter, and being the smallest before he evolved, his older brother, Beta, and older sister, Omega, both call him Runt most of the time, instead of calling him by his name, despite the fact Beta is only a little bigger than him, and Omega is smaller than him. His father, Jason, calls him Runt most of the time, too.

#5 - He has a crush on Luna. (@WolfyPop's OC)

#6 - He likes to fight, although usually he won't fight unless Mid wants him too, or he's protecting a friend or family member.

#7 - His favorite color is blue, and his favorite food is muffins.

#8 - He is athletic.

#9 - Normally he is the one having to break up fights between Zoey and Cloey, since most people aren't brave enough to try, or dumb enough, although Mid and Moon try to break up their fights, despite the fact they almost always fail.

#10 - He hates flying type Pokemon due to the fact they like attacking him.