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Pokemon Myth and History Pokedex Entries and Pictures: #003 Gnawron

by SilvallyTamer

image.jpeg image.jpeg
SilvallyTamer Top- Modern Form
Bottom- Primal Form

Gnawron (Modern Form)- Glucose Pokemon, Type Grass/Psychic,
Pokedex Entry: Gnawron are very Unstable Pokemon, they easily bite anything in sight if not trained correctly. People in Pyra used to feed Gnawron many Berries to help control its biting problems.
Abilities: Overgrow, Strong Jaw (Hidden Ability)
Move: Leaf Storm, Psychic, Crunch and Messo Blast (Psychic Type Move, 90 Power, Special, Move that breaks Light Screen and Reflect if Super Effective.)
Stats: 90/95/90/110/100/50 Total: 535
Gnawron (Primal Form)- Type Grass/Psychic
Ability: Solar Power
Stats: 90/45/115/140/125/90 Total: 605

Primal Reversion: With the use of a special stone...The Pokemon Primal Reverses and gains 70 base stats and a new Appearence. Some legends say that these Primal Pokemon could counter the Legendary Pokemon.
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