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1 - The League

by ngalili

ngalili When Jack Brown finds out about Pokemon, he starts his journey to becoming the champion. With so many EX and GX cards at the tournament, He decides to stop. Wasting his money on booster packs and booster boxes, he would be homeless before becoming the international Pokemon TCG champion. He sells all his cards, before realizing, maybe the pokemon world is real? Join Jack Brown on an epic adventure through Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Alola.

"Amazing. The whole thing is phenominal, and it is the best thing I ever read." Me, 2017
"This is pure magic. I love this." Me, 2017
"Can you ask for anything better?" Me, 2017

Wait, don't think that I actually said these! I just made it up to make it more interesting.
I am Jack Brown. No, not the Football player. The cool guy. This is the first part of my recording. I am being chased by Team Diamond, so I'll be quick. March 20th, 2017. "Aww... that's depressing. He just lost an EX prize card. But! But! Look at him going! He completed his evolution chain! Mega Gardevoir Fullart EX! Brilliant Arrow! It is actually brilliant, folks! 30 damage for each Fairy type energy attached to any of his Pokemon! 260 damage! Mega Audino EX has fainted! And Jack Brown wins the battle!" Said Big Guy. We call him that because, well, he is the boss of the league, and he's really... big. "How do you feel coming to the finals, Jack?" Big Guy came to me with the microphone. "Awesome! The next battle decides if I win first or second, right?" I asked. "Of course! and with your opponent being Stephen Silvestro! The 2009 Master Champion!" I was shocked when he said Stephen Silvestro. I've battled him once, but he straight up destroyed me. "Sign me out, I won't come." I made a huge decision. Right now I think it was dumb, but then, I thought it was the right thing to do. "Is he too strong for you? That'll be an auto win for him!" I walked over to the trash bin with my deck. "My brother can battle him instead." I dropped the deck into the dirty trash that was in the bin. "I can't waste any more money on cards. I sold my 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 first place Master League Champion cards just to buy 300 booster boxes of Sun and Moon base set. I don't have enough money for food, nor a house. I live in my parent's house, and they give me food. I sold all my gold cards, silver cards, and rainbow rares - and I didn't get enough money to buy myself food for a week. I am leaving the Pokemon TCG league, and going to live a real life. Bye, Big Guy." I said as I shut the exit door closed. Beep! Beep! My brother had parked nearby. Ben Brown was his name. "Thanks for the ride, Ben." I entered the car, which was a gray Ibiza Flow. "Where to?" Ben turned the keys to start the car. "4502 S Steele St # 1177, Tacoma, WA 98409. Tacoma's Pokemon Center. I need to see something there." Ben drove us onto the road. "Ok, Jack. wherever you'll want to go, we'll go."
  1. ngalili
    Chapter 2 coming soon, where Jack might actually see some real Pokemon?
    Mar 20, 2017