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Zangoose v.s. Seviper

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Draco Gengar, Dec 10, 2014.

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  1. This feud seems to have been going since the beginning of time. Zangoose ( The Cat Ferret Pokemon) is a normal type that uses its claws and agility to take down its foes. Seviper ( The Fang Snake Pokemon ) is a poison type uses it poisonous fangs and its special venomous Blade-like tail to leave opponents crippled and weak enough to make a final blow. But don't you ever wonder....
    How did this rivalry start?
    Who has the advantage?
    And is this rivalry more important than it seems?
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  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    First of all, thread moved from Small Talk to Pokémon Chat because that's where this sort of threads belong. I say this sort because this is no way to debate anything on a message board - and that is why the thread was deleted altogether the first time you posted it. That and the conversational SPAM that evolved in it.

    Second if you're going to start a thread, the least you can do is bother actually having the whole thing written down before posting it rather than posting an incomplete mess. Quality over quantity, child!

    Third, there's very little mystique about the Seviper/Zangoose rivalry - so I'm going to shut this nonsense down right now by pointing out all the obvious facts.

    The Seviper/Zangoose rivalry is simply a reference to the relationship between mongooses and snakes in real life. Namely, mongooses hunt, kill and eat snakes - their resistance to snake venom allows them to do so with relative impunity - and this behaviour has been observed (and exploited) by humans for ages.

    Mongooses have been imported to Okinawa (which falls under the real life Kyushu region of Japan - the actual Kyushu island being the one Hoenn is based on) in order to control the spread of Habu snakes
    (Ovophis okinavensis and Trimeresurus flavoviridis) and mock-fights in closed perimeters between Habu Snakes and Mongooses became a bit of a tradition of the place (though it is slowly vanishing due to pressure from animal rights groups) - and seeing how Seviper is based on the things (Seviper's original Japanese name is Habunake), that's probably what Game Freak were referring to.

    So that's all the significance this has. Wonder no more.

    Stats-ways, as immediate counterparts they have the same base stat total. Incidentally, their defenses and HP are also identical - Zangoose and Seviper differ in their attack stats and their speed, in which Zangoose has a higher speed and physical attack stat but low special attack whereas Seviper is slow but has equal physical and special attacks. That gives them somewhat different battle roles. Variances in natures, abilties, IVs and EVs - and obviously the moves any particular Zangoose/Seviper might have - thus render the entire debate fairly meaningless. You can wave the facts around in any way you want, eventually it's going to degenerate into a popularity poll based entirely on opinions.

    Nothing is wrong with discussing opinions - but quite frankly, no one gave you the right to appoint judges or serve as an arbiter of such discussion. So yeah. None of that 'This argument will go on until a specific date' nonsense - that is not how forum threads work.
  3. Okay, and the whole reason on why i couldn't get it all done was because i didn't have enough time (next time though I'll just put the information on a up-loadable file and i guess that i could edit out the whole judge thing and final date, but really I've all ways wonder which one in this rivalry had the advantage and yes i realized the mongoose v.s Habu snake thing.
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