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Fakemon Ideas: 1 Fakemon Idea (# Ideas 1)

by Seal Pup

Seal Pup I am making up fakemon ideas. I cannot draw them, so if you want to draw it for me, that would be very helpful for me.
Ok, here they are:

Vilater- Water Fox Pokemon. It is related to Vulpix, but the appearance is different. It is a small fox, somewhat some coral-like pieces behind its ears. Its ears are pointed down, its ears are aquamarnine, seafoam, and then white. It has a coral pattern on his main of blue and green. It is mainly white and blue. It only has one tail, a white and blue one. It's legs have very less fur, and the fur is white. It's eyes and face look more like a baby fox, rather then a fox like vulpix.

Pokedex description:
Vilater, the Water Fox Pokemon.
Vilater is related to Vulpix, legends say they were born together, then they leave each other and never see each other again. When it breaks its corals behind it's ears, it become weak, and cannot use any moves. It cannot swim until it evolves, but it can use Water Moves but Surf, Waterfall, or Dive.

Moves-- (Leveling up..)
Level 1- Scratch
Level 1- Tail Whip
Level 5- Growl
Level 8- Bubble Beam
Level 9- Water Gun
Level 13- Bite
Level 18- Ice Beam
Level 20- Mist
Level 25- Bide
Level 29- Water Tail
Level 36- Whirlpool
Level 40- Brine
Level 50- Last Resort

Moves, HM discs:
Level 10- Can learn cut.

Moves, TM discs:
7- Toxic
10- Ice beam
25- Dig
30- Protect
31- Double Team
36- Attract
40- Fling
45- Gyro Ball
49- Sleep Talk
67- Rest
68- Scald
78- Swagger

That's it for now! Please rate, and if you so in the mood for drawing, can you draw a appearance for me? I'll post it here, and I would also want to use this in role plays.

I am using this in my role play!
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  1. Seal Pup
    Seal Pup
    Nov 15, 2016
  2. skymin015
    Could I try drawing her? It's a great design and I wouldn't mind trying at it.
    Nov 15, 2016
  3. Seal Pup
    Seal Pup
    If you can, try! (pikachu sickness is gone...)
    Nov 10, 2016
  4. Flame the Trainer
    Flame the Trainer
    Im not good at art right now, but i dont mind volunteering.
    Nov 10, 2016