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Open ZombieMon RP Discussion and Sign Up

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by LadyLucs, Jun 25, 2016.


Who will you pick when November comes around?

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  1. REOPENED! Old guys from the first time this was opened, we're doing a restart, and if your character is missing, I don't have you down as a returning RPer, so just tell me in the chat if you're coming back.

    Do you like Zombies? What about Pokemon?

    If so, this is the RP for you.

    Three months ago, Kalos was just as it was the day Team Flare was defeated. Ecstatic, over joyed and celebrating. Nearly everyday there was some kind of party, some kind of thank you to the regions heros.

    However, the heros weren't exactly heros. They merely said that Team Flare was gone forever. In reality, they were hidden in the bunker below the ultimate weapon, waiting for their next chance to strike.

    Up until two days, you had been one of seven to receive your first Pokemon. You, and six other new trainers, who all received a Pokemon that Professor Sycamore had been sent from other regions all over the world.

    You really wished you could go back in time to before your birthday, back to before Team Flare rose again.

    But Lysander was no where to be found. They had a new leader, who may have looked like Lysander and went by the same name...

    Augustine knew this couldn't be the same man wanting a beautiful world.

    Augustine Sycamore knew that this couldn't be his old pal, because his friend wouldn't do this.

    He wouldn't allow the dead to consume Kalos and all the beauty surrounding the life living in it. You, and the few remaining humans, could only be happy about one thing- Pokemon aren't affected. You're able to keep your beloved partners and to survive alone or as a team with the remaining humans.

    You've heard rumors about a man who was working on a cure, but he was hidden away. You only knew his name, and you've only met him once before the apocalypse happened. But, you saw him get taken down by the horrendous hungry corpses.

    There was no way Augustine Sycamore could possibly be alive.


    But of corpse he is!
    I'm so funny. Anyway, here's the major rules of the RP, because I'm scared shitless of Stellar, and would like to point out if anything goes wrong that I did remind them of the rules! I mean uh...rules:
    -No OOC. We will stay in character at all times. There will be a private message chat for the RP. This rule on part of our Stellar...er...Seabear circle. No OOC keeps scary Stellar from getting pissed at us.
    -Godmodding is very easy to do in this RP but it is still a no-no. You cannot get attacked by five zombies at once and live. Not gonna happen. Also, no legends or Megas, just a friendly reminder. These are Pokecharms RP rules as well.
    -None, and I mean NONE of the Pokemon in this RP can be zombies. None. No exceptions.
    -While yes this is a zombie related RP, let's keep the gore below The Walking Dead, Z Nation or World War Z level. This site has plenty of younger kids and we can't be giving them a taste of that much violence (But yes there will be a content warning on the RP itself. That will be the only OOC in the entire RP). Also, I'm not talking about a centimeter below that level, I'm talking a good two meters away.
    -If you read all these rules, put "I love you Stellar" in your "Other" second of your character Bio.
    -No pissing of Stellar or any other staff member. That's a bad way to go.
    -Cursing to a minimum, because kiddos and it's a Pokecharms rule as well.
    -The other half of our Stellar...er...Seabear circle is the short replies. You must have at least ten sentences or two five sentence paragraphs in each of your replies.
    -you may have TWO CHARACTERS AT THE MAX.. There are a few exceptions, but they are few and rare.

    (And while the other staff scare me a little, I'm more of disappointed in myself when ever they get onto me. Stellar? I've lost a few good pairs of pants to seeing his name in my notifications.)

    Well, now that that is over with, here is the character bio thing:

    Name: (first and last)
    Age: (no one over the age of 50, or younger then ten)
    Looks: Describe, no pictures will be excepted
    Family: it's okay if they don't have any. If they do have some that are dead, however, just put wether they're living, dead or unknown in parentheses.
    Motivation to Survive: characters don't last long with out some kind of motivation. Examples of this could be: finding a friend or family member, being a leader and returning Kalos to a happy state, or just Hope for change/a better future ahead.

    Pokemon Team: no more then three Pokemon for the sake of confusion. You just started your journey two days ago too, so if you do have any other Pokemon, they aren't going to be charizards or metagrosses.

    Nickname, if any:
    Move set:
    Other Traits or looks: Freckles, a collar, scarf, etc.:

    Also, before I forget this: All characters will be starting in the same location together- Santalune City. The characters will have been hiding there in the house of a side character named Albus. He is a very old man, and not a wizard. Zombies are outside wandering around. The characters are talking to each other or thinking to themselves.

    I'll post my character bio separate from this, because this is crazy long.

    People Who Are Offically In:

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  2. Is it fine if I join? It doesn't say ask to join or open, so in just guessing it's fine to join!
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  3. Oh shit sorry didn't miss it eek. Yeah just put your bio here and I'll make sure you're active lol
    (But I already know you're active so you're good lol )
  4. (Ok! Thanks!)

    Name: Adrian Hunter
    Age: 18
    Height: 6'8"
    Weight: 145 pounds
    Looks: golden hair, emerald green eyes, wears random nonsense.
    Past: Adrian was always one to be optimistic about everything. He was normally judged by that, but he didn't care. When the Zombie Apocalypse started, Adrian refused to leave his house until he got his starter.
    Family: Father: Unknown; Mother: Natila Hunter; Siblings: None
    Motivation to Survive: He needs to find his best friend that moved somewhere far away.

    Other: I love you Stellar

    Pokemon Team:

    Nickname, if any: Trik
    Species: Zorua
    Ability: Illusion
    Nature: Brave
    Move set: Feint Attack, Aerial Ace, Shadow Ball, Hidden Power
    Other Traits or looks: Wears a yellow bandanna around his neck.

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  5. Name: Angel Capriello
    Age: 17
    Height: 5,5
    Weight: 124 LB
    Looks: Black skinned female with shiny brown eyes and long black hair. She normally wears a simple mint green dress and white hightop converse.
    Past: She grew up with her older sister in Anistar City, but she can down to Santalune City so she could be given her starter Pokemon.
    She knew her sister's fate, however, because Anistar was where the infection started. Her sister had called her and told her that she loved her and that she needed to be strong before she got attacked by one of her co-workers.
    Family: Sister: Alice Capriello (Dead)
    Motivation to Survive: she hopes to revive Kalos to its former form and is really going to work her heart out to get it done.

    Other: We love ya Stellar ;)

    Pokemon Team:

    Nickname, if any: Petal
    Species: Eevee
    Ability: Run Away
    Nature: Jolly
    Move set: Quick Attack, Sand Attack, Tackle, Wish
    Other Traits or looks: a white bow around her right ear.
  6. Perfect but I'd recommend reading the rules again ;) somethings missing
  7. Could I save a spot? i like the idea but I'm really busy today so I don't think I could post a character right now. Is it okay if I do it tomorrow?
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  8. Absolutely!
  9. Wait! But, I'll just add it here but I hope this is the correct thing I missed :3 :

    I love you Stellar
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  10. Yup. You're in lol. HOi *snorts*
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  11. Lol, I only realised that now, also, isn't this place beautiful? Truly amazing....*is captured by something gin the distance*
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  12. Hey! I probably don't need to, but can i quickly reserve a character now please? I'm quite busy. Thank you!
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  13. Absoutely :)
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  14. Name: Aura Pacem
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 138 pounds
    Looks: Long wavy hair, caramel color. Green eyes and pale skin, an oval face with freckles strewn all over, making it's way through her hooked nose. Dresses worn, old jeans and a red shirt most of the times. Wears lots of bracelets she made herself everytime something important happened in her life to remember, keeps them written in a small notebook.
    Past: Aura was an adopted child, raised by caring parents who were willing to do anything for her. There for, she became a bit of a lazy person. She never needed money, so there was no need to spend her time in finding a job. Instead, she spent her life wondering around Kalos with an Ukelele singing about love, hope and peace.
    She protested against Team Flare when they put in risk her beloved region and celebrated along the habitants when they were gone. She also cried when they came back, ersing the smile on her face and calm in her mind. Her parents were gone, killed by a zombie while she was traveling calmly. That was when she wrote her first sad song, of many others she would write in a abandoned buildment or a next to a firecamp. She discovered she had played to be independent her whole life and it was time to make it serious, there was nothing to play anymore.
    Family: Her dead parents.
    Motivation to Survive: Do something in life, make her parents proud, finally becoming independent.
    Other: She has an ukelele and plays songs with it whenever she can, wether it is to celebrate or to express her sadness. Spends the most of the time singing, whistling or humming, music is the only thing she has left of her past.
    I love you Stellar (?)

    EDIT: I forgot to put the pokemon lol

    Nickname, if any: Prim
    Species: Chikorita
    Ability: Leaf Guard
    Nature: Docile
    Move set: Healing Pulse, Sunny Day, Synthesis, Leaf Storm
    Other Traits or looks: Shiny (can it be?)
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  15. Name: Fawn Woodwind
    Age: 14
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 100.2 lbs
    Looks: Long, straight dark brown hair, freckles, chocolate eyes, fair skin, often wearing a sweater that reflects her usually optimistic personality.
    Past: Fawn lived a sheltered life in a secluded house in the Kalos region. She was raised by both her parents, and had a brother Forest to keep her company. Once the 'Apocalypse' started, she managed to watch her parents get mauled alive by zombies, lose her brother and undergo great emotional trauma. Nonetheless, she kept her optimistic personality and is known for always trying to make the best of things.
    Family: Mother (Deceased), Father (Deceased), Twin Brother (Unknown)
    Motivation to Survive: Finding her brother and making sure he's alive . (Cliché I know).
    Other: I love you Stellar! Take my gifts!

    Pokemon Team:

    Nickname, if any: Vibe
    Species: Noibat
    Ability: Telepathy
    Nature: Timid
    Move set: Gust, Bite, Wing Attack, Agility
    Other Traits or looks: A purple scarf.

    Nickname, if any: Fuchsia
    Species: Purrloin
    Ability: Unburden
    Nature: Bold
    Move set: Scratch, Growl, Sand attack, Fury swipes.
    Other Traits or looks: A purple scarf.

    Nickname, if any: Cloudy
    Species: Mareep
    Ability: Static
    Nature: Quiet
    Move set: Tackle, Thunder wave, Thunder shock, Cotton spore.
    Other Traits or looks: A purple scarf.
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  16. @Komorebi you're perfect! Adding you to the list. @Blue moon thanks for the bump, i swear the site has it out for me. You're perfect as well :D
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  17. Also, Shiny Pokemon are okay but the most you can have is one. They are supposed to be rare after all
  18. Name: Evelyn Riacom
    Age: 14
    Height: 4'9"
    Weight: 113 lb
    Looks: Evelyn has honey colored eyes, pale skin, and light brown straight hair up to her waist. She wears a dark red long sleeve shirt, navy pants, and blue sneakers. She has a necklace with a star as the charm.
    Past: Evelyn grew up in her aunt's house in Dendimille Town with her cousin. Her parents died when she was four. They left together to get their first pokemon, but one day in the middle of traveling to Santalune, Evelyn couldn't find her cousin. She retraced her steps, but all she found was her cousin's necklace. She put it on and never took it off since.
    Family: Kira Riacom (cousin, unknown wherabouts)
    Motivation to Survive: To find her cousin and give back her necklace.
    Other: I love you Stellar ()()()()()()()()()()()

    Pokemon Team:

    Nickname: Ria
    Species: Riolu
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Nature: Quiet
    Force Palm
    Swords Dance
    Other Traits or Looks: navy scarf around her neck

    Is this good?
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  19. Perfect! I'll add you in :)
    Looks like we'll be starting the RP soon.
  20. @LadyLucs Yey! I'm so excited for this RP... I hadn't read the shiny comment by the way, but I know they're really rare and I don't really think Aura will have another one, I don't usually give shinies to my OC's... this is the first one in fact.
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  21. Is this gonna die so soon?! Please say no!
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  22. Not at all! I was giving it a few more days for anyone else to join. I was actually on two planes to come home yesterday, so I never got a chance to post it. I'll probably post the RP threads today
  23. Oh gosh, I hope I'm not late :'|

    Name: Balto Knight
    Age: 17
    Height: 5' 11"
    Weight: 139 lbs.
    Looks: Messy alabaster hair, red wine colored eyes, and pale skin all add to Balto's strange factor, as do his black-painted fingernails. His face appears constantly tired, and the dark circles on his eyes don't help that at all. His clothes aren't the most stylish. He wears a sleeveless silver hoodie and a pair of distressed demin jeans. On top of that, he wears black finger-less gloves, and some dirty dark grey boots.
    Past: Balto was adopted as a baby by an elderly couple in Coumarine City. His adoptive parents were laid back, even to the point of being called lazy, and this partially carried over to Balto's lifestyle. It was evident to him that he was adopted from the start, because of the drastic differences in appearance. His parents had darker skin, brown hair, and both had blue eyes, meanwhile, he was pale and red. This impacted his decision to get his name know, so he may find his biological parents. On his tenth birthday, his adoptive mother passed, which delayed his original request to have a Pokemon. On his seventeenth birthday, his adoptive father decided to finally take him to Santalune City to get his first Pokemon, but after receiving it, he died as well. When the Apocalypse started, he had trained his Pokemon a bit, and was coming up with a nickname for his first Pokemon. Suddenly, he was pulled into a man's house and told to stay put. Lazily, he didn't question it, and simply sat.
    Family: Adoptive parents: Louise Knight and Christopher Knight (deceased)
    Motivation to Survive: He wants to matter, make a difference, to find who he really belongs to, and if there's an apocalypse, then he's not going to let that stop him.
    Other: Love ya, Stellar.

    Pokemon Team:

    Nickname, if any: Delilah
    Species: Bunnelby
    Ability: Pickup
    Nature: Sassy
    Move set:
    - Mud Slap
    - Double Slap
    - Quick Attack
    - Agility
    Other Traits or looks: Blue headband
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  24. Perfect! I'll set up the RP this afternoon ;)
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  25. Yesh! We finally get to start this baby!
  26. Yay! Can't wait, so excited! I'm super glad I'm not late! (in fact, I think I was early xD)
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  27. I'm so happy this is getting started! I was really excited about the idea
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  28. There we go, my OC is edited!

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