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10 Facts About...: 10 Facts About Pix

by Formerly Known as Sticks

Formerly Known as Sticks 10 Facts About the Most Ship-Crazy Sylveon Around!
@Midnight Princess
1. Pix has a quite bubbly and jolly disposition, not letting anything dampen her joy.
2. Since she was a kit, Pix's role model has been Harley Quinn of DC Comics.
3. Pix's favorite food has been for as long as she can recall, Pixie Stix, prompting Sticks to call her "Pix."
4. Pix is pansexual, thinking everyone is cute in their own little ways, no matter their gender.
5. Pix is happily taken by a Jolteon by the name of Zack (@Midnight Princess) who she describes as "Super fuzzy."
6. Pix grew up in Johto, although her family moved around a large amount, causing Pix to live in most regions for at least a brief period.
7. Pix is a highly skilled climber, being able to scale almost any surface.
8. Pix has won multiple prizes for these skills, said prizes being displayed in her room.
9. Pix loves children, mostly due to their usual jolly demeanor and carefree nature.
10. Pix wears a large, bright pink bow on her head for special occasions.
  1. Formerly Known as Sticks
    Formerly Known as Sticks
    @Pixilate She's an Espeon with the color of her text.
    Jun 6, 2017
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  2. qlovers
    What Pokemon is Minerva, by the way?
    Jun 6, 2017
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