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Zachary Odin Ira vs Tobias Aurelio - The Pyrokinetic vs The Geokinetic

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Toru, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. OoC: This is a private RP between me and Zacky by the way.

    Tobias stalked the dark city's night covered rooftops, his sword on his back and fists clenched; a determined look on his face. What he thought as his friendly rival, Zacky had challenged him to a fight. Zacky had always denied the fact they had a rivalry, but Tobias always accepted it. Whenever he though of challenging Zacky, the thoughts of when everyone would gather in the center of Pokecharms and Zacky would always kid round with him.

    *We all know who's the greatest swordsman around here, Tobias.*

    *Why fight with such a giant piece of metal, Tobias?*

    The first time Tobias heard that, he thought Zacky hated him. But then he would always grin, and say:

    "I'm only joking, you know."

    Tobias knew it was only to jest, but it would always tick him off. And now, those words were fueling his energy now. He shook with focus, now a grin appearing on his face as he stood on the highest skyscraper of the city, and waited for the flaming adult to appear.
  2. Zacky walked the streets, well; dancing would be a better word. He shake and shimmy that body of his to the tunes of Lady Gaga, psyching himself up for Tobias's and his fight. Zacky secretly always wanted to fight Tobias but he felt he would be an easy fight but lately, Tobias has been showing some promise and the seed of chaos and fighting in his soul grew and grew until Zacky couldn't get anything done, so he challenged him to a fight in the city to end the facade of this rivalry for good.

    Zacky walked down the streets, people looking at him with an awkward glance, he kinda stood out with his height of 6'0 and his long shaggy hair. Of course, the giant blade that was sheathed behind Zacky's waist totally didn't bring any attention to him what so ever. Zacky approached the tallest building in the city, the battlefield for Tobias and his battle.

    "SO, RIVAL OF MINE, WHO WILL MAKE THE FIRST CLASH OF THIS BEAT DOWN OF YOURS?" Zacky screamed smugly into the air with his arms stretched out while walking around in circles, waiting for his rival to appear.

    OOC: Bring it Toby >:3
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  3. OoC: Gladly, mi amigo~

    "WHO ELSE BUT ME, ZACKY!" Tobias jumped off the Skyscraper and dived straight at Zacky, his brown curly hair blowing back as he pulled his large sword out of it's holder mid air, and violently swinging it at Zacky as he approached him mid descent. This was it. His time to shine.
  4. Zacky yawned, the sight of Tobias diving towards him with his over-sized sword didn't intimidate him or excite him, it was just a show of his determination to win against him. He did note though, that he liked his style and grinned. He reached behind his waist, grabbing the hilt of Flammadeus. He unsheathed it fast, spinning it from his reverse grip into a standard grip and passed it to his left hand. He lifted the blade up and blocked Tobias's behemoth of a sword. The sheer force of the two blades colliding created a crater in the street. Zacky laughed sadistically into the night.

    "So, are you ready to feel the heat?" Zacky said sadistically, a murderous grin enveloping his face with his eyes showing pure battle lust. Zacky inhaled deeply, feeling the cool night air rush towards his lungs. The air ignited in the air sacs in his chest and the fires began to burn wildly, the heat grew and grew as the fires were growing more powerful. Zacky exhaled violently at Tobias, a giant fire jet rushing towards him.
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  5. The flames connected with Tobias. He leaped back, disconnecting his sword with Zacky's. His skin looked a tone darker than usual, mainly due to the fact he had turned himself into stone. The power of the blaze was intense, but Tobias could resist it. All that was left of Zacky's powerful flame were a couple of streams of smoke on the stone protection. The rock substance somehow dissolved into Tobias' skin, as he turned his skin back to normal. He held his sword in two hands connecting his ice cold eyes with the fire user.

    "Finally, I can show some resistance to that attack of yours! I can feel the excitement burning in my chest all ready! Hold on a moment-"

    He broke mid sentence to create a long rectangular and vertical cuboid out of Earth to rise out of the ground to lean on.

    "That's better. Anyway, were were we? Ah yes. Our fight."

    Tobias stood up straight, and echoed a roar across the city. He ran. As fast as he could towards Zacky, holding his sword in two hands, sending the Titanium blade slowly backwards, then swinging it horizontally with his right hand at Zacky's chest just as he ran into swinging range. He had gripped the handle of his blade just above the middle, to provide a free movement whilst still keeping control over his collosal weapon.

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