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1 Minute Drawing Challenge: 1 Minute Drawing Challenge Part 8: Regice (Suggested by MewtwoFan259)

by Andrewski

Andrewski Here, we have another one of my cringy drawings done in 60 seconds. Its a Regice and it was suggested by @Mewtwofan259, so thank you! This is probably one of the more difficult ones I've done, as Regice is mostly composed of straight lines and crystal shapes. I barely had enough time to finish the fingers<.>

Anyway, if you are ready for some more cringing and wanting to bleach your eyes out, you can leave me a suggestion in the first thread of this series. It can be anything (a Zoroark playing the kazoo, a Nincada confused by a camera, etc.), just make sure it is directly related to Pokemon and is not innapropriate.


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