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Ask to Join Zombie Apocalypse Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by LunarSilvally, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. What if your entire life was turned around? What would you do with something you weren't prepared for? Would you panic or be calm about it? Would you be able to reach your family in time to warn them or would you already be too late to save them and be forced to end their life? Yes, a virus by a zombie and if you get bitten by them you die and resurrect as one of them. Would you fight them off alone or form a group of survivors that have not been bitten to escape the horde of zombies?

    Char sheet example:

    Class year:
    Family you lost:
    Occupation: (Special job you have but optional)

    My char sheet:

    Name: JC

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19

    Appearance: She has light skin with a well feminine build but light to lift being 5"4 in height. She has dark brown hair pass the shoulder with light blue eyes with a bang covering the right. She wears a casual purple and black plad shirt with black skinny jeans with black flats with the straps wrapping around her ankles with bandages around her ankles and wrists. She wears a fedora on her head with a cross necklace around her neck with black gloves that only cover her palms leaving her fingers visible. She wears a hooded cape and mask and glasses upon her face.

    Personality: Quite distant, Gentle, Strategic, Calm minded, Strongwilled, Creative

    Weapon: Bow and Arrow, Katana, Sniper Rifle

    Partner: Female Arctic wolf named Bell and a black male wolf named Phantom with collars worn around their neck

    Class year: Graduated

    Family you lost: Father only leaving her, her mother, and her older brother to survive

    Occupation: Martial Artist and Wild dog trainer

    Skill: Great accuracy with distance mostly with her bow and Sniper

    Other: Has a keen sense of sensing danger

    Name: Shadow

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20

    Appearance: He has light skin with a well muscular build being 5"7 in height. He has dark brown and black hair that is slightly long in the back and sides with light blue eyes with a bang covering his right eye. He wears a casual black buttoned down shirt with skinny jeans with black converse shoes. He also wears a cross necklace around his neck with bandages just on his wrists. He wears a wolf mask as well upon his face along with a hooded cape.

    Personality: Brave, Protective, Gentle, Calm minded

    Weapon: Katana, Kanai Knives,

    Partner: A Male Golden Eagle named Talon

    Class year: Graduate

    Family you lost: Father as only him, his sister, and mother survived

    Occupation: Swordsmith/Blacksmith

    Skill: Great with Accuracy in close range and Excellent at making weapons mostly swords

    Other: Has the same sense ability as his sister

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  2. Class year? Does this mean the character is limited up to college student?
  3. That's correct but if you want to further your career you can
  4. Wow its like the seventeenth time I see JC in a roleplay is she like your OC ?
    (Are kids allowd in this RP cus TWD has some :) I wanna be the weak dude)
    Name: Pedro
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Appearance: He has an average height of an eighth grader, wears a jacket covered with blood with a blue T-Shirt, wears blue jeans with a pair of sneakers. He has green eyes, brown hair and white skin. He's small but trained for fighting, so don't mess with him
    Personality: Mysterious, Curious, he doesnt trust strangers but in caaes like this he had to find someone that can help, he is very aware of his surroundings, he can be serious but annoying, he wants to end this and help others
    Weapon: Baseball Bat, Kitchen Knife (Sharpended)
    Partner: None
    Class year: 8th Grade
    Family you lost: Sister
    Occupation : Scout (He has good eyesight #Carrots4Life)
    Skill: Soft Movement (Basically moving fast but causes small noise)
    Other: N/A
    Sorry about that forgot the personality
  5. haha yes @Luke The Riolu JC is my main oc I use and yes young kids are allowed as in this rp any kid of any age can lose something and also accepted ^-^
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  6. Name: Dan Frello
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Dan is a tall and muscular man with short black hair covered with a baseball hat. He wears a plaid dress shirt and blue jeans, wearing two pistol holsters on either side. Dan also holds mutiple different guns across his back, and a large knife on his right side.
    Personality: Dan is a southern person, and that sums it up well. Normally, Dan is quite relaxed but has a short temper.
    Weapon: Dan wears two Glock pistols on his sides, and a large 14 inch knife as well. On his back is a 12 gauge shotgun and an assault rifle.
    Partner: N/A
    Class year: Senior
    Family you lost: Parents
    Occupation: (Special job you have but optional) Hunter and mechanic.
    Skill: Fixer: Dan can redneck fix everything.
  7. Accepted ^-^
  8. I'll post the rp soon and it will start at a school scene before the virus starts
  9. El Spazzino

    El Spazzino Previously dratz

    Name: Lisa Scott
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: A tall white girl who has blonde hair, freckles, a messed up yellow hood with a green t-shirt under it, beige pants and a baseball cap, a sharpened baseball bat and a shotgun holder-thing on their pants, and some boots.
    Personality: Sarcastic, odd, energetic, I have no idea.
    Weapons: A sharpened baseball bat and a shotgun, baseball bat used for stabbing and maybe a lance/spear...? The shotgun is pretty self-explanatory.
    Partner: Does a shotgun count?
    Class Year: 10th Grade.
    Family Lost: EVERYTHING MAN.
    Occupation: I don't know.
    Skill: Programming.
  10. Accepted
  11. Name: Kaleb Storm (Our Universe Version)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Jet black hair, 5”11, all black clothing to hide in the dark, wears red contact lenses.
    Personality: Smart, cunning, kind to his friends, ferocious against his enemies.
    Weapon: Sword, machine gun, a couple grenades, sniper rifle.
    Partner: A lion he rescued from an abusive shelter when it was a cub, it is now full grown. He named it “Rebel”. If anybody harms Rebel, Kaleb will attempt to kill them.
    Class year: 1st year college.
    Family you lost: Everybody.
    Occupation: He was a member of a TV show that made him rich.
    Skill: Acrobatics, swordsmanship, flexibility, persuasion.
    Other: Waffles.

    This is the version of Kaleb from the universe we live in in real life.
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  12. Accepted
  13. Mo6


    Name: Sansa Chase
    Gender: Female
    Age: recently turn 16
    Appearance: She has auburn hair which she tied in a messy bun and long bangs that covered her half of her face, her eyes were stormy grey and had tan complexion. She wears mostly black clothes, a vest with a t-shirt underneath, elbow-length fingerless gloves, trousers and brown laced boots. She swap her vest to her baggy hoodie every once in a while and had a makeshift mask which is also a scarf when unravel. She has a worn out scout pack, a quiver, a gun holster and her multi-function tactical belt. Before the virus she has unkempt hair and wears tomboy clothes.
    Personality: Introverted, clever, aggressive, lack empathy, protective and possessive on her friends and things, crazy but not a psycho (much)
    Weapon: Bow and arrow, hunting knives, sniper rifle, she can make anything into a weapon to be honest
    Partner: An owl(Athena) and a hunting eagle(Artemis)
    Class year: 9th grade
    Family you lost: Outcasted from her family so.... yeah...
    but she does note that her younger brother tried calling for her for help.
    Occupation: Gamer and a trainee Hunter
    Skill: Has minimal knowledge about animals cause she's still a rookie, a great navigator and scout, she's physically fit and knows a bit on the martial art territory, has an exceptional survival instinct
    Other: After the virus, she became depressed and gradually started to question her morals
  14. Accepted
  15. Welp gtg I have school to deal with
  16. Mo6


    Just a note: Alex is just an extra
  17. El Spazzino

    El Spazzino Previously dratz

    . . .

    Say what
  18. Name: Jon Lions
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: wears a black leather jacket with a red t shirt underneath. He wears light blue jeans with light brown timberlands, and has a pompadour-style cut.
    Personality: acts like a tough guy around others, but he really just wants to keep his friends safe.
    Weapon: baseball bat, twin uzis, pocket knife
    Partner: anyone smart enough to stay alive
    Class year: junior
    Family you lost: all immediate family
    Occupation: (Special job you have but optional)
    Skill: law enforcement
    Other: has a tendency to go “ehhh?”
  19. Accepted
  20. I suppose I will since no body else will
  21. Sorry guys, schools been a train wreak. Mainly FSA testing.
  22. Hey don't worry school is school
  23. El Spazzino

    El Spazzino Previously dratz

    I think you mean...

  24. Name: Lot Raptis
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Standing at 5'8" with a lean muscular build, Lot does not seem to be the most intimidating. Wearing some form of graphic tee and weathered blue jeans one might think he was younger then he actually is. Lot is a sun kissed Caucasian, with chestnut undercut curly hair.
    Personality: One might say Lot has a bad attitude about life and they would be right. He tends to do what he likes whenever he wants to and is not afraid to have people dislike him. Even with those faults and the stereotypes that come with it, Lot tends to be a sweetheart to those he thinks are cool like him. Do not get the wrong idea, he has basic polite manners but if you discriminate against him due to his thuggish appearance he will give you a piece of his mind.
    Weapon: Witty sarcasm and inability to admit he is wrong
    Partner: A pet honey badger named Scruffy
    Class year: Graduated high school but not attending college
    Family you lost: After he graduated he moved out and has not kept in touch with his family
    Occupation: Works as a receptionist at veterinary's office
    Skill: Lot was apart of the high school track team so he has a large level of endurance. Being a delinquent he is also pretty knowledgeable in escape and other small crime skills.
    Other: Lot knows basic medical aid
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  25. Is there still room for more people??

    Name: Beauregard Le Roux (Sometimes called Beau, Boo, or Remy)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Beauregard moved to America at the age of seventeen and carried over a French accent that has since stuck. He is black, stands at roughly six and half feet and is lithe though not incredibly lanky. His brows are thick, eyes dark and sunken, and his jawline is sharp and square. Beau has a slight stubble, more so on his upper lip. His hair is in dreads and hangs a little lower than his shoulders, typically he wears it up nowadays as he is against the alternative of lopping it all off. His outfits consist of mostly black. His favorites are a gray oversized knit sweater, a muted green long sleeve collared shirt, black tapered jeans, and black Doc Martin boots.
    Personality: Typically stoic, straightforward, pragmatic, and quick to call anyone out on their bs
    Weapon: None
    Partner: None
    Class year: Graduated
    Family you lost: Everyone
    Occupation: Cashier at a Walgreens, part time college student
    Skill: Good at reading people
    Other: Stockpiles on cigarettes
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  26. Both accepted and yes I am
  27. What is the plan for all of us to meet up?? o:
  28. My two chars could meet up with the rest of you to the safe zone since my male char knows of one
  29. Sounds good! Should Beau and Lot make their way on foot or meet up at Walgreens with some others and catch a ride there?
  30. Name: Francis Sullivan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Appearance: he has white hair, blue eyes,white t-shirt under a black hoodie, grey pants, and black sneakers.
    Personality: A creative person, he can create weapons using items around him. he also can be quiet but talkative at times.
    Weapon: A crowbar found in the cafe he is working in.
    Partner: His brother.
    Class year: Graduated.
    Family you lost: his whole family except his brother.
    Occupation: A waiter in a cafe.
    Skill: he can create weapons using items around him.(XD Dead rising.)

    Name: Jhon Sullivan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Appearance:Also a white haired, blue eyed,he has black baseball cap, black shirt, grey pants and black sneakers.
    Personality: the complete opposite of his brother.
    Weapon:A machete.
    Partner:his brother
    Class year: 4th year college
  31. Actually my male char rides a motorcycle with his sister so he doesn't need a ride also accepted and actually going to fix the ages of mine up
  32. Sorry guys, been kinda busy this week. Wil get a post in later. (Hopefully)
  33. Hey I think we should keep the ooc conversations to this discussion board and out of the actual rp, as the rules say we should. Also deconstruction of a car by taking out the engine and taking off the tires is not some easy feat to be done in less than an hour with out the proper equipment, try to keep it more realistic please.
  34. @VolcanoPheonix
    Oh, my bad! When I read your post I figured you were referring to Beau's car engine and Lot's bike which were next to each other. I was also confused cause JC and Shadow were by the Walgreen's entrance then at the cafe so I figured y'all were super close to us and it seemed like Lot's bike and Beau's car were the only ones within that distance. Unless the Walgreens is not the supermarket you guys were mentioning? Either way I'll repost!!

    You're right, sorry!!
  35. @DOMO150 I am sorry about that ill fo something about that.
    @sluggieboy it is Walgreens that im referencing.
  36. Actually JC and Shadow were at the entrance of the cafe before arriving at the doors of the supermarket after the masscre and yes this discussion is mainly for any questions or ideas you have thats why I made this disscussion

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