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Ask to Join Zombie Apocalypse

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by LunarSilvally, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Post char here please ^-^

    Rules as follows:

    ~Crushes I allow(No further then kissing its the rule)
    ~ Uncomfortable scenes may occur viewer discretion is advised
    ~ No Godmodding!
    ~You can make up to 3 chars or more if you want
    ~Must be a paragraph long
    ~Must be written in third person as there is no "I" in roleplay and past tense. Those are the rules and you MUST follow them.
    If the rules can't be followed I will contact the administrator with out issue and have her/him lock this down. Other then that enjoy this rp ^-^.

    She and her brother Shadow were Seniors in high school as they were both always together since they were young. Shadow was always protective of his young sister although she didn't really seem to mind as she gave a smile to him. They both made their way down a fliet of stairs as they stopped by the metal rail before the last set of stairs seeing the front gate of the school that let them in which was closed shut. She glanced to Shadow "I can't believe we are in our last year of high school bro" "I know the years have gone so fast is unreal" he said. She smiled as she looked back at the gate seeing a person on the other side of the gate but was acting strangely. "Shadow look..that person..doesn't he look strange.." She glanced to her brother as he moved his eyes towards the gate. "Yes he does look strange" he said as he saw one of the teachers grab his collar banging him on the gate then at that instant he bit him brutally. JC and Shadow's eyes grew in shock as the teacher screamed being in pain then went limb as if he was dead then woke again like he was being resurrected. He suddenly attacked the other two teachers

    JC and Shadow couldn't believe their eyes "Shadow did you see that!?" "Yes I did that...that's just not normal". She thought for a moment "-No it can't be!-" She grabbed Shadow's wrist before pulling him along up the stairs again up the high level of the school. She needed to find a friend of hers who just started as she remembered correctly Pedro.
  2. Pedro was figuring his drastically brain damaging math problems when suddenly he heard screaming, his class went straight out the door like a group of bees breaking their hive, blood was found at the school gate and lifeless teachers walking in "What the hell is going on" he said as he ran out, "I don't know probably a shooting" his friend said, he was confused, if it was a shooting why are the teachers just standing there walking slowly, suddenly he heard another person scream, it was in his class, one of his classmate seemed to be coughing blood and having goosebumps all over her body, her face was green, she was shaking violently "Jake, hold her" Pedro told his friend as they hold their classmate down, her face was pale almost like she was close to dying "Jesus Christ . . ." he said as he saw a bite mark on her neck, he checked her pulse, at this point she was dead, the two let go then suddenly she got up, her eyes were lifeless, she charged at Pedro's friends, bitting and attacking "Everyone out !" He yelled, everyone tried to ran out as fast as they could, taking what they needed while their dead classmate were distracted, Pedro quickly grabbed his knife put in his bag and ran out "It's the god dang apocalypse" he said as he shut the door and locked it, some of his friends were still in there but if he'd wait for a little longer all of them were dead, his friends shook in fear and some were even crying for help, "You guys stay here, I need to find my sister" he said as he ran off, clearing of his mind of his best friends death and all that was happening. He quickly went down the stairs and saw two people, he quickly recognized the girl though "JC ? Is that you ?" He said in relief.
  3. Dan closed the door to his pickup truck, back pack slung over his shouler. He turned to enter the school, wandering through the moaning of kids in their classrooms, and the screams of terror. Wait, screams of terror? He thought as he passed a door with a student clawing at the door attempting to get out, only to be pulled back down. Dan raced to the door to see what was happening. He only was a few minutes late. As he looked through the window, the whole classroom was full of students and teachers wandering around aimlessly. "Holy Sh..." He almost said when he heard voices coming from the stairwell. Dan slowly took out his knife, cleverly hidden in his left pocket, and slowly stepped up the stairs to the voices above.
  4. She stopped to catch her breath letting go of Shadow's wrist as she heard her name seeing Pedro. "Pedro thank goodness your alright oh and this is Shadow my older brother same year as me but one year older then me and Shadow this is Pedro a freshmen" "Nice to meet you Pedro"Shadow said shaking his hand.

    "Let go to the roof top quickly before we are trampled and I need to get in contact with our parents quickly" she said grabbing both of the boys wrist quickly moving them to the roof top as it was a safer place for now.
  5. "Wait I need to find my sister first" he said as he took his hand back and ran straight down the stairs, as he was going he saw a senior "Who are you ?" Pedro asked as he held his knife tight, he need to get to her sister but he wouldn't want to be killed on his way though, hoping to get a nice reply from the stranger "I don't want any trouble I just need to find somebody" he added.
  6. She went after him with Shadow right next to her as she found him seeing Pedro "Keep your distance but we will help you find your sister but first" she grabbed the Senior and flipped him to the ground as she knew Martial Arts pinning him down. "Do you know where she would be Pedro if not I can get the answers quickly from this guy" she looked at him as she had her foot on his head keeping away from his mouth. "Finding survivors that weren't bitten is our main priority I can assure you"she said as she looked to Shadow "Brother get a hold of mom and dad to make sure they are ok then we can look for Pedro's sister" "Alright I'll contact her now" Shadow said pulling out his phone.-
  7. (Thats autoing BTW)
    Dan sidestepped away from the attacking girl. "Woah, Miss," He said holding the blade to the side. The comment of finding a sister caught his attention. "Hey, looking for someone? At this school, or somewhere else. Cause if here, she's a zombie. If not, well, I could drive you somewhere if you need." Dan said pointing his blade at the doorway of the school.
  8. "No no no . . ." Pedro mumbled and held his head, "It wouldn't take alot of time to find her I have to atleast try" he said "She's in the gym it's P.E for her first period" he added as he ran off looking for his sister, stumbling among other dead people, he quickly moved to his side carefully not cuasing attention, one jumped at him, he quickly dodged it and stabbed it's head with his knife, he continued sneaking through the corridors and eventually ended up in the gym, he saw no blood stains, he saw a few dead students though checking them carefully before killing none were his sister, he heard vibration and terrified voices under the bleachers, he looked down and couldn't believe his eyes but it was his sister "Pedro !" She cried out "It's ok keep it down I . . ." He said as he stopped to see one of the flesh eaters behind her, "Shoot, you need to get out fast I can't reach in to get you" he said as he struggled to help. Her sister turned herself over and kicked it rapidly, she couldn't get out though as the teachers lift the bleachers to protect them but then she was too weak to lift them up, her scream attracted the zombies, Pedro willing to help his sister but to turn around to see a croud of teachers and students "You gotta hurry . . ." He said to his sister, he got no reply, his sins crawled down his back as he turned to see blood under the bleachers, she was bitten in the neck she couldn't get out, the croud were distracted to the sent of blood, taking out his knife he continuously stabbed multiple ones in the head "Damm you all !" He yelled in rage as he continued killing one another, it was totally useless though as he got just 12 dead, he grabbed a base ball bat and knock some back attempting to make an escape, he got out alive, but dead inside, he headed back to JC and Shadow, "She was there . . . And I couldn't do anything" he said silently as he sat down on the floor.
  9. She let go of the Senior seeing he wasn't bitten giving an apology then glanced to Pedro. "Oh Pedro...I'm so sorry that happened..." She gently patted his head. "There is nothing we can do...once there are bitten they turn into them...basically pretty much dead...so for now we can escape this school and head to my house where my mother is as our weapons are hidden there and our partners. Also Shadow did you contact mom?"she asked. "Yes I did, I notified her about the situation and to stay inside the house at all times as for father he isn't home"Shadow said closing his phone.

    She sighed "Pedro get up...please if we stay here we will be surrounded.." She helped him up then glanced to the male at the gate. "Seems your not bitten but I need get home first if your willing to take us there sir" she asked pushing Pedro and Shadow through the gate before closing it stepping away from it seeing the zombies crowd it quickly.-
  10. Dan turned to the door, but put two fingers up before heading there. "Two things though. One, don't touch my guns. They are under the seats. Two, I drive." He said before pulling the keys out of his pocket. Dan ran back through the doorway of the school, running to his truck. Dan unlocked the driver's door, hitting the button on the side to unlock the door. "Yall coming?"
  11. Mo6


    Sansa was having a 'sick day' off the school as she pondered to what that strange voice message from her brother was all about, whilst cleaning her Blaser 93 tactical. She heard the panic and fear in his voice, as loud wails were heard from the background. "Hmmm, his either playing a prank on me to get me home or his not faking it." she sighed, leaned on her couch and wondered some more until she heard muffled screaming from below her floor. She blinked, her guard up as she waited for more movement, the woman stopped screaming as a barrage of loud footsteps were heard. "What's this? An attack? Amok? Terrorist?" as more questions flood her mind, her body started moving on auto pilot.

    She closed her windows, barricade the door and waited. She heard another screamed then footsteps, as if there was a stampede of animals in the apartment complex. More screams echoed through the building which cause her to flinched and trembled in fear. She felt like the locks and the closed curtains will not be enough to stop the madness from below. There was a loud thudding noise as the whole floor vibrate, like a mini earthquake, she peered out her window and saw her neighbour, what's his name? Alex, the zombie fanatic or apocalypse shit or something, holding a gun of all things and throwing cabinets and large household equipment such as a couch. 'What the bloody hell?' She continued to watched and from Alex's expression things are not going good.

    She clicked her tongue and dash to her door. It took her ten seconds to unlocked the dang thing, probably her new record, and there open the door. She looked at Alex who threw a panicked and angered glance "Get in here!" she shouted as Alex dashed to her room. When he was in, Sansa closed the door, locked it, before turning to Alex who was pushing her cabinet. "Quick help!" she shot him a quizzical looked and he gave her his desperate one "That won't be enough to stop them!" with that she moved to pushed the cabinet to her door.

    "What's happening out there?! It's madness!" Sansa shouted as she heard the stampede, now on their floor and started banging on the door. Even with the cabinet there, she was not comfortable with how things are turning out.

    "Have you heard about the Zombie Apocalypse?!" Alex asked as he looked around to add more barricade to the door.

    "With you as a neighbour! Yes!" she replied as she looked around as well.

    "Well, it seems you've not heard about it happening! Right, now!"
  12. She huffed slightly before letting in Shadow then Pedro as she sat in the front of the passenger. "Relax you don't have to be cold about and besides I have my own weapons and so does my brother and a bit of help so just drive and I'll show you the way please" She said a bit stern. "JC be gentle" Shadow said scolding her slightly. "Sorry I didn't mean to go stern..I was just saying a point.."she sighed as she told the guy the way to her house
  13. Dan shrugged as he cranked the truck up. "Mainly that those were a gift from dad before he went to war. Let's say he never returned." He said looking forward to the sky. "Doubt he would want to anyways." Dan reached under his seat to find a Magnum 42 pistol, and slid it between the console and the seat. "Just for Zombies." He said.
  14. She glanced to the male "Could you at least tells us your name? I'm JC and thats my older brother Shadow both Seniors in high or use to be and also yes the weapons I have are mainly for Zombie's and my two helpers are well trained for it however now we can't trust anyone so finding survivors will be difficult unfortunately...but I need to get home and get my mother out of danger as for my father he isn't home so I don't know where he is. That's why we need to get home and prepare ourselves" she said glancing to him before slightly moving her fedora down to cover her right eye where her bang was.
  15. Pedro gave out a sigh, thinking about everything "I could have done something, What's gone can't come back, I have to get over it", he turned to Dan, noticing a few of his IDs in his car. "Hey Dan. . . Mind opening the window, I need some fresh air" he said, clearing his mind off of that tragic accident.
  16. Kaleb leaped off the top of the school after running from a group of zombies. They had chased him onto the roof and he had no choice but to jump. He thought that death by falling would be better than death by zombies, and the less numbers they had, the more that helped the survivors. He closed his eyes, only to land on top of a moving truck, driving away from the school.

    ‘What’re the odds of that?’ he thought to himself. He held on, trying not to fall off of the roof. He pulled out his sniper rifle, which he kept with him just in case someone tried to attack. He had left his sword at home, so he would get it later on. He fired many shots, hitting the zombies that the truck passed by and causing them to fall over.

    He banged on the top of the truck. “Oi! Think you could drive a little less reckless?” he yelled. He hopped off the top and landed in the back of the truck where cargo is normally stored. He set up the rifle in his turret stand and fired away.
  17. Dan slammed his fist on to the roof making a solid *Bang* sound. "Don't Hitchhike my truck then A#!$@#e!" He called back up. Dan pushed the gas again, sending the truck into faster motion. Zombies began to crowd the road, so Dan rolled down his window and stuch his left hand with the Magnum in it. He began to shoot the zombies as they hit the road, running out of ammo quite fast.
  18. She held her hand to her hat with the other on the handle inside the truck "Will you slow down!? Are you trying to kill us! I know there are Zombie's the way but geez!" she said sternly as Shadow had the same look on his face as his sister as he held on to dear life. She did notice the young male in the back of the truck while she was holding on to dear life seeing the zombies fly up one after the other as she only wished she was at her house right now where her weapons were.
  19. Pedro held on to a handle to stay steady, he saw bodies flying through the screen like a car going down water, "Welp, there goes your clean truck" he said, he took out his knife in the mean time and carved his bat, he let the wood pieces gather in his jacket not to upset Dan, though it seems like this thing is pretty stable and secure, he took his bat and put it near the window in case of a emergency "You guys OK back there ?" he asked JC and Shadow "How about you Mr Rooftop Man ?" he added looking up at the dented top of the truck.
  20. She huffed "Do you have to even ask both of us are hanging on to dear life here?" she said sternly. "Precisely that I just hope I don't regurgitate my food I just ate before we left the school but if this speed gets us to our home faster that's fine with us" Shadow said glancing out the window see all the zombies splatter to the ground after being car thrown up in the air to the ground. "Shadow has a point there though....I hate to admit it but the faster the better" she sighed as she wanted to get home to make sure their mother was ok and that everything was locked shut.
  21. Kaleb fired many more times, hitting the zombies that Dan drove past. He saw something running up to the truck and instantly recognized it. It was his pet lion, Rebel, holding his sword in his mouth.

    “Rebel, get in!” he called out. Rebel leaped into the back of the truck and handed the sword to Kaleb. “Thanks, buddy.” Kaleb fired the gun at the zombies again, waiting until the truck stopped to engage with his sword.
  22. Jon walked down the road, his metal bat in hand. He noticed a truck that had multiple survives in in and... a lion? “Ehhh? What the hell is this?” Jon strode toward the truck, but put his hands up to signal he was human. “Oi! I may not know you guys, but I kinda need some backup! You guys got room for one more in there?” Jon leaned against a nearby fence, capping the zombie on the other end with his uzi.
  23. She could see that their house a bit further up as she came out of the truck "There is now my brother and I need to get to our house quickly, Shadow come on" she said as she ran off as Shadow ran after her luckily finding a path that was clear of the zombies. She and Shadow made it to their house and ran in. "Mother! are you here!?" "JC! Shadow! Thank goodness your alright!" she said. "Where's dad?" Shadow asked closing and locking the door. "I don't know....he has not returned from work.." "-Oh no I hope he didn't...-" she thought but shook it aside. "We need to get you out of here mom to a safer place and we need to prepare ourselves" Shadow said. "Alright I'll get ready". JC, Shadow, and their mother got prepared. She grabbed her weapons and her outfit which was a hooded cape and mask along with Shadow who prepared himself as well. Bell and Phantom came out greeting her as Shadow's golden eagle appeared as well on Shadow's shoulder. "Hey Bell and Phantom, we need to get out of here its no longer safe and I'm sure Talon is aware of it as well" she said gesturing to Shadow's Partner.

    She and Shadow remained in the living room as their mother came out ready as well. They all went to the garage where Shadow's motorcycle stood silent and her Skateboard. They left the house as Shadow rode their mom on his motorcycle as she rode on her Skatebaord as she was experienced with it. Bell and Phantom ran beside JC as Talon flew just next to him. JC and Shadow managed to get there mother in a safe area that Shadow knew about but they both had no idea on their father's aware abouts. "Shadow we need to find out where father is!?" "When can check his work building to see where he is that's the only thing I can think of right now just get on since this motorcycle is faster"Shadow said. "Alright lets go" she said getting in the back of the Motorcycle placing her mask on along with Shadow as he drove off to their father's work building.
  24. Dan looked back to see a Lion hit his truck. "Why in Hell do you have a Lion?" He blasted back to the guy in the truck's bed. Dan spun around to dodge another zombie. Another guy called out behind him. Dan stuck his hand out the window as a greeting before quicky shifting gears into a skid over to the new guy. "Get in."
  25. Jon opened the door and climbed in, but not before slapping a zombie across the head with his bat. “Don’t remember this town having so many people...” he closed the door and looked out the window, Death and destruction wherever the eye could see. “Damn, I bet my bros out there somewhere...ehhh, I’m sure he’ll be fine.”
  26. "Don't keep your hopes high . . ." Pedro said turning to the new guy, "These things hunt down everything thats breathing, once found their target they'll charge at it and crush the soul of its love ones, if you must, you need to find him now . . ." After finishing, he turned back and opened the truck window and threw out his pieces of wood from his dagger-like carved bat.
  27. Kaleb turned around and saw zombies grabbing the back of the truck. There was a horde running after the truck. “Take cover!” he yelled to the others inside. He pulled the pin out of one of his grenades and tossed it, causing a huge explosion behind the truck that consumed the zombies in flames. The truck jolted a bit from the explosion, but wasn’t damaged by it, as the grenade was far enough away from the explosion to avoid being damaged by it. “Woohoo!” Kaleb yelled as the truck sped away from the burning zombies.
  28. “Hell yeah! I’m definitely gonna enjoy teaming with you guys!” Jon looked back at the destruction the group left in their wake. “Talk about going out with a bang...” Jon said as he smiled to himself, his elbow resting on the window frame.
  29. Dan grinned at the explosion in the back. "Now where did he get the grenade?" He said to himself, becoming more acustomed to the strange things the guy held. Dan turned back, driving with only his left hand while dodging the zombies and rubble. "Where next kids? Somewhere that Uncle Dan can get some new toys for us?"
  30. JC and Shadow arrived at their father's work building and they both saw that zombie's had already surrounded it. "This isn't good Shadow..I'm a bit worried and frightened at the same time.." she admitted glancing to him. "Don't worry JC we will find father hopefully in time now lets go" "Right Bell! Phantom lets go! show no mercy to them they are all dead!" She said as they both nodded. JC and Shadow took out their Katana's and sliced them away. Once they reached the building they looked for father's office they opened the door but not something they wanted to see. Their dad on the ground bleeding out and bitten. "Dad...." JC said slowly approaching him. "JC.....Shadow.....I'm sorry you had to see me like this....I tried to run from them but I couldn't....you must do me a favor and do it quickly..." he asked. "You want one of us to end your life is that it...."JC said removing her mask as tears rested on her cheeks. "No we can't I can't do it.. I never slain any of my family members dad!" Shadow shouted a bit. "Shadow you know what happens if I am bitten" Dad said looking at him. "Shadow we had to end him before he turns...there is no other way.." she said sounding angry as she tightened her grip on her Katana blade.

    "JC.....alright..I understand...." Shadow said submitting. "I love you both....and please take care of your mother...be strong the both of you.....and Shadow take good care of your sister....." father smiled to them both as JC lifted her blade as she gave out a scream and ended her father's life. She felt an embrace from behind by Shadow as she cried out after she lowered her blade.
  31. "Heh, you can get us some toys at the gun shop Taxi Driver, I can't stay close combat with this knife forever" Pedro said, as he finished one jumped through the window "Mother f@#$er . . ." He said as he stabbed the spear bat into its head, and pushed it back outside "There goes my one and only shirt . . ." He said as he grabbed on the handle of the truck once again.
  32. Dan jerked the wheel to a turn down 2nd left street. Odd name, I know. When he heard the complaining, Dan sighed before calling back. "Under your seat should be a 12 gauge. Gonna kick some, and don't cock it inside the truck." He said while driving down the road. The place he knew had a bit more equipment than the normal store, but it was a decent bit away.
  33. “All I’m gonna need is ammo, I’m running on a couple clips right now.” Jon grabbed under his seat and pulled out the shotgun, confirming what Dan said. “Who’s gonna be in charge of this big boy?” He said, holding up the gun.
  34. Dan waved it off. "Me, but the gear we need is a bit-ways-away. You might need it to defend this truck. My rifle is probably to much for you guys." He said meaning no offence to the comment while driving hard and fast down the road. Dan banged on the roof again. "Lion Boy, You still good?"
  35. She and Shadow left their father's work building after she had slain every single one that lingered in the build from anger and sadness. She held onto Shadow not saying anything as she cried softly. Shadow didn't say anything either as he knew she was hurting very badly. He only had his sister and mother to protect now from these zombie's. He needed to find the truck they got out of as he kept driving then he spotted it in a far distance seeing zombie's fly all over the place. He huffed as he was anger already as he took out his Katana and started to slash them back and forth to clear a path for them as Bell, Phantom, and Talon kept up right next to them. Shadow had cleared a path for them raising his sword up to signal them to follow as he knew a very secure place for them to rest for a while as he drove his motorcycle in that direction. JC kept a hold of her brother like a small child. "Shadow....please don't do anything reckless....please I beg you...." she said softly breaking down. Shadow gently placed his hand on hers gently grasping it. "Don't worry I won't JC I will protect you and mother with this blade" he promised as he pulled up the speed.
  36. Kaleb fired multiple shots again. “I’m good!” he yelled. “Do me a favor, try not to jolt within the next couple minutes!” He leapt out of the back of the truck with his sword in hand, grabbing onto the side of the truck. He stretched his arm out, reaching his sword further and cutting the heads off of multiple zombies. “Rebel, stay in the back of the truck!” he called out to his pet lion. “Any more room in there?” he asked. “If not, I’ll just stay out here, but I could really use some protection from these zombies!” Just as he finished the sentence, a zombie jumped onto his back. It tried to bite him, but he thrusted his sword backwards into its head, killing it instantly. It fell off his back and landed on the ground before being trampled by the back wheel of the truck. “See what I mean?” He kept slicing up zombies with his sword. “Not sure how long I can keep this up!”
  37. Shadow noticed the situation as he sped up knocking Zombie's in the sir and slicing them to death. "JC you need to pull yourself together alright take your anger out on these Zombie's!" Shadow said a bit more sternly. JC got of the motorcycle once Shadow stopped it as she took out her Katana as she sliced them down like crazy away from the male then stood just a bit behind him with her mask on to not get blood on her face. "I have your back now slice them! There is enough of them as it is it just irritating!" she took one and slam it down on the ground and stabbed it with her sword in the head. Shadow joined soon after Katana in hand slicing the ones in the way "Dang parasites! They don't quit!" he said throwing his Kanai knives to all of their heads. Bell, Phantom, and Talon fought them off as well swifty. "Don't worry we got your back!"
  38. "I got your back" Pedro said out loud as he climbed to the back with Kaleb, "At least give me something fun to do" he said as he grabbed his bat and smashed a few heads like playing Whack a Mole "We need to find a safe place" he told Dan, as more of them kept on coming, Pedro took the sharply carved side of the bat and gave it a try, he swung his bat and cut off the heads of a few "Aww yeah, finally those handcrafting lessons came to a result" he said as he kept on knocking them out, two tried to get him on the side by charging, he swiftly turned his bat to a more rounded side and knocked them back. It was totally mad, though his head was still lingering about what happened, he still tried to stay positive as possible
  39. “I’ll switch with you if ya want, cat boy.” Jon faced behind him to see how Kaleb was holding out. “I’ve always been good with pets, y’know.” He stated with a grin. As he looked back, a zombie tried to claw at Jon from his window, but Jon head butted it and watched it get ran over. “Not that my seat is much better, though!”
  40. Shadow glanced to Pedro "I know of a safe place to lay low for a while, it has everything you need even weapons. Trust me our mother is there so if you follow me I can take you there with out a problem and its completely secure" he said as he kept slicing down. "We need to move quickly so if you want to survive follow Shadow and I please...I don't want any unnecessary killing!" she said a bit sternly. "If you want to survive follow me, JC lets go" Shadow said slicing the last one in the way. "Alright Shadow.." JC said willingly following her brother. "My sister has been through something she didn't want to do so I need to get her to a safe place to calm her down.." Shadow said as he walked her to his motorcycle as JC sat behind him once she put her sword away. He started his motorcycle giving it a start push with the handle before looking at them. "Well lets go before more show up just follow me alright" Shadow said before driving off towards the safe zone he had in secret.

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