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ZeroKirbyX's Sprites

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by ZeroKirbyX, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. Yo, new fella here. Basically joined for the sprites, rp and to aid in the card maker. So lets waste no time, yer.

    This is basically my main character for pokemon that I've had for, hell, since before Ruby. He's been the name for every game after I got Silver.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And this is his Torterra Jorth. Simple, yeh, but these are really the first pokemon sprites I've done. (Worked with Fire Emblem, Mega Man, Metal Slug, Guilty Gear, customs, etc). I'll try to update as I go along.

    Oh, and because it seems like a popular thing to do here, I'll take requests I suppose. Just cause my mind only goes so far.

    (Seriously. Give me something to do.)
    No list, just ask

    [​IMG] [​IMG]







  2. Ooooh, prettyful.

    I like the mugshots, the trainer sprites are extremely good, they're shaded well, and not too shin-ny(By that I mean bright, xD). And the overworlds are pretty sweet.

    Is he, a cop? He looks like one In that green outfit. o.O
  3. He's not a cop, just Irish :p He's always had a newsboy hat and short coat, but I never noticed he looked like a cop. Thats a bit odd.
  4. Yes, I'm REALLY uneducated on foreign countries. xD I've never heard of those clothing items before. :p

    I guess I didn't look at the front sprite close enough. I would've noticed, XD.
  5. Here yeh go, not much of an update, but I've been a bit busy. This is just a trainer for my bro based on his gaia avatar.

    And who can tell me who this sexy beast is?

    And if anyone wants a request hit me up. Please? I need ideas :p
  6. Nother update. Schwarzwald from Big-O and Chun Li from Street Fighter.


  7. The mere fact you have made a Big-O sprite means I shall now watch your sprite thread a lot more. Not only that, but you've done the bandages really well. The black outlines around the hands look a bit odd however when such a dark outline isn't used for any of the other lighter areas. Overall however it's very well done, kudos to you.
  8. Hells yeah. Michael Seebach is my homie. As for the outline, I do the edits with a color outline, then copy it and do the copy with the black. I copied the wrong one. Should look better now.

    Roger SMith. I'm not quite in love with it though :/
  10. I'm actually working on it as a pokemon right now XD
    EDIT: Forget that. Too tough and I'm not in the mood for too much of a challenge.
  11. [​IMG]
    One of my Fire Emblem RP characters, Mirono. I'mma working on a remake of my other chars.
  12. Hey, um, for that sprite that you requested for me, could you tell me some more. Like, I know what you mean, but how do you want the outfit? I can't think up of one (not the most creative when it comes to outfits) So do you have any ideas?
  13. I don't suppose you'd be interested in making this into one?
  14. Haha, new to the whole thing huh? No problem. Just do something thats got orange hair and is green with a hat. Sweater, coat, hoodie; fedora, boonie, whatever man. Your call.

    As for Kuroboom I'll get on that in a lil bit.
  15. [​IMG]

    There ya go dude... or dudette. I dunno which.
  16. You can make overworld style sprites?

    If so, can you make one for this guy:
    (Note to others: I am NOT making this a public release sprite, please don't steal it)
  17. Yeah, no problem. I'll get on it in a bit.
  18. Dude. And thanks, it looks awesome. :D
  19. Can you make a trainer sprite for me?
    Sorry I have nothing but a description for you...

    He wears a black hat backwards. The hat is worn backwards with a scruff of hair popping out of the hole. He wears a pair of black baggy shorts that go two inches below the knees. On top of the jersey is a white hoody that has a print of a gear on the bottom left corner. He has a white bandage on his nose. He wears a pair of white running shoes. He is slightly tanned. He wears a pair of black fingerless gloves that are slightly worn out on the palm. Can you also have him holding a pokeball in his right hand?
  20. HYBRID

    Mod Edit:
    Image removed because it turned me blind.
  21. Okay, honestly I don't give a fuck about convos, insults, bashing, rudeness, or anything else in here. But I DO mind it when you try to hijack my thread.
  22. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    ZeroKirbyX, leave it to the Staff.

    Neonstyle, Thread Hijacking, double posting and general spamminess. Three warnings. You're banned.
  23. That wasn't modding, that was me saying what I don't care about, so MAYBE y'all won't be giving out warns for shit I don't mind in my thread like I've seen you do.
  24. Yoshimitsu

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    Your post was technically spam, and it seemed like you were attempted to mini-mod.
    Get back on topic or I'll start handing out more warnings and bans.
  25. Update:
    CO's for an AW comic I'm making.

    Mod Edit (Yoshimitsu27):
    Mini-modding or not, your comment was off topic and spammy. I should technically give you a warning for it anyway. So shut up and stop arguing with me before I stop being so nice.
  26. Off topic, obviously, but chill out Kirby. You have nothing to gain from fighting a mod. Yoshi, you should take off the warning for his post because it is his thread and he was pissed about the spam.

    Mod Edit (Yoshimitsu27):
    It was spam either way.
    And he's been given a warning for something else, not related to this thread.
  27. Bubba-lump. I hate bumping my sprite thread but I gotta :/
    100% custom Marth. I'm not too fond of the hair and Falchion, but I'm fairly pleased with how the rest turned out. I'd really appreciate comments on this one as it's my first custom DP sprite. Oh, and by the way, it's based on his FE1 design, not SSBM.
  28. Very awesome, though the hair seems a bit floofy. Me thinks it could be improved abit, it seems lop sided. Though he body genrally, is awesome.
  29. Any suggestions? I tried a couple times to get that weird arc that his hair does, but that was the best result (I thought). At least for the time being. I think thats the worst part of it :/
  30. I'm not sure, I've never seen Marthe.
  31. [​IMG]
    Just a test of the new female walkie base I set up. Rui, of course. And thanks for the comments on Marth btw :p
  32. I like this Rui, but the eyes bug me. (then again her eyes bug me in the game, so maybe you have it exactly right)
  33. I actually just thought of making her head the O RLY owl and just having her say "ITS A SHADOW POKEMON"
  34. That would be hilarious.
  35. [​IMG]
    First custom card I've made (In this size. I've made old ones before). Top is blank, bottom is with stuff and color. Plus:
  36. Test of my new and redefined male walkie base. Although seeing as how I hate that stupid step one I should call em standies :/ You should be able to tell where both chars are from.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I seriously hate bumping but I do like some feedback guys.
  37. Maybe you should call them standies...They're pretty good. The only problem I can see is that the girl trainer has no shading on her legs. You should probably put a darker shade below her skirt.
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