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10 Facts About Vanna The Weavile

by Lord Of Pain

#1 : Vanna was born and raised on the streets which explains her tomboy gang member personality

#2 : Vanna has never been in a relationship yet because she is yet to meet a male who isn't "Dumb, cheesy, weak, overprotective or a lucario" as she says

#3 : Vanna can and will beat the living daylight out of you if you hurt her friends, a garchomp learned that the hard way after beating up Zamic once

#4 : thanks to TT Vanna has her own exclusive Z crystal that allows her to use her Z move Frosted Reaping

#5 : Vanna has a collection of shotguns that include shotguns from the 1980s to 2017, her favourite one is the old classic double barrel "get off my lawn!" Shotgun

#6 : the reason that Vanna hates Lucarios for is because a group of 4 tried to rape her but soon regretted their decision when she sent them all to the hospital with broken arms, ribs and kicked crotchet

#7 : the reason behind her being raised on the streets is cause a trainer has been trying to get a shiny sneasle for his younger sister but got Vanna instead, so he released her in a dark Alley

#8 : Vanna met a Loppuny with a mega stone named Coco who is part of a gang in a cafe, they became friends and every now and then she joins them on some of their candy store heists

#9 : Vanna hates fangirling over ships so her least favourite friends are Amethyst (@Lucky Ace ) and Galaxy (@WolfyPop ), but doesn't hate them

#10 : Vanna loves to sleep wearing an oversized bath robe instead of using a blanket since she can't roll out from under a bath robe that she is wearing, and yes Vanna moves a lot in her sleep
  1. Ariados twice
    Ariados twice
    Umbra: Same, but with Alexander.
    May 5, 2017
    Lord Of Pain likes this.
  2. Peachy Ace
    Peachy Ace
    Amethsyt: Shes Lucky I don't ship her with Blu the Male Meowstic -3-
    May 5, 2017