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~1~ Friends

by MellowMarshmallow

MellowMarshmallow Just read. I needed new ideas, so I am writing about an Rp.
Piper walked out of class and headed to the cafeteria.
"Why is this line sooooo long?!" She asked impatiently.
"Fine, let's just head to the next class." She was a bit early so she wanted to find some new friends.
"Are you spying on the teacher's?" She asked a trainer who was looking at some Professor's.
"No." He snapped and walked away.
"Hmph." Piper saw a trainer and a Larvitar and her Eyes light up.
"Awww, can I pet her?" Piper asked the trainer.
"I am Piper by the way, and you?"
"Micheal." He said shyly.
"You know it is bad luck to show your Pokemon before a battle right Micheal?" The guy from before said.
"What is your problem? I am trying to make new friends and it was nice to see a Pokemon from my home, I wanted to make a friend so I am not some weird loner, and you are being such a butt towards me. " Piper stormed off. Not waiting for any apology.
"I- I am sorry, I had a bad night."
"It's fine, I have rough nights too. Sorry for snapping." Piper left them and asked the professor.
"Are we gonna be battling today?"
"Actually, we are going to be taking a battle exam!" She said bubbly.
"Now everyone, find a partner!" Piper did not like this.
"Want to partner?" She asked a random person.
"And if we can get any volunteer's that would be great!" Piper immeditaly left and asked to be a volunteer.
"I can volunteer." Piper said not wanting to partner.
"Do you have a partner?" She asked.
"Nope. Do I need one?" Piper asked the Professor. A teacher with Pink hair told her.
"Yes, that is what your teacher said." She shoved Piper back toward the students.
"Hmph. Anybody need a partner?" Piper asked in a sickeningly sweet tone, loud enough for the Pink haired lady to hear.

To be continued cause I am bored lol.
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  1. Staroid
    How lovely. I'm your partner, which makes me laugh. How about a mystery story about two Pokemon who have unknown powers beyond mega evolution. An evil team (how about Team Cryro?) finds out about this and hunt them down. They go through many obstacles beforing summoning a legendary Pokemon, who help them revert things to normal and tell of how they became strong Pokemon
    Apr 30, 2017
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