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by BooBerry

BooBerry Before I do one with Scar, I decided to make one for the birdbrain for no reason at all XD
@WolfyPop @Lucky Ace @Lord Of Pain @ProfessorSticks @The Argonaut
  1. Back when he's a Dartrix, he is one of the most popular pokemon at his school, due to his charming looks, but was very annoyed from all the attention he has gotten. So at 7th grade, he decided to move to a different school, where he met Citrus and Kat
  2. He is indeed the first heterosexual pokesona among the gang
  3. Budo was quite an expert at archery, ever since he started taking classes back at 2nd grade. He's currently on the Braviary rank, and won 18 medals in contests.
  4. He has a "slight" of a rivalry with a Mightyena named Dakota (@WolfyPop)
  5. For a Decidueye like himself, he is quite a coward
  6. He is one of the most overprotective pokesonas in the gang. The second is Yuma, and the third is Skittles
  7. He has a fear of fire types, due to his mother, who is a Florges, who died when she fought against a horde of Charmeleon
  8. Aside from him having a fear of fire types, he also dislikes eating spicy food
  9. Budo is one of the smartest pokesonas, so he could easily finish a rubrics cube less than a minute
  10. He has the ability to speak to spirits, due to him being a ghost type