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Open Zachary's Kanto adventure

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Berd, Jan 29, 2017.

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  2. Name: Nathan
    Original Region: Johto
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: white, black and white patterned pants, shirt, and fedora
    Starter: Vulpix
    Current Team: Vulpix, Eevee, Bellsprout
    Future Team: Ninetales, Vaporeon, Victrebel
    Goals: to be a Pokémon performer
  3. Name: Light
    Age: 14
    Original Region: Hoenn
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: My profile pic
    Starter: Ditto
    Current team: Ninetails,Ditto,Gastly
    Future team: Ninetails,Ditto,Hunter,and Pikachu
    Goals: to be a Gym Leader
  4. ( OOC, Both of you are in. )
  5. Name:Mike
    Original Region:Alola
    Appearance:Like the Profile Pic.
    Current team:Squirtle
    Future team:Blastoise and Gyarados
    Goals:Be the World Champion
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  6. Erm, Read the rules of this roleplay. You're not able to use pokemon that aren't in gen one.
  7. You uh. Didn't change the team..
  8. Alright, Thanks!
  9. (OOC do we start now)
  10. ( OOc yeah. )

    Zachary was walking around in the tall grass of Kanto, searching for wild pokemon.
  11. Mike left the boat that took him to Kanto. Mike looked at Pallet Town. A small town, few houses and a laboratory. Mike did not have a very good first impression, but he would have to stay there. '' It should not be too bad .. "Mike thought aloud. Mike left the ship, going to Oak's lab. '' Should you be Mike? '' Oak asks Mike '' Yes. '' Mike answers Oak '' Then pick a pokemon! ' 'Oak talks to Mike''Hum ... The Squirtle!' 'Mike says, picking up the pokeball.' 'Good luck, Mike!' 'Oak tells Mike, believing him to become a great coach. Mike left the lab , Looking at Pallet Town
  12. Light sat down on tbe ground to see some new pokemon "okay prof let's see what pokemon you got" he said looking at the pokeball's
  13. Zachary continued looking around for pokemon in the tall grass on route one, then decided to take a break and go to pallet town for some refreshments. He saw two pokemon trainers in the window of Oak's lab and decided to walk into the lab and introduce himself.
  14. Mike notices another person's presence. '' Oh, my pleasure, my name is Mike. '' Mike introduces himself to the new trainer. '' So, do you call yourself a Trainer? '' Mike asks the new Trainer '' So I want to see your pokemon! '' Mike asks the Trainer''I got the Squirtle! '' Mike says while playing the pokeball
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  15. " Hah, that's great! " Zachary said to the other trainer. " Truly i didn't get a starter pokemon from the professor, my mother gave me my father sandshrew. " Zachary said in a somewhat deep voice.
  16. '' Well ... Let's have a fight then! '' Mike said inviting Zachary. '' So, you're in? '' Mike invited Zachary again. Mike left the Lab, and had gone outside.
  17. ( I hope i am not to late)
    Name: Melissa
    Original Region: Kanto
    Age: 14
    Gender: female
    Appearance: Brown haired girl with brown eyes and a purple cape and purple pants and shirt
    Starter: charmander
    Current team: charmander, pikachu, bulbasaur
    Future team: Charizard, Pikachu, Ivysaur
    Goals: to become the champion
  18. (I dont wana be late for the rp!)
    Origanol Riegon:Hoenn
    Lookes like dirty blond hair, blue eyes, White skin,Orange shirt,Blue pants, And long socks also black sandels
    Curent team:Charmander,Pidgey, Weedle,Pikachu
    Futere team:Charizard,Pidgeot,Alakazam,Gengar,Raichu,Flareon
    Goal:To complete the pokedex
  19. ( @ Everybody. Were gonna need to delete this thread and start a new one. It has too many one- liners and there's no conversation to post RP names. Sorry about that :p )
  20. ( ok when will you make one?)
  21. ( right now :D )
  22. After u make the RP, put the link

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