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Open Zantelos Region Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Shinx_Shades, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. Lets hope that this one doesn't get kicked off quickly. Just follow the Pokecharm rules, and if anything confuses you just ask me. Also I would like to apologize to StellarWind Elsydeon for the trouble I caused beforehand. So lets get started with the starters: We have Shroombrr, a grass type, Volky, a fire/rock type, and Duckedy, a water type. These Pokemon are only available for the other 2 people that sign up first if there is more tell me another region and you can choose a starter from that region If you want evolution's of the starters, just message me. This is an example of what you need to sign up (it is also my sign up form):

      • Name: Zeke
      • Age (recommended 13-16): 16
      • Class (You can choose up to 2 classes): Dragon Tamer, Trainer
      • Personality: Me in real life
      • Appearance: Dark blue hair, blue eyes, black pokeball shirt, blue jumper tied around waist, black skinny jeans, black boots, black and blue thunderbolt cap, black and blue thunderbolt backpack.
      • Hometown: Zarnik City, Zantelos
      • Other: Is the son of the sun/moon champion
      • Species: Volky
      • Nicknames (Optional): N/A
      • Gender: Male
      • Ability: Magma Armor
      • Moveset (Is limited to 4 moves): Scratch, Growl, Ember and Peck
      • Personality (Optional): Calm
    Just remember to follow the rules, and no swearing or attempts to swearing please, it just makes the thread look untidy. I will give more detail after at least 4 people join. Also, I live in Australia so my time is not the same as your time in the southern hemisphere.

    There are 83 Pokemon in the pokedex!
    Gym Leaders are:
    Tanya - Psychic
    Badge: Lift
    Macey - Water
    Badge: Beach
    Lana - Poison
    Badge: Mask
    Sam - Steel
    Badge: Cell
    Kado - Fire
    Badge: Shield
    Kraven - Ground
    Badge: Terra
    Falkner - Flying (he comes to Zantelos to start anew)
    Badge: Zephyr
    Shardina - Ice
    Badge: Shard

    Elite 4 are:
    Laurie - Grass
    Laya - Fighting
    Imanuel - Normal
    Jesse - Ghost

    Zak - Dragon (also my brother in the RP)
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  2. Well, before I sign up, I would like to state that I am likely going to be using one of my unique Fakemon starters for the RP that is from one of my fan made regions. (It is likely not going to be one of the original trio types of water, fire and grass, it is going to be a different type and this starter is obtained in this particular fan made region of mine through a side story with one of my characters.) However, keep in mind that although the Fakemon of mine are vividly descriptive with pristine information and details, there is no artwork for them since I am not exactly the best artist and using art for descriptions on this very site is highly frowned upon in the field of role playing.

    Also, note that I am still deciding if I should even have others use my Fakemon since they have their own custom moves, abilities, and more. (The main reason to why I have to still decide is because of an incident that occurred weeks ago where some kid thought it would be funny to steal my works and even rub it in my face saying that I was the one that stole "his" works; thankfully the kid is nowhere to be seen after receiving the lovely ban hammer.)

    Just another note for your Fakemon since I know that some others might want to use them, you might want to go into detail about their appearances and such since there's not really much to go about it with just their names.
  3. Yeah I agree I'm not to good with art. So I'll give some description on each one. And If you remember me Auqaman, I was in the Froena RP. I really did not get why I quit, but I think that it was because of the hole moderation, and it was really hard to post. I'm done with exams and and I'm heading into Christmas.
    Small green mushroom kind of hat, with icicles hanging down from it. It has a cream limp body and no fingers, green towards the hands and feet, and it always looks sleepy.
    Has a magma kind of armor (hence the ability!), including a mask to cover its face except its glowing red eyes, that looks like a knights helmet without the feather. Has a tail with what looks like little volcanoes, dotted down its back. It has a magma crack pattern all over and has small little knives made out of rock in each hand.
    Looks like a fat bodied duck basically, but Cannot fly yet, and is blue and white with a yellow beak.

    Also I don't know I will be able to do this for all of them, so, if you guys want to switch to the same region, gyms, elite 4, champion and all that but only with the new starters and only the already made Pokemon, then I am happy with that.
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    • Name: Lucy
    • Age (recommended 13-16): 14
    • Class (You can choose up to 2 classes): Lass, Trainer
    • Personality: Me in real life
    • Appearance: pastel pink hair in pig tails, brown eyes, red lace tank top, pastel pink sakura design skirt, light blue skinny jeans, light blue hightoos, sunglasses
    • Hometown: Zarnik City, Zantelos
    • Other: Noneg
    • Species: Duckedy
    • Nicknames (Optional): Webby
    • Gender: Female
    • Ability: Swift Swim
    • Moveset (Is limited to 4 moves): Tackle, Growl, Water Gun, Peck
    • Personality (Optional): Cheerful
  4. Hey I remember you. Thanks for joining and although Zarnik city is the home of the 4th gym I guess we could be brother and sister in the RP since I come from Zarnik and my brother is the 4th gym leader in the RP?
  5. I'll be signing up soon with my Fakemon starter a bit later today or possibly early tomorrow since I am going to be quite busy with my field trip that I have to go to today.

    Just for a heads up, there's going to be quite a lot of info since the Pokémon I am using for this RP are my Fakemon after all.
  6. Yeah I don't mind, I will have to go to school in 2 hours so I might not be available until 3:00 Brisbane time (if you know what that is).
  7. OC:
    Name: Shadow
    Age: 14
    Class: Trainer, Undercover detective
    Personality: Mysterious, calm, powerful, brave
    Apperence: black hair, black shirt with glimming red eyes, black jeans, black shoes that make no sound and dark blue eyes
    Home town: UNKNOWN
    Other: Walks in the shadows, bleands in
    Favourite pokemon: Zorak

    Starter: Shroombrr
    Gender: Male
    Abillty: Poison skin (i don't know any ablitys :(.....)
    Move set: Tackle, Stun spore, Blizzard and Poison sting
    Personlality: Serious, Brave
  8. Ok shadowlf (thanks for signing up by the way), The moveset is to OP keep it to: Vine whip, tackle, stun spore and leer. And for the ability stick to overgrow.
  9. Okay.
    Starter: Shroombrr
    Gender: Male
    Abillty: Overgroth
    Move set: Tackle, Stun spore, Vine whip and Leer
    Personlality: Serious, Brave
  10. Could I use my own fake-mon as a starter? Just because I don't want to have the same starter as anyone else, either that or could I use an pokemon that already exists?
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      • Name: Gale Trion
      • Age: 14
      • Class: Trainer
      • Personality: In RP (kinda a jerk at first)
      • Appearance: Medium lengthen white hair stands straight up, tanned skin with dull green eyes and an average build.
      • Hometown: Pastel City, Zantelos Region
      • Other: Doesn't remember much of his past, just that he wanted to be a pokemon trainer
      • Starter: Male Ralts
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  12. Ok but can you make it that we meet you in Loona City? Pastel city really isn't in the actual region that I made. And you may need a starter...
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  13. Well, I've decided to use one of my starters in one of my fan made regions that's part of the original trio of types since I feel like he needs some light in RPing. *casually shoves some information*

    Trainer Info:

    Her name is Mindy Avalon.
    Gender: Female
    Class: She is a Marchioness.
    Hometown: Partensío Village, Traqueteo Valley, Bajola Region.
    Age: She is about 14 Years old.
    Appearance: Mindy stands at a short height of 4'10" and weighs approximately 97 pounds. She has long, blond hair, which is made in the style of a ponytail. She has blue eyes, a small nose, fair skin tone and some freckles on her cheeks.
    Clothing: Mindy wears an early 80s era sci-fi reading glasses, along with her purple, short-sleeved, one piece velvet dress and her white penny loafers. She has a golden watch fitted around her left arm and a platinum necklace around her neck. The necklace has a figure of that of a five pointed star, as there are five small diamonds each on their respective edges. She also carries around a smooth, shoulder strap, leathery purse that has various items stored inside.
    Personality: Coming from her father's side of the aristocratic family of Avalon, Mindy is one that tends to be rather sassy towards others. Her arrogance can often get the better of her manners when it comes to interacting with others. She tends to spoil her Pokémon, as her soft, caring nature can sometimes get in the way of battles. She attempts to solve as much problems as she can with the pen, since she despises using the sword for resolutions.
    Backstory: [To be revealed in the RP.]
    Love Relations?: [N/A at the moment.]
    Other: Due to the absence of a Pokédex in her area, she has a small, curled white spherical drone that can be seen resting on her right shoulder when it is in sleep mode. Its tiny, but resilient twin rotor blades unfold when it is in flight. Its small mechanical arms also unfold if any assistance is needed, as the device has an artificial intelligence of its own morals. Its big, one-eyed lens survey the area around her, as its swift processors and other mysterious parts process the information to her on its back, holographic panel.

    Pokémon Info:
    Name: His name is Iago.
    Species: Axovenio / Reefling Pokémon
    Type: Water
    Gender: Male
    Age: His age is currently unknown, though he appears to look awfully young.
    Native Region: His native region is Bajola.
    Primary Moves: Battering Rush, Marina Reflect, Corallum Energy, Aquatic Outflow. (See below for more information.)
    Militating Liquidity (The Pokémon gradually regenerates HP in sources of water when out of battle, while steadily lifting the effects of debuffs while in battle.)
    Appearance: Axovenio is a small, amphibious, bipedal Pokémon that has a primarily light blue body with a battleship gray underside. His modest head has small, violet gills on his cheeks that are rather hard to see from certain angles, as his beady eyes are lightly black. His nose has the resemblance of two tiny nostrils, as his small mouth has no teeth whatsoever. There are straight, firm, pale red coral protrusions on the back side of his head that are secreted from a mysterious organ of his should they ever break off. His small hands have four fingers each, while his feet have three toes. His long, tapering gray tail fin has a black outer edge, while its inner gray area has some parallel slate gray stripes within the center.
    Accessories/Clothing: He wears a sea blue scarf snugly around his neck, which has his name embroidered on its front side with pristine love and effort. He also has on a modest white bonnet along with cloud white, infant-friendly mittens and socks that were lovingly made by his trainer's mother, though he does not exactly like to wear his clothing and accessories however.
    Personality: Iago tends to be stubborn around adults especially, since he tends to get into arguments and quite a bit of trouble at times. His bad temper and impaired communication skills often land him with a lengthy lecture or even the dreaded punishment with the authorities, since he is notorious for using force to rebel against others. He can be quite silly when it comes to his strange habits, as he likes to put his right hand into his mouth to calm himself.
    Love Relations?: [None at the moment, though this may be subject to change but it is more unlikely it will.]
    Fakemon Creator: @Aquaman
    Other: He is the Water-type starter Pokémon for the region of Bajola. He also has some white wrapping bandages snugly wrapped around his left hand and lower chest.
    Moves Information:
    Type: Normal
    Catagory: Physical
    Power: 10 x 5
    Accuracy: 100%, but can be evaded more easily.
    Power Points: 25
    Target: Enemy
    Range: Close Quarters Combat
    Description: A rudimentary move in which most Pokémon know right from the start or soon in their early years. The Pokémon swiftly assaults the target with a rush of strikes.
    Effects: Critical hits land more easily if all hits connect.
    Type: Water
    Catagory: Status (Egg Move)
    Power: 0.5x the incoming attack's damage
    Accuracy: 100%, but can be evaded more easily at range
    Power Points: 10
    Target: Self (Move) / All Pokémon in range (Attack)
    Range: 10 Meters
    Description: The Pokémon places up a bubble shield around themselves. While the Pokémon is under their bubble, any attack directed towards the Pokémon will protect the Pokémon from all damage, pop the bubble and send various water pellets flying in all directions. This move can fail if used consecutively however.
    Effects: Protects the Pokémon from an attack and damage all nearby Pokémon after being attacked.
    Type: Water
    Catagory: Status
    Power: N/A
    Accuracy: Sure Shot
    Power Points: 20
    Target: Self
    Range: N/A
    Description: The user gathers in an immense amount of cleansing energy to patch itself up of injuries and status conditions.
    Effects: Gradually restores the user's HP and steadily lifts the effects of random debuffs over the course of three turns. The more debuffs the user has, the bigger the move's potency will be.
    Type: Water
    Catagory: Special
    Power: 75
    Accuracy: 100%
    Power Points: 25
    Target: Enemy
    Range: 15 Meters
    Description: The user launches a concentrated, forceful stream of water at the target.
    Effects: May inflict Saturation on the target.
    Saturation: The Pokémon's Water-type resistance is halved for three to five turns.
  14. Auqaman, just keep it to low power attacks, and maybe meet us at the airport at the RP.
  15. Well... I suppose I'll get there as soon as possible then. I'm a bit sick right now so I'm just going to hope that it's not going to slow
    me too much.
  16. Maybe beat the gym, and while your getting your badge we come in and get our badges ok dirt! Read the gym list fro info.
  17. Hey. What ya talking bout
  18. Just seeing how 9012_dirt can enter the story. Also u need to respond to the thread shadowolf...
  19. Okay, I'll edit my post to start Gale's gym battle. After randomly generating a physcic type team, I got Tanya's team to be-

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  20. yeah just minus the chingling
  21. have we started the RP, if we have send me the link to it
  22. It is in a previous post in the disscusion.
  23. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Hi their, the name's Kyle and I would like to join first time trying a fakemon region here we go. Can send me a pic of the region and the list of it's Pokemon.

      • Name: Kyle

      • Age (recommended 13-16): 14

      • Class (You can choose up to 2 classes): Trainer

      • Personality: Shy at first but he'll become friends with you over time

      • Appearance: Dark Black (if ever seen in rp), Gray Stormy eyes, a black and orange jacket, black and gray ripped jeans, a leaf green backpack, white and black hat, and black/white skin color or aka mixed.

      • Hometown: Littleroot, Hoenn

      • Other: Child of Sawyer from Kalos

      • Species: Chimchar

      • Nicknames (Optional): N/A

      • Gender: Male

      • Ability: Blaze

      • Moveset (Is limited to 4 moves): Scratch, Thunder Punch, Leer, & Ember (Movesets Will change soon)

      • Personality: Jolly
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  24. cool but we need a way to bring you into the RP.
  25. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Pfft... Um...

    I'll start off at the first town (what are the towns and pokemon) ._.
  26. I'll message you once I draw out the region and I'll also send you the pokedex.
  27. Kyle From Hoenn can you make your pokemon not too OP,
  28. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    • Name: Brolax
    • Age: 14
    • Class:ninja, Trainer
    • Personality: Me in real life
    • Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes, black shirt, shorts, black boots, black shuriken cap, black shuriken backpack.
    • Hometown: Nuvema town, Unova
    • Other: Is the son of the black/white champion
  29. ok Boh... I mean Brolax, jsut do your starter as well
  30. Before i make a character sheet, (I would love to join) Is it okay if i RP as a Pokemon? Maybe one of the rper's pokemon?
  31. Sure! You can be my Duardler in the RP, but just let me tell you when I want you to evolve and what attacks to use.
  32. Name: His name is Alexander S. Lamen

    Age (13-16): His age is 14 years old.

    His class is a Shaman (known to have healing pokemon)

    Gender: He is a male.

    Type: He uses psychic types, due to his Shaman class.

    Appearance: He has a purple/yellow robe with a lightning mark, due to coming from Elote, which is known for its electric type Pokemon. He also has a hood on with a wooden staff equipped with an amethyst, he has pink hair that goes over one of his eyes, and green eyes. Alex also wears navy blue boots with yellow straps.

    Home Region: Elote

    Sexuality: Bisexual


    Name: Her name is Amare.

    It is a female.

    Species: It is a Shamare, a purple female-only species with pink braided hair and an amulet on its neck that keeps its psychic energy.

    Type: The type is pure Psychic.

    Native Region: She comes from Elote.

    (Hope this is good ^^.)
  33. Okay, so uh, RP master died. I think. Sorry.
    But that doesn't mean the RP is dead! You can still join in, i think.
    So... yeah.
    I fit makes you feel any better, i accept you! we all do, i think. idk.

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