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Zombie RP?

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Zachary, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. Anyone up for a Zombie RP? It'll be based off of my own stories so there's a couple things I have to explain.

    The virus and zombies: The virus is called ASURA after the demons of Eastern religions. The virus can mutate the individual into six different types of zombies including a hidden seventh. Here's a list of zombies.

    Walkers: Our basic zombies, they are slow, they have awkward movements and they travel in hoards.

    Sprinters: Where the WAlkers are slow, these guys are fucking FAST. They run faster then normal humans and they have parkour-like skills.

    Mimics: Mimics are zombies who can learn and adapt to situations, they often can learn phrases from their dying victims. They often say "Help me!" or just scream bloody murder. When the victim comes close enough, they attack and kill their victims.

    Assassins: These guys hide in various places like in dumpsters and shadows, waiting for their prey to come to them. They attack silently and retreat silently.

    Angels: Angels are weird, because like Mimics, they can learn and adapt but they often don't kill their victims right away, instead, they sing to them as they're slowly dying. They can be found wandering around areas singing softly with weird sounds.

    Terrorists: The big bad baddy. An algorithmic travesty of all the previous ones. The Terrorist is the smartest of the bunch. They often taunt their prey, causing the prey to become nervous. They attack with brutality.

    We can work out a plot but I was thinking we could have it set after like the whole entire ordeal of the world being taken over by the ASURA zombies. Civilizations has fallen and risen again in small communities. And one of the mayors of these new towns has contacted newly started bounty hunters and zombie killers to retrieve something from his old home somewheres like 15 miles away.

    I can provide more details if you guys want, all I know is that I want to kill some zombies.

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