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Zygarde Formes shown in in-game footage for the first time.

  1. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    At the 2016 Taiwan Pokémon Video Game National Championships, two short trailers have been unveiled, showing some in-game footage of Zygarde's new forms in action in Pokémon Sun and Moon (What do you know, they haven't forgotten about the poor thing after all!). These have been uploaded, not a long while later, to the official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel - and reveal quite a bit of new information - while simultaneously bringing up a few interesting new questions.

    The first trailer showcases Zygarde 10%, and reveals that in this form at least, Zygarde can wield its previously existing but unavailable signature moves, Thousand Arrows (Power 90, Accuracy 100, Physical, Ground-type - Can hit flying/levitating/ballooned opponents and knocks them to the Ground) and Thousand Waves (Likewise Power 90, Accuracy 100, Physical, Ground-type - This one, however, traps foes and prevents them from switching out so long as Zygarde remains in battle). I guess it's about time we got these officially revealed, hm?

    As for the second trailer....

    When Zygarde 10% gets its canine tail handed to it, a miraculous transformation takes place... Or at least, its ability - known as Swarm Change - kicks in, using which it absorbs all the Zygarde cells from the general area and transforms into its Perfect Forme - marking the very first time in the history of Pokémon where a form change actually alters a Pokémon's base HP - and very dramatically increases it, at that! Perfect Zygarde is then demonstrated using its own signature move, a new move named Core Enforcer which... we know absolutely nothing about at the moment, except that Zorro is probably going to sue something. So this means that in addition to the slightly underwhelming Land's Wrath, Zygarde has four signature moves to call its own - probably more than any other Pokémon before it. Are they all actually Ground-type, or is Core Enforcer going to surprise us? Surely it is more powerful than its lesser counterparts as a move that probably requires its Final Form to use... We shall see, I guess.

    This of course brings up a few more questions - does Zygarde's transformation persist upon switching, like Mega Evolutions do? Does 100% form possess a different ability to Swarm Change, like 50% has its extremely circumstantial Aura Break? And even more importantly, Where does the currently existing 50% Zygarde fit into all of this?. Surely, such an unprecedented change to the mechanics of a specific Pokémon deserves an explanation!

    I'd like to offer a bit of pure speculation here - as Zygarde is quite generally portrayed (in the flavor text of its forms and its anime depiction at least) as a monitor of the ecosystem, and as not using more power than it needs to unless it absolutely must. - I suspect that it's possible Swarm Change might operate by HP percentage - getting hit to a certain threshold would trigger 10% -> 50%, and should the thing be REALLY pressed, the 10% -> 100% transformation we've just witnessed in the trailer will be triggered instead. Why the X/Y Zygarde was never able to harness this power is anyone's guess - maybe a hold item is involved, or perhaps some other mechanic we have not yet seen? We'll keep you posted as soon as anything definite pops up. In the mean time, feel free to speculate away in the comments!

    Edit: English trailer composed of both trailers has been released.

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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by StellarWind Elsydeon, Jun 11, 2016.

    1. OmegaNave
      First comment!

      I think the second one is the best!
    2. _snoweii_
      This is cool I'm so looking forward to playing sun and moon!
    3. RisingStarKami
      PHEEEWIEEEE! Can't wait!
    4. The Voltagonist
      The Voltagonist
      Can I just say poor Metagross and Garchomp?
      So Zygarde officially comes into play in Sun and Moon. Was personally hoping he was making his appearance in an X and Y sequel, but apparently there's going to be much bigger plans for the bugger with this revealed. Though, that battle music makes the hype that much more... more. ♥
      Also, kutos on the Zorro pun. Got a good laugh from that. XD
      Hollow Omega likes this.
    5. KAnaliseY
      I think I'll stick with the canine Zygarde when it comes out. :blush:
    6. alolatrainer
      Finally he comes out ive been waiting on him forever...his new forms always looked awesome:)
    7. SharkByte
      ....I can't help but look at complete forme and sing the power rangers theme song.....................sorry....it just looks so much like a megazord.....
      Cugi likes this.
    8. Noventia
      Watch out! It's another Doge!
    9. RisingStarKami
      Whoa. That is new battle music!
    10. Jeydis
      One thing to note, not that it proves anything but the super effective sound is heard when Core enforcer hits Garchomp.
      Fairy and ice are unlikely but dragon typing is a possibility from this.
    11. Al the Bard
      Al the Bard
      I am probably going to stick with canine Zygarde, I love dogs. This is pretty cool. I kind of wish - or hope - that if you transfer the Zygarde that you caught in XY or got from the giveaway you can use the forms for that. Like if you caught a Zygarde in X or Y, you got to use its canine form in Sun or Moon.
    12. SilvallyTamer
      I'm going with 10 percent form. It's weird that it looks like no cores or cells have to be collected by the player to create 100 percent form. That battle music in the Japanese trailer sounds like legendary encounter music, so it's possible that you might be able to encounter Zygarde 10 percent.

      The move Core Enforcer looks awesome, I need to see that in the anime.
    13. NonAnalogue
      Time to realize it was a Stel article: first word.

      Okay, so Core Enforcer is simultaneously the most stupid and most awesome thing to appear in a Pokemon game. I'm really appreciating this trend of moving Pokemon games to higher and higher reaches of hamminess.
    14. topazwolf91
      just 5 more months :). WAIT, 5 MONTHS?!?!?!?!?!? ;_;;_;;_;
      SilvallyTamer likes this.
    15. RedGyrados
      Can't wait 'till they come out
    16. Pokéfan35
      The new Pokemon games are exciting, that's for sure.
      But it's kinda sad Zygarde didn't get to shine until the next gen after it debuted. Makes it feel... rather out of place, really.
      Whatever; Zygarde news makes me happy.
      SilvallyTamer likes this.
    17. Red Satoshi Ketchum
      Red Satoshi Ketchum
      So wait perfect Zygarde is just a copy or inspiration of perfect cell well then when I get my hands and both Sun and Moon I'm going to be playing Perfect cell theme just for Perfect Zygarde then
      SilvallyTamer likes this.

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