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10 Things: 10 Facts you Probably Didn't know about Vixen

by Peachy Ace

Peachy Ace Well this one was a bit longer then expected, probably cause I'm a lazy bumm :p

1. Vixen Is extremely shy. She is the least likely one to go up and meet someone, and would rather coward behind something or someone, most of the time, it being her best friend, Lucky the Lucario.

2. Vixen and Lucky have cute nicknames they like to call each other. While Lucky calls Vixen 'Vixy', Vixen calls Lucky 'Lucas'. They've called each other these names since they were little.

3. Vixen may have a small crush on Yuma the Braixen, ever since a small incident in a Lab, where they were shoved into a closet. She feels extremely when remembering that moment, although atleast she has a love interest now.

4. Vixen used to paint herself pink and white, trying to make herself look more cuter to impress Lucky, who she had a crush on when they were little. Although the paint would always come off when Foxy, her trainer, forces her to take a bath.

5. Vixen used to be called Kit, an abbreviation for Kitsune. Although Foxy changed it to Vixen, after realising it would make more sense to name one of his other fox Pokemon that, Kit then being given to his Ninetales.

6. Vixen, unlike other Braixen, doesn't have a stick in her tail. She finds it annoying and infuriating, so she threw it into the ocean, and remains without one.

7. Vixen looks to her Trainer Foxy, as an equals. And wants nothing more. She usually ignored him, and ends up wandering somewhere without him.

8. Vixen is mostly peaceful. If in the middle of a battle she will refuse to battle, and will hide behind a random object, till either Foxy withdraws from the battle, or her opponent gives up or spares her.

9. Vixen is friends with tons of Grass and Bug types, likely due to the fact that she doesn't mind, and the bugs don't find her a threat, neither can she be a threat without her branch.

10. Vixen is very, how do you say isolated. When asked to join a group, or hang out, she will immediately decline, and hide under a blanket until they leave. Of course she will accept if the asker is someone she trusts, otherwise, she's more bark then bite.
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    Jul 24, 2017
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