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(Yu-gi-oh) It''s time to...

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Dinova, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. Be mature and not give this phrase more publicity than it already has.

    I've noticed over time that there are still several people here who still play children's card games. I'm starting this thread to see who still does and start a little interaction between duelists. So, What's your favorite deck or card/ what deck(s) do you use and why?

    My favorite deck is Dragunity. I love the fast and flexible playstyle they have. Also they can flood the field with powerful dragons, always a plus.

    Other decks I like to use are: Malefics, Elemental Heroes, Chaos Dragons, Hieratic Dragons, Harpies , Spellcasters, Jurracs, Blackwings, Utopia and Relinquished

    For those wishing to participate in duels, we now have a channel on chat! #YGO. Also you can download YGO pro at this link: http://www.ygopro.co/ to duel.
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  2. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Card games on motorcycles?
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  4. I've always loved Zombie decks. Being able to bring out heavy hitters with little-to-no effort is always nice. And it doesn't matter how often they get destroyed, I can just keep bringing them back >:D

    My personal deck I use is a huge amalgam of things, and can't really be classified into one specific type. The entire focus of the deck is to counter literally everything the opponent can throw, and they will lose Life Points for everything they try to do. So while it is somewhat burn-focused, it can also win through deck-out or by shutting down the opponent's Traps, Spells, and the ability to summon Monsters. Best part is: it doesn't take long to get going because it has a ton of draw power as well.

    Otherwise, I'm quite fond of Dragons, Spellcasters, and Fairies.

    And my absolute favorite card in the whole wide world is DARK MASTER - ZORC
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  5. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Until Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon got restricted to 1 per deck, I used to love the Hieratic deck. Nothing like dishing out about 11500 LP damage on your first go, right?

    Apart from that, I like a bunch of niche decks like Gem Warrior... And obviously I love my Six Spamurai.

    _Cyrus fail_
  7. SCREW THE MONEY I HAVE RULES...wait a minute

    Back on point, I don't really have set deck titles, as I really like to just either categorize decks by attributes or just monsters I like~

    However, I really like the build of the Dragon Lords deck. Felgrand Dragon, Darkblaze Dragon, The Creator, Decoy Dragon, all magnificent monsters, though my favorite dragon from the deck is Tyrant Dragon.

    Though... it's been a while since I actually dueled someone. I was feeling adventurous one night and brought a bunch of cards to a sleepover with my bros a month ago and we literally played Yugioh all night long. I lost every time </3 However I really do like the new XYZ monsters (THE CARDS LOOK SO FREAKING EPIC!). They're a bit harder to understand, but I'm starting to get it. On an unrelated note, I really wish I could get hands on an Ice Barrier deck.
  8. No homo-



    As a few people might know, I like to use a deck called the Jurrac Deck! (Thanks to Dinova for picking it out for me and actually building the damn thing)

    This deck mainly uses these fire-based, adorable little dinosaurs, and the main strategy behind this deck is to get as much power as possible.

    My favourite card... In terms of ability, is Jurrac Giganoto, but in terms of looks, it's a tie between Jurrac Meteor, and Jurrac Titano.

    I've already managed to beat someone with this deck, but for the sake of politeness, he shall be kept anonymous, and I came close to beating someone else before I had to leave midway through.

    This is all online-only, of course, seeing as A: I don't have money, and B: No-one in my area actually plays children's card games.
  9. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Ah jeez, I'm not actually that great with Yu-Gi-Oh! But I try. I run:

    Mokey Mokey
    Six Samurai
    Blue Eyes White Dragon

    and I've recently started just screwing with things to get a better feel for everything. I need to make a lot of progress but I enjoy what I play with! SixSam is my most recent favourite.
  10. Aw jeez my old man bones can't remember the last time I play yu-gi-oh, I wanna get back in the game man.

    Anyways I run a Gusto deck that I love and I plan on making a dragon deck next, hopefully it will work out better than the ones I've made before.
  11. Glad to see that there has been some interest here!

    I want pose this question to everyone, would there be any interest in a friendly tournament? There wouldn't be any real restrictions other than the standard banlist. Also using YGO pro, there would be many game modes for us to experiment with, even tag and turbo duels. Yup, we could play card games on motorcycles.
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  12. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    I would be happy to try this with my recent deck modifications!
  13. I haven't played in a while and never online, but I can give it a shot.
  14. This sounds good, most of the people I duel with locally refuse to use the actual rules because they've been dueling their way for too long (MST does not fucking negate!) and I usually have my ass handed to me on Dueling Network. It might be nice to try a different mode of dueling.
  15. Ah, yes. This is another advantage to YGO pro that you may want to look into. All rulings are automatic and mandatory, you'll never have the issue of made up rules.
  16. Thank the Egyptian Gods for that, aside from the the MST thing, I keep having to argue over the God card's invincibility. Obelisk can negate effects that target (major emphasis on target) him, and that is all, they are really not that hard to beat. Anyways, this YGO pro thing sounds awesome, thanks for the information.
  17. Glad to see a few people willing to compete! If we want to do this, we'll first have to decide on a format for the tournament. Assuming that we will be using YGO pro, the formats available for choice are:
    Single duel- 1 vs. 1, single duel
    Match- 1 vs. 1, best 2 of 3
    Tag- 2 vs. 2, single duel
    Turbo duel- 1 vs. 1 under speed world 2 rules, single duel

    These are the best duel styles for a tournament, what would be your favorite pick? Turbo seems like it would be great fun in my opinion
  18. I have no clue how to Turbo duel so that option is a no for me (unless someone is willing to teach me it) but for me it's Match.
  19. Turbo Dueling is fairly simple, it's just dueling under the rules of the field spell Speed World 2, it's not a physical card, it was just made for the anime (Yugioh Pro has it, luckily). Speed World 2 prevents the usage of any Spell cards except for Speed Spells, which can only be activated by use of Speed counters that Speed World 2 gains every Standby Phase. Speed World 2 can also remove different amounts of Speed Counters to activate it's other effects, 4 to deal 800 damage to your opponent, 7 to draw a card, and 10 to destroy a card on the field. If you want more information on it, I recommend watching Yugioh 5d's, particularly Season 2, which was when Speed World 2 was introduced.

    Personally, I'd go Tag or Turbo for a tournament, as they both change up the rules a good bit, which makes it interesting
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  20. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    I'll set to seeing what kinds of turbo deck I can carve out! Sounds pretty fun. I'd definitely be up for this method of duelling.
  21. So then, it seems like the most popular idea is a turbo duel tournament. To turbo duel, it is necessary for everyone to download YGO pro. If I can assume that everyone who has replied will be joining the tournament, I'll work up a bracket this weekend and we can arrange duels based on time zones from there.

    @pwb9870 : Don't worry, turbo dueling is very simple and easy to learn. I'd be happy to teach you if you feel the need.
  22. All this talk of tournaments made me completely forget to mention my own deck.

    My deck can best be described as pure YGO anime fanboyism. It's basically an attempt to combine older style Fusion Dragons (especially Blue-Eyes) with 5d's Synchro Dragons and newer Normal Dragons. I've been refining it for a while, so I'd like to think it works pretty well. Can't wait to see if the Turbo Duel version I made fairly recently works against more than just the AI.
  23. The pairings are now decided!

    The first matches are: Karu vs. Pheonix4545 and Dinova Vs. pwb9870.

    Please contact your opponent with a time that is convenient for the two of you to duel each other. Good luck to everyone!
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  24. The first two duels have concluded and our victors are:

    Karu vs. Pheonix4545: Pheoni4545 wins!

    Dinova vs. pwb9870: Dinova wins!

    The final duel is next! Contact me so we can schedule a time, Pheonix.
  25. Oh wow, I wish I had seen this earlier. I absolutely love Yu-Gi-Oh. As far as my favorite deck goes, I don't really use any pre-made decks or starter packs. I use a custom combination of cards that I keep on updating. Which, I admit, does get me quite a few losses in real life. The Yu-Gi-Oh Online Pro sounds amazing though, downloading it right now. My favorite card of my deck (if you count extra deck) would be Five-Headed Dragon, because just his design alone makes me love him, but his power is incredible.
  26. The final duel of the tournament has come to a close! The Destructive Dragon duelist, Pheonix4545, went up against yours truly in the final round.

    In a painfully close match, I managed a lucky break to claim victory! Thanks to everyone who participated and hopefully we can do this again!
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  27. Congratulations Dinova!
  28. The Destructive Dragon Duelist? I have to say I rather like that title. Either way, 'twas a good duel. Hopefully we can duel again some time, once I've had time to refine my deck a bit more.
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  29. Well, I think this thread has sat abandoned for long enough. I'm proposing a brand new tournament, only this time there would be no special rules, just the standard banlist. Other than that, use your favorite deck and duel!

    Like before, please express interest in the tournament here!
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  30. I'd love to join in! Just recently made a deck on the program. :)
  31. Consider me entered.

    In the words of the great Seto Kaiba, "If at first you don't succeed, blast it with your Blue-Eyes again!"
  32. Very wise, and also very coincidental because I just got my 'Blue-Eyes White Dragon Saga Deck' recently. Must say, it's got a pretty good build. I actually combined it with my custom deck, so uh... It might not be AS great, but the cards in the structure deck itself are very good. It also came with my first ever Synchro Monster (Kind of left Yu-Gi-Oh around Synchro, came back during Xyz).
  33. Actually, my deck is also based off of Saga of the Blue-Eyes. I ended up leaving Yu-Gi-Oh around the latter bit of GX (I can't stand Jaden) and came back around Zexal. As a result, I lost all of my old cards (Including my Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon), so I pre-ordered Saga of the Blue-Eyes and have been modifying and remaking it ever since.
  34. Oh wow... I actually lost my favorite cards, which my uncle gave me when I was a bit younger. (It was the 3 Egyptian God Cards) I got pretty angry after that, but I ended up finding a bunch of cards I thought were pretty good anyways. My custom deck isn't GREAT, but I haven't tried it out since putting in Blue-Eyes White Dragon and a bunch of other cards that came with it. Anyways, good luck rebuilding your deck!
  35. To be honest, the only cards I got really angry about losing were my Secret Rare Blue-Eyes Shining and my Japanese Crush Card Virus (In case you couldn't tell, I'm a wee bit of a Kaiba fan). The deck I have now is actually probably better than my original deck, since I've managed to get my hands on most of the cards I want for it. Sorry about your loss of the God Cards though, hopefully you and I can both find the cards we lost.
  36. Yeah, I got Ra back, still no findings of the other two. I did get some kind of evil(er) counterpart to Obelisk some time in the past. I only just recently pulled him out of my deck.
  37. Wait, do you mean the Demon God, Raviel, Lord of Phantasms, or something else? Cause I got Raviel a while ago since I was planning to also build a Fiend deck. (Which I still haven't gotten around to yet. Procrastination mode, activate!)

    By the way, just a question for anyone here, does nobody use T.G. monsters anymore? They're one of my favorites, but I haven't seen anybody use them online in forever.
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  38. If I have enough time I'd love to join again, and hopefully I can make a new deck I'm planning.
  39. Raviel! That's who it was! I was planning on building a fiend deck with him in it, but it turned into a Dragon deck... And I didn't pull him out until just recently. Also, I actually have no idea what a T.G. Monster is.
  40. I have a question for everyone, why is it that people keep saying that Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0 wasn't dubbed because it was too brutal/violent/whichever term you prefer? I've watched all of it several times, and there are a few episodes that would be difficult to censor, but there was nothing that wasn't in the other shows.

    Estew02: T.G. is an cyborg-themed archseries based around swarming the field using their monster effects and then Synchro Summoning. It also includes one of the only Level 12 Synchro monsters, T.G. Halberd Cannon. Apologies for the late response.

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