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Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Nexus

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Ry_Burst, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Yay. And I know, I made her design based of Ishizu. Lol.
  2. My characters are the only ones without KC duel disk. They have ArcV style. Huh.
  3. Yay! I'm special!
  4. Name: Yama Bill
    Age: 23
    Gender: male
    Favorite way to Duel: (Normal, tag, action, turbo, etc.) Action
    Appearance: wears a red scarf with a blue jacket, white shorts and white shoes
    Personality: is a bit crazy and easily frustrated.
    Signature Card: Ancient Gear Golem
    Deck Theme: (Optional): Ancient Gear
    Deck List; (Optional, but I recomend, if you put it, to have it under a spoiler.)
  5. Um, I Edited My Deck List, Is It Good Now?
  6. I feel like I should mentio this, because i didn't earlier. With people belonging to the unknown organization, they have to seem invincible. as in if we end up dueling them early on, then we lose. These guys are much better duelists at this point. Just keep that in mind. Beating them should probably not happen early on.
  7. I'm waiting for someone to post.
  8. I did. We're waiting for your duel, so we can move on to Round Two
  9. I finished my duel a while back. now we're waiting on Koopa and Mew
  10. Zenix is not in the tournament.
  11. Koopa finished a while ago
  12. Koopa's round was for round 1.
  13. Yeah. We've only had Round One matches so far. Round 2 will begin a little later
  14. @koopa000 You forgot to change Gogogo Giant to defense position.
  15. So for Round 2, we have Ryker, Yutaga, Yuba, Jacen, Sasha, Yama, ???, and ???. I'm assuming your guys people from the Unknown Organization are a part of the tournament. You know, to give them a more menacing entrance, by sweeping the competition in this Turbo Duel Tournament.
  16. Also who wants to fight my two guys. Any requests?
  17. Why don't you make the pairings Ry?
  18. Yeah, I just wanted to know if anyone wanted to duel anyone in particular. Any requests? Then if not, I have some pairings in mind. >:D
  19. Oh you devilish you. >:D
  20. Okay, so i'm gonna hit the sack, but first the pairings They will happen in this order

    1.) Sasha vs Yuba
    2.) Yugata vs Jacen
    3.) Ryker vs ???
    4.) ??? Vs Yama

    The winner of match one will fight the winner of match 2. Then the winner of 3 and 4 duke it out. Then the finals.
  21. Excuse me for the enormous delay on getting my deck posted, I finished it a moment ago.
    If you still have room for me I'd love to get into it, if not I understand.

    I don't think she will. She doesn't really have know-how of Duel Runners (I don't get the whole speed counter aspect of it, so that's why)
  22. So we're doing Arc-V style, where it's just the same, but on a motorcycle. Meaning there are no speed spells or speed counters. Also if you don't have a bike that's fine, and ou can just rent one, if you decide later to turbo duel. But anyways, dropping Turbo Duels, you are accepted.
  23. Oh, well if that speed counter mess isn't part of it then sure! I'm up for Turbo Duels! I'll just rent a bike, do I need some like appearance for turbo duel attire?
  24. It's more optional.
  25. Alright, great then I'm set to go! I'll get the first post up later today I think
  26. Also we have a Turbo Duel Tournament with people from the Unkown Organization in it.
  27. Um @koopa000, Lucky Iron Axe's effect only activates if destroyed by an effect, not if the equipped monster is destroyed by battle.
  28. Yeah, I was playing Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship 2011 and I saw the card in game, right before I read your post. I just kinda noticed it.
  29. since Cameraclops uses his ability by attacking does that mean he cant attack anymore?

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