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1/10/2017 update

by R Envoide

R Envoide So... fyi We're not really REALLY into Pokemon, so we'll just put random stuff from time to time now
We're also kinda busy with schoolwork XP
Well, I just have much games to test that are gonna be coming out by Summer up to next year...
So yea, basically not much activity from us :pP
like anyone really cares up to that much anyway :/
aww, don't be like that :D
meh, btw this drawing was requested by Orida (again)
*weird indescribable perverted face*
ugh... more work to do =___=
*fist pumps* YEAH!! Me... too... ... (.___.) ... welp, see you all @ some point in the future :D boop
Sky Captain, TooBlue12 and SS-I Never like this.