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10 Facts about Zamic the Zoroark

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain i think @WolfyPop started a trend XD
anyway thanks for Wolfy and @Lucky Ace for the inspiration :)
#1 : Zamic has lived all of his Childhood and most of his Adulthood in cities and towns which is why he is more familiar with modern human terms and gadgets than most wild pokemon

#2 : Zamic is very flirty and has flirted with many females, however only 1 ever agreed to date him *cough* Phoenix (@WolfyPop )*cough*

#3 : Zamic is very lucky at gambling and betting, he once went on a trip to Alola with Vanna and TT where the stumbled upon a metal capsule, TT took it to study it and found out it had Victini DNA in it which Zamic secretly injected himself with it after convincing Vanna to steal it for him

#4 : Zamic used to get revenge on bullies by driving them insane with illusions, however he stopped doing so when he went too far and drove someone to committing suicide, he still uses illusions but unless a loved one is hurt nothing will get him to use illusions for revenge ever again

#5 : Zamic's parents where a female Zoroark and a male Lucario, this made Zamic extra cocky and over confident about his capabilities and often gets into unfair fights that TT has to come to his aid in so he doesnt get killed

#6 : speaking of Zamic's father he never actually got to see him, he was born on the first of April AKA April's fools day, so when his father who never intended to get Zamic's mother pregnant in the first place received a phone call from the Zoroark telling him she is giving birth he didnt believe here and never went to the hospital, what a great Dad *sarcasm*

#7 : Zamic hates Sinnoh since it was there where many bad things happened to him, he was framed for the Rape of an Espeon and was hunted down by her mother, thank goodness the Espeon found out and told everyone it wasnt him, he had a male garchomp develop a crush on him despite him not being interested and for a while stalked him, and that was also the place where he received the worst nightmare of his life, thanks a lot Darkrai! *sarcasm*

#8 : Zamic's favourite type of food is spicy food, he eats a lot of it, when asked about it he says "i like to spice up my life", however thats also what he says when asked why does he try to date many girls...... does that have to do with why most of the females he had flirted with are fire types? hmm.....

#9 : Zamic has many different jewellery and shades that he sto- i mean Bought for different occasions, red for valentines day, green for st.Patrick's day, black for funerals, white for weddings and blue for Percy Jackson's birthday just to name a few

#10 : yes you read that last line above correctly, ever since reading the first book of the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series he has became a FanBoy... FanMon? i dunno​
  1. Lord Of Pain
    Lord Of Pain

    Zamic : who? the only pokemon i know who did are the garchomp who im not interested in and Phoenix who was the only female who dated me, and seeing we broke up and she found someone else its safe to say she no longer does
    Apr 29, 2017
  2. WolfyPop
    I started a trend? xD
    Also, someone may be developing a crush on you Zamic :p
    Apr 29, 2017
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