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DPPt/HGSS zingi180's supposed team

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by zingy180, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Tangrowth- leaf guard
    move 1- leaf storm
    move 2- ancientpower
    move 3- focus blast
    move 4- earthquake

    Blaziken- Blaze
    move 1- Blaze kick
    move 2- sky uppercut
    move 3- brave bird
    move 4- blast burn

    lickylicky- own tempo
    move 1- rollout
    move 2- defence curl
    move 3- power whip
    move 4- explosion

    Weavile- pressure
    move 1- ice punch
    move 2- brick break
    move 3- night slash
    move 4- shadow claw

    Yanmega- tinted lens
    move 1- bug buzz
    move 2- air slash
    move 3- ancientpower
    move 4- shadow ball

    last pokemon is variable (thinking of omastar)

    what do you think? if you have any ideas on how to enhance this team, im greatly open to you'r advice.
  2. In-game or competitive???
  3. Well then you will need to post an EV spread and items.
  4. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    Zingi, we need some more information before anyone can do anything with your team. Your post should be layed out like this, so everything is clear-

    Pokemon @ Hold Item

    - Move 1
    - Move 2
    - Move 3
    - Move 4

    EVs,, if you have given them any, are always good too because people will need to know them for competitive play.
  5. thanks, but i intend to give them general EV's (of course if they have all special then i will lower attack ect.)
  6. What exactly do you mean by general EV's? If you mean equal all around then it's not going to make much of a competitive team.
  7. what i meant by competitive was against my friends.
  8. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Hold items and Natures for each Pokemon are necessary as well before we can start helping you with this. Check the Clinic rules - everything you need to know with regards to making topics here is there.
  9. Either you mean competitive or you mean non- competitive; who it is against is largely irrelevant. It's hard for us to help if you don't make it clear whether you want a team that can take on all comers or a team that is just average in which case EV's don't matter.

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