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Ask to Join Zombie Apocalypse

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by LunarSilvally, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Walgreens was closed for the apocalypse. Two hours ago the small monitor by the cashier register broadcasted the news. It took Janet, the manager, thirty minutes to decide to seal the doors, raid the shelves for canned goods and diapers, give her staff the day off, and go home to her two kids. Most had done the same and left the store partially empty, Beauregard stayed mostly due to shock and because the idea of leaving this early in his shift felt strange. More unnatural than corpses strutting around. He sat at the cashier register's seat, watching with unease as a zombie walked on by the front door, another, interested in the inside of the store, but unable to process the two people within pressed his bloodied head against the window and exhaled so deeply that the condensation would blur his face. He appeared indifferent, callous toward the end of the world, but his hands trembled. This was insane. He was insane. The truly indifferent person was Mary, a fifteen year old goth who looked as though her fantasies were coming together, nonchalant of course. Goths never smiled. She roamed the isles, basket hanging from her arms as she perused the store.

    He reached for his phone, idly going through his apps. Roughly ten minutes later he went through his contacts. Should he call his mom? Did he even want to know her status? His cousins? Friends? He paused on a name, or rather "devil emoji, devil emoji, purple heart emoji, salad emoji." They weren't close, not incredibly so. He pressed the name and went back and forth on different ways to text hello. Finally,

    "so... walgreens is having a sale if ur interested."
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  2. Lot's day was already off to a rather unusual day before he had heard about the end of the world. He had woken up on some strangers couch to sound of Scruffy nibbling on said couch. "Dude get up. My parents are about to get home I need you out of here." Some young teen pleaded with the squatter. "Fine, fine just give me a sec." Lot mumbled has he sat up pushing Scruffy away from the chewed up section of the couch. He grabbed his little friend, covering the chewed couch with a pillow and blanket, heading for the back door. "Thanks for the night... uhh dude." Lot said as he sneaked out of the house. He jumped the fence of the backyard and proceeded down the alleyway behind the rows of suburban houses. Putting Scruffy onto the ground, Lot pulls out his phone and tries to find out where he was.

    "There have been reports of a zombie virus spreading through out the city. All residents should stay inside and lock their doors. The CDC has been alerted but the city has not heard back from them at this time. We repeat all residents should stay inside until we have further information."

    "What the hell is happening?" Lot uttered looking down at Scruffy. The little badger just kept trotting next to him sniffing around for bugs to eat. Lot squatted down pulling a little bag of dried fruit, giving some to the hungry animal. "Here have some of these you hungry girl. You are gonna have to eat on the go we are not safe." He said his voice shaking has he picked up his beloved friend. Lot carried her like a small child and began to sprint down the alleyway trying to get back to his apartment. Lucky for him his wild night only brought him a few blocks away from his small abode. Getting inside he pushed what little furniture he had against the door. Being on the third floor of the apartment complex gave him a small balcony he could look out of. Lot walked over to the balcony to see if he could see what was happening. He did not see much from where he was but he could hear distant gunshots.

    Lot pulled his phone out of his pocket opening up his messages. He got a message from some guy he had as a ghost emoji. "so... walgreens is having a sale if ur interested." Lot let out a little laugh. He vaguely remembered who this guy was, Lot found the guy a bit weird when ever they had hung out. "i think traffic is bad but leave the back door open for me. be there in 10." Lot replied grabbing his bag and putting on a baby carrier wrap for Scruffy.

    After blocking his door, Lot heard some scuffling and moans outside his apartment door. He decided to head out via the balcony which he has done before under similar circumstances. He grabbed his bike from the rack at the front of the apartment complex and headed towards the Walgreens down the street. Lot saw a couple of people stumbling along sidewalks but made sure to avoid them. Once he had pulled up to the Walgreens he noticed that there was someone up against the front of the place. A sudden change of the wind alerted him to not approach it, the smell of rotting flesh wafted into his nose. He sneaked around back and pounded on the door.
  3. It was Mary who opened the door. Pale face, raccoon eyeliner and grim expression. "Welcome to Walgreens, at the corner of despair and death." She mumbled unenthusiastically while tugging up the fraying ends of a loose tattoo sleeve. She turned and shuffled back to the break room. "Your friend is in the frozen meats section or whatever."
  4. "Thanks for the gloom and doom." Lot said pulling in his bicycle making sure to close and lock the door behind him. He leaned his bicycle up against an empty shelf that was raided a couple of hours ago. Scruffy squirms in the wrap signalling to Lot to let her out so she can roam around. The man puts his badger on the ground, who then begins to run around looking for some snacks to eat. Lot grabs one of the few bag of chips left and walks towards the frozen meat section. "I forgot my coupon book at home. Do you guys have a magazine I can cut some out of? "
  5. A wry smile flickered onto the cashier's face, now out of his work uniform and dressed in his usual attire. "It's more of a buy one half off kind of thing." He replied as he wrapped a package of frozen meat with paper towels and placed it into an isolated pocket of a backpack that still had tags on it. Beauregard had seen enough from the window to figure out that those people, or rather things, liked meat. It was nice. The way they spoke as if nightmare fuel was not directly outside. He needed that. "My coworkers went for the food, batteries, phone chargers, that sort of stuff. I figured, well, we do have a pharmacy." His accent catches on f's and interjects soft v sounds. It's normally elegant, but now, for obvious reasons, it's clipped with fear.
  6. "Good good I never liked cutting magazines felt like I was back in art class." Lot said opening up his bag of chips. He leaned up against one of the refrigerator doors. "We could trade the meds for supplies they do it on tv shows." Lot said throwing the veggie chips onto the ground, no wonder they were left they were nasty. Scruffy thought differently and scurried over to try them out. "I hope you do not plan on eating those raw." Lot said pointing to the frozen meat Beauregard was collecting. At this point Lot was not really worried about the whole situation mostly because he had not fully accepted what was really happening.
  7. Two plastic wrapped, sausage shaped packages of ground beef seemed like enough. He sat down on the rest of the frozen meat and gripped the metal ledge under his thighs. "Bait." The word made his stomach twist at the notion. The reality of the new world just starting to dawn on him. The groans are distant, but present. It's the new bird song in the morning, the new cricket chirp at night. His family flashes into the forefront of his mind and his back slowly curls until his face is inches from his knees, cold hands pressed up on the back of his neck now. Could he handle dialing his mom's phone number and getting voicemail? His grip on his neck got tight and he slowly nodded.

    "Diabetic medicine, allergy medication, and EpiPens could probably fetch a high price." His voice was hoarse, but pushing aside his emotions and thinking about it strategically, as if it was some game of Risk to be won, it kept the melt down at bay. "Antibiotics and pain pills we should probably keep though. Walgreens is packed with first aid kits, no one gets them until someone they know does something stupid."
  8. "Bait" What was he planning to do Lot thought as he searched for any food left from the previous raids. He tried to pretend he had not seen the guy's slight mental break by turning around looking aimlessly around. "I know what meds are pretty good to stalk up on." Lot joked patting his backpack with a small grin. He walked over the pharmacy counter gracefully sliding over the counter. "Could you find me some additional bags to stalk up with, probably just one would do." Lot called out as he began browsing the shelves of prescribed medicine.
  9. There was an abrupt slam on the glass doors and a frustrated groan that made the employee jump. He was quick to get off the frozen meat and brush the ice off his backside. As Beau stalked off toward the isle packed with school supplies and rounded the corner he went stiff and his blood turned cold. The doors were smeared with blood as roughly ten or fifteen zombies pushed into them. Small cracks in the safety glass were visible and steadily growing. The undead were in a trance. The badger, determined to get the last piece of fruit from a bag, was wandering dangerously close to the sliding doors. He whistled sharply, sprinted over, and snatched to bag from the animal then threw it deep into the store. The cashier threatened a kick at the badger after earning a hiss although his foot purposely missed. "Goddamn freeloader."

    A snarl catches the him off guard and makes him shrink. He turns to see a freshly agitated crowd of zombies, pounding on glass.
  10. The badger chased after the flying treats into the ransacked store oblivious to the threat it had caused. The man in the back of the store was just finished filling up his backpack with the prescription drugs when he heard the sound of a bag hitting the wall next to him, followed by the sound of paws patting against the tile floor. "What do you got there girl." Lot beckoned to Scruffy has he zipped up his bag. The sound of glass being pounded on startled the pet owner. He scoops up the feasting badger as he heads to the front of the store. "What the hell is going on up here?"
  11. Dan shifted gears so that he outspeed the zombies chasing them. "Seatbelts on, kids." He said before hitting the gas. The engine revved up to its peak, sending the truck to a loud rattle. Dan wasn't fazed though, it was singing to his ears. The truck seemed to fly across the road, only barely dodging other cars left out on the road. To other survivors that may or may not see them, the picture would be insane. The truck seemed to be acting on instinct alone, a direct image of Dan's personallity.

    After about 5 minutes, the truck seemed to slow down to a halt about 20 miles away. The location was 'West Armory' a self defense shop he often went to. Dan reached back and pulled up his Assult Rifle, slinging it onto his back before oppening the truck door. "This is our stop. Are you guys coming?" Dan turned to the guy with the Lion. "Leave the cat." He said before entering.
  12. The metal lining the doors bent inward with each furious shove and the zombies, as if by instinct, pool a majority of their efforts on the weaknesses in the glass. It earns them holes just large enough for hands to slip through. Beau took a slow step back as Lot came towards the front of the store. The promise of not one man but two seemed only to excite the group. The doors gave a sudden, loud groan as the metal lost its fight against the barrage of undead before collapsing. With the doors defeated the small army of zombies entered.

    They fell over each other first, mindlessly stepping on one another to enter. Beauregard felt the greedy little slap of fingers on the tip of his boot, a zombie crawling towards him while his brethren stood on top of him. Instinct took the wheel. Fight or flight. The former cashier stumbled backward, turned, and choose flight. He rushed back to the frozen meat isle, grabbed his still open backpack, and headed for the back door.
  13. The sound of glass shattering followed with unearthly groans caused a dark powerful grip surround Lot's heart. Before he had not dwelled on the thought for more than a second even as he passed them on his way to Walgreens. Lot was not one who coped well to stressful situations tending to just stuff his problems down and find more toxic ways to cope. He stood motionless has the zombies crawled over each other slowly entering the store. Even as Beauregard ran past him, Lot could not get his feet to move to a safe place. Scruffy sat in the baby wrap carrier hissing at the zombies as they approached, slashing threateningly into the air. Scruffy's frantic movements snapped Lot into a more instinctive mode and his body just jumped into action pulling him to the back of the store heading to his bike.
  14. “Why?” he asked. “Not like Rebel is gonna attack anyone. Unless they attack him, or me.” Rebel sat down in the back of the truck. “Sorry, bud, but you can’t come in with us,” Kaleb said. “Do me a favor and stay alive while we’re inside.” Rebel licked Kaleb’s hand before hopping out of the back of the truck and taking on the zombies that followed the truck, giving them time to get inside.
  15. Beauregard yanked open the door to his beat up jeep and threw in his bag. He turned the ignition, the old car refusing to start the first few times before roaring to life. As the back door opened again Beau expected the undead, but instead saw the living. He slammed the side of his car door with a closed fist, aiming to grab the other’s attention. “Leave the bike, get in!”
  16. Once she in the safe zone with her mother who she had to tell eventually about what happened to father. She didn't take it to well so they both comfort each other. Once she had calmed down she left with Shadow again to look for any survivors as Shadow kept silent. Bell, Phantom, and Talon followed very close behind. Shadow saw a lot of Zombie's up ahead also seeing another survivor nearby a supermarket. "JC..." "I know I see them those parasites!" JC got off the motorcycle as she was in her hooded cape and wolf mask as Bell and Phantom growled loudly seeing them as Talon screeched loudly. She pulled out her Katana and quickly took down the Zombie's that where in the way as Bell and Phantom followed closely behind crushing the heads. Shadow came after covering her from behind as Talon's sharp talon's grabbed a hold of one before crushing the head instantly. She was in a irritating mood as she hated these parasites so much for what they did to their father. She and Shadow quickly took down the Zombie's in the way as blood was everywhere from the zombie's and on both of their masks.
  17. "Francis!" shouted jhon as he went through the cafe's doors. "THEY ARE COMING!" francis pulled his crowbar. "get ready." francis is usually calm. "Open it!" shouted francis. jhon opened it and ran into francis, pulling his machete. the zombies ran inside. jhon stabbed a zombie in the chest then swinging it side ways, while francis was crushing heads his crowbar. he threw a glass shard from the cabinet into the zombie's eye. he tackled the zombie and pushed the glass shard. then he hit the head. minutes later, the last one is dead. "we should really make some traps." jhon said with a sigh. they went out the cafe, to find some supplies. they went down the stairs leading to the cafe, seeing a horde of zombies in the supermarket. "im not too much suprised with this. supermarket full of zombies? eh, cliché." jhon kept babbling.
  18. She and Shadow made there way to a supermarket but was in front of a cafe as she needed something to eat off of but saw zombie blood everywhere "Seems like a massacre happened here Shadow' she said glancing to him under her mask. "Apparently someone did it possibly a survivor lets hurry JC" "Right behind you Bell, Phantom, and Talon lets go" she and Shadow ran in leaping over the dead zombie's. Shadow and JC made their way much further seeing two males close to the supermarket seeing the horde of zombie's, "Are you two survivors?" Shadow asked keeping distance.
  19. "Huh?" Jhon turned around "Hey." jhon said, still holding his machete. "How about that, survivors." francis said while looking at the girl. "Whats your name? whats your weapon? wha-" francis covered his mouth using his hand. "im francis, and this is jhon. we are brothers." jhon removed the hand from his mouth. "he's a waiter at the cafe, and im a 4th year college student." jhon sat down. "aww my legs hurt with all that standing!" francis sarcastically replied "aww my head hurts with all of your babbling!"
  20. At this point Lot would have obeyed to any orders shouted at him as he dropped his bike and ran over to the rusty old car. Quickly opening the door, Lot carefully slides into the passenger seat, one hand pressing Scruffy to his chest the other slamming the car door shut. "What the hell is happening?" Lot mumbled softly to himself slowly rocking in the car seat. He frantically petted Scruffy whilst starting vacantly out the car.
  21. "Engine noises." francis said "I hear engine noises. its over at that supermarket." jhon replied "what? NO! your gonna get all us killed!" francis looked around. there is a bicycle, knives stuck in a zombie, a car, and chains. "i think i made a way." francis pulled the engine from the car and put it at the back of the bicycle. he put rotators on it and connected the chains. he stuck the knives to together as a propeller, and put one propeller at the side, a proppeller at the orher side and on the front. he connected the chains to the proppellers. he took the car tires and put it near the engine. its a extra wheel to balance the bycicle.After hours of trial and error he pushed a button and the proppellers started whirring. he took a zombie hand and put it in the proppeller. it cut perfectly!. "Ready?" Francis asked "Yeah!" francis looked at the two "how about you two?"
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  22. Shadow smiled "I'm Shadow, 20 years old, a graduate, and I'm a Swordsmith and Blacksmith so I specialize in making swords and any other type of weapons and this is my young sister JC" he said removing his mask to show respect. She glanced to the two males as she slowly removed her mask, her light blue eyes looking at them. "As my brother said I'm JC, 19 years old, just became a graduate, and I'm a wild dog trainer and a well trained martial artist and these beautiful wolves are Bell and Phantom my partners and very well trained" she said gripping the handle of her Katana tightly as she saw the horde of zombies which irritated her. "This is Talon my Golden Eagle as he is also well trained" he said as he glanced to the two males "Oh I have a motorcycle so no need to carry us two, lets just kill these parasites off and find a safe place come JC" he said as he placed his mask back on following JC who had also placed it back on as she put her Katana away for now. Shadow got on his motorcycle as JC sat behind him as he started it then drove off stopping to where Francis and Jhon where "Well are you ready to go because we won't be able to hold them off for to long let alone kill them" Shadow said as he was using his sword to cut down the ones that where close by.
  23. (nope. remember, were not near Walgreens because of the horde. read first ;) )
    "Francis are you sure about this?" jhon asked. "Were not gonna ride this. we are gonna push it." francis pressed a button "3,2,1 Push!" francis shouted. it was pushed and it cut zombies perfectly. blood splattered everywhere as the bike rode trough the zombies. "Nice one!" jhon said to francis while pushing the bike. it cleared half of the zombie horde but the engine died. "Sh*t!" Francis said when they stopped. he pulled his crowbar out, and hi hit a zombie in the face. jhon beheaded a zombie. francis pulled the proppeller and threw it at a zombie's head. he pulled it out, and saw a metal pipe at the ground. he pushed it to the zombie and the zombie toppled over. and he hit the head awith the crowbar.
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  24. Shadow and JC were killing off zombie's close by as he turned off his motorcycle "We need to think of something fast guys my sister and I can't hold them off forever!" Shadow said as blood spattered everywhere. She used the truck to leap up on the roof as she took out her bow and arrow and started shooting them in the head but the arrow exploded killing off a lot. "My arrows can kill them off just quickly find another vehicle to ride in boys" she said as she shot another one it exploding again. "My sister will keep them occupied for now just you two find another vehicle quickly!" he said pushing his motorcycle back a bit when they got closer.
  25. Francis looked around "THERE A JEEP!" he pointed to an busted up jeep. it also seems its starting to move "hey thats the engine noises we heared a while ago!" jhon said "And it has passengers, now we need to run!" one was petting a badger, hile another was in the driver's seat trying to turn on the ignition. Francis shouted "OPEN THE DOOR!"
  26. Shadow noticed it as he looked up to his sister as if giving her a signal to come down. She nodded as she leaped down next to her brother as she kept shooting arrows at "them" then put it away as she took out her sword and began to slash down the ones that were close to them. "We have your motorcycle Shadow, it's just them that needs a ride away from these things" she said glancing to him. Shadow looked at his sister "yes I know I just want to make sure there are safety rescued properly before we leave this area" he said as blood seemed to be everywhere.
  27. "OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!" Shouted francis as they are getting closer. "Uhm brother, i cant keep them!" jhon said slashing trough heads. the both got near the the jeep. "Damn it" he said opening the door, sitting near the boy with the badger jhon also jumped in."how are ya?" asked francis to the duo "im francis and this is jhon." jhon replied with a hello, and jhon sighed "when will this end?"
  28. He and JC got on the motorcycle of his as he looked to the boys that had got inside the Jeep they had found. He sighed before chuckling. "Since we got that squared away why don't we all get out of here before we are surrounded and that I do not want to go through right now since I have a loved one to protect here!" He said as he started up his motorcycle ready to run over these parasites.
  29. "Dang it! Follow us okay?!"Francis said to the siblings as he pulled the driver to the passenger seat. he took over the and immediately stepped on the gas. they took off. they went past barriers and got to the middle of the highway leading to San Francisco. Jhon saw the sign immediately "HEERE WE GO SAN FRANCISCO!" while francis was quiet. he just drove. jhon asked "isnt this gonna lead to more zombies?" francis replied. "i know a weapon store in san fransisco" francis said while driving.
  30. Kaleb had run off about 30 minutes ago. The group he was with had become unresponsive despite the zombies approaching them, so he and Rebel ran. He arrived at his house, where he got on his motorcycle and put Rebel in the side-seat, strapping him in. He put on his helmet and getting on the freeway. He followed the car that Francis and John were inside. “San Francisco, here I come,” he said before exiting the freeway.
  31. They stopped near a gas station just before entering the city "Were running out of fuel" Francis said looking at the gas gauge. "I want a candy bar or something. im hungry!" Jhon said looking at the 6/10 near the gas station "Go ahead. dont forget to get some for me." Francis said getting out the jeep. Francis saw a zombie near the gas pump. He took out his crowbar and launched to the zombie and hit its head. The blood spattered everywhere. the took the pump and opened the gas tank and inserted the pump inside. Jhon came out with a pile of candy bars in his hand. He was splattered with blood. "What happened to you?" Francis asked "The cashier turned out to be infected. I took the contents of the cash register after that." Francis looked at the gauge and stopped. He closed the gas tank and went back to the inside of the jeep. Jhon went inside also. "I also got Peeslur." Francis asked "Whats that? Oh. You're avoiding copright aren't you?" Jhon replied with a yes. They took off to San Francisco. Zombies were everywhere. "Francis stooooop!" The car stopped. "What?" Francis said after a sigh. "Nintendo store" Jhon said pointing "Well, go get yourself something." Jhon went out with a switch and a 3ds XL. "Yess my dreams come true." he gave another to francis. "Hey, when were in a safe place, lets play!" smiling through his blood splattered face. Francis threw a towel on his face. "Clean yourself." then they took off.
  32. Kaleb sped up and latched his motorcycle onto the side of the car. “Miss me?” he jokingly asked before firing at zombies with his sniper rifle. He opened the door and got inside, leaving the motorcycle attached to the side. “You guys don’t mind if I tag along, do you?” He rolled down the window and fired at the zombies they passed. “Hey, you guys have candy bars?” He fired more shots before looking back at the others in the car. “Hopefully we make it to Sanfran before the zombies find a way inside the car.”
  33. "Yeah. sure hope so." Francis said. "Here ya go!" Jhon said throwing a candy bar to the driver of the motorcycle. "Nice sniper rifle by the way." Jhon said looking at his gun. "Whats your name?" Jhon asked out of curiousity. "Also, Have a Nintendo Switch and also a free 3ds XL!" Francis looked at Jhon "You're such a Nintendo fanboy." Jhon replied "YES, I AM!"
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  34. Kaleb bit into the candy bar. “Kaleb Storm,” he said, laughing a little about the Switch and 3DS. “What about you guys?” He fired again, hitting a zombie right in the forehead. He kept firing shots at all the zombies that passed by the car until he ran out of ammo. He took one more bite from the candy bar before reloading his rifle and firing once more.
  35. Shadow turned off his motorcycle to refill the gas as his sister latched on a sit car for Bell and Phantom and a perch for Talon to rest which was attached to it. Shadow turned to the young man named Kaleb as he removed his mask "I'm Shadow and this is my young sister JC with a mom that is safe from here" he said as his sister removed her mask. "Greetings Kaleb and who is this handsome fellow here" she asked referring to his lion as she gently petted him before walking back to stand next to her brother. "Oh and that's Belle and Phantom my partners and thats Talon Shadow's partner" she said.
  36. "Im francis and this is jhon." Francis said, driving. He shouted at the siblings, "YOU BETTER NOT USE ALL THE FUEL CANS IN THERE!" then he looked at kaleb "We're brothers." Then he took his crowbar and jhon's machete and taped it together. He pulled the crowbar out, and as zombies passed by, their heads were cut. "Much better." He removed the tape and gave the machete back to jhon. "Im also great at making anything a weapon. for example. a tires, chainsaw and a wagon, i could make a mini car." francis said finishing off his bar. he saw a sign "350 KM> San Francisco, CA 371 KM> Los Angeles, CA" Were almost there." francis said as he looked over at the high skyscrapers.
  37. She covered her ears slightly as she got irritated for the moment "Can you please not yell like that or you will attract more zombies! They are very sensitive to sound so it is best to keep quiet! Beside we have our own fuel containers and our own money so technically we are using our own fuel tanks!" She advised crossing her arms against her chest as she sighed.

    He looked at Kaleb "Oh yes one thing don't worry about weapons breaking I am a Sword and Blacksmith so I can make them easily and my sister here is a very well trained Martial Artist and a Wild dog trainer along with excellent experience with the bow and her Katana sword along with her Sniper which she has excellent accuracy at so when in battle she shows no mercy with the zombies" he chuckled at his last comment. "So you can count on her to back you up from a distance"

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