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Zac's Pokemon V Trade Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Kakashi, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Kakashi

    Friend Code:

    This is my first Trading Thread so I'll try to keep it nice and clean.
    Below is a list of Pokemon that I have for trade along with any Pokemon that I currently want. The Wanted list will probably say "Anything" most of the time, because I am working on my Pokedex. Anyway, I hope you like what I have offered, and happing Trading!

    My FC:
    2795 1173 0637

    * = Shiny
    • = Pokerus
    M = Male
    F = Female

    Currently For Trade

    *Eevee M Lv.2
    [Tail Whip,
    Helping Hand]

    *Gible F Lv.1
    [Dragon Claw,
    Dragon Rush,

    *Pichu M Lv.1
    Volt Tackle]

    Omanyte M Lv.25
    Kabuto F Lv.25
    Aerodactyl M Lv.25
    Lileep M Lv.25
    Cranidos M Lv.25
    Shieldon M Lv.25
    Tirtouga M Lv.25
    Archen F Lv.25

    Bulbasaur M Lv.1
    Charmander F Lv.1
    Squirtle M Lv.1
    Chikorita M Lv.1
    Cyndaquil M Lv.1
    Totodile M Lv.7
    Treecko M Lv.1
    Torchic F Lv.1
    Turtwig F Lv.1
    Chimchar M Lv.1
    Piplup M Lv.1
    Snivy M Lv.1
    Tepig M Lv.1

    Pikachu M Lv.50
    [Volt Tackle,
    Iron Tail,
    Quick Attack,

    Zoroark F Lv.25
    *Joltik F Lv.26
    *•Dratini M Lv.15
    Cubchoo M Lv.28
    *Sewaddle F Lv.14
    *Whimsicott F Lv.17
    *Slowking F Lv.100
    *Bellosom F Lv.31
    Ditto Lv.54

    Shinx M Lv.10 (Dream World)
    Darmanitan F Lv.35 (Zen Mode)

    Pokemon Wanted

    "Any Dream World / Special Pokemon"

    ~Thanks for reading! ;D
  2. Toastie

    Friend Code:
    Could I trade dream world Pokemon for your Gible please? Here is a list of my dream world Pokemon. They're all Lvl. 10. (They're all nicknamed but I can change their names back for you.)
    Shinx M (Guts)
    Tangela M (Regenerator)
    Igglybuff M (Friend Guard)
    Exeggcute M (Harvest)
    Poochyena F (Rattled)
    Stantler M (Sap Sipper)
    Oddish F (Run Away)
    Taillow F (Scrappy)
    Lotad F (Own Tempo)
  3. Kakashi

    Friend Code:
    I'd be glad to trade it for the Lotad F (Own Tempo). ^^
  4. Toastie

    Friend Code:
    Great! I'll PM you my friend code and we'll try and arrange a time.
  5. I wouldn't mind giving up my dream world Surskuit for dat Shiny Dratini.

    If you want anything done to it, I can try and get it done for you~ If you don't want it, that's fine!
  6. Dreamworld or Special, you say? Uhm... I have a Dreamworld Poochyena(Rattled), a Phione, or an Extreme Speed Dratini I'd be willing to give up for that Shiny Whimsicott. If any of those offers do not appeal to you, though, it's perfectly fine.
    #6 The iFlare, Jun 20, 2011
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  7. Umm, If It isn't gone, I'll take the Shiny Eevee or Gible, If you still have one of them. I have A Shinx,and I have the Musharna, with Telepathy. Sorry about the mistake...
  8. Hi, I have a dream world farfetch'd, if you're interested in it I would like the slowking ^^ or the bellosom.

    It is lv10, if you're interested pleas PM me.
    #8 dafg 猫君, Aug 16, 2011
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