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Yu-gi-oh: Gold Series Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Captain Cardboard, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. I was about to suggest making one of these.
  2. Haha, beat you to the punch!
  3. We should probably put Deck Profiles here.
    I'm gonna go ahead and do that.
    Arthur's deck:
    Main Deck (60 cards)
    Monsters (32):
    2x Destiny HERO - Dogma
    1x Destiny HERO - Plasma
    1x Vision HERO Witch Raider
    3x Destiny HERO - Malicious
    2x Destiny HERO - Dasher
    1x Destiny HERO - Dynatag
    2x Destiny HERO - Celestial
    1x Destiny HERO - Decider
    1x Destiny HERO - Defender
    1x Destiny HERO - Diamond Dude
    3x Destiny HERO - Drilldark
    3x Destiny HERO - Dunker
    3x Destiny HERO - Fear Monger
    3x Vision HERO Vyon
    2x Destiny HERO - Doom Lord
    3x Destiny HERO - Dreamer
    Spells (17):
    2x Cyclone Blade
    3x Dark City
    2x D - Spirit
    3x Destiny Draw
    1x Over Destiny
    1x Foolish Burial
    2x Polymerization
    3x Shard Of Greed
    Traps (11):
    3x D - Fusion
    3x D - Chain
    2x D - Counter
    3x Destiny Signal

    Extra Deck (15 cards):
    1x Destiny End Dragoon
    2x Destiny HERO - Dusktopia
    3x Destiny HERO - Dystopia
    3x Vision HERO Trinity
    3x Vision HERO Adoration
    3x Destiny HERO - Dangerous
  4. Dahlia's Deck (43 cards)
    This list is pretty rough, and subject to change.

    The Tripper Mercury
    The Despair Uranus
    The Grand Jupiter
    The Big Saturn

    Spells (14):
    Emergency Provisions
    Enemy Controller
    Future Visions
    Lightning Vortex
    Mage Power
    Magic Planter
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Nightmare's Steelcage
    Pot of Greed
    Temple of Kings
    Double Snare
    Book of Moon

    Traps (25):
    Statue of Anguish Patten (x3)
    Abyss Stungray (x3)
    Booty Trap E
    Compulsory Evacuation Device
    Dimensional Reflector
    Embodiment of Apophis (x2)
    Five Brothers Explosion
    Impenetrable Attack
    Imperial Custom
    Krystal Avatat
    Metal Reflect Slime (x2)
    Swamp Mirrorer
    Tiki Curse (x2)
    Tiki Soul (x2)
    Zoma the Spirit (x2)
  5. OK, did I inflict damage with my Nova Kaiser, when you got punched in the gut?
  6. Thanks for leting me know.
    Deck (40 cards)
    Monster cards
    Sea Dragoons of draconia
    Nekroz of Trishula (rital monster)
    Artifact Vajra
    Lava Golem
    Fencing Fire Ferret
    Gogogo Goram
    Performapal Skullcrobat Joker
    Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
    Steel Cavalry of Dinon
    Obilisk the torrmentor

    Spell Cards:
    Smashing Ground
    Mystical Space Typhoon x2
    Enemy Controller
    Pot of Duality
    Fiend's Sanctuary
    Cursed Bamboo Sword
    Gold Sarcophagus
    Nekroz Cycle

    Trap cards:
    Statue of Anguish Pattern
    Compulsory Evacuation Device
    Torrential Tribute
    The Phantom Knight of Lost Vambrace
    Wall of Disruption
    Dimensional Prison
    Soul Strike
    The Phantom Knights of Wrong Magnetring
    Abyss Stungray
    Last Minute Cancel
    Bad Aim
    Break Away
  7. Yeah, as far as I could tell. Her life points got knocked down to 700, not 900. Also, did Dahlia inflict damage when The Despair Uranus attacked your Nova Kaiser?
  8. My monsters ATK was 3100 and yours was 3800.
  9. Yeah, my monster's attack was higher.
  10. So even though Nova couldn't be destroyed, Zak still would have taken damage.
  11. I destroyed it with dark hole though
  12. Wait, hold on. Nova Kaiser's attack was 2500 when The Despair Uranus attacked it, not 3100.
  13. Yes, you did. But that was during Zak's turn. During Dahlia's turn, she attacked. You can't activate normal spells during your opponent's turn.
  14. oh ok so I took how much damage?
  15. From my calculations, our current life point totals are:

    Zak: 1300
    Dahlia: 700
  16. Come on respond, I want to know if I won or not?
  17. Really, Zak you know I am better then you (no offencise) still you could win.
  18. Shadow, a few things about last post
    I only had 1 monster and 1 facedown, so you couldn't summon Lava Golem
    Also, Dogma doesn't turn to Defense position, it's Dasher that does that. Different monster.
  19. Lava Golem's effect, I have to summon to your field by sacrificing your monsters
    And you forgot about Sea dragoons of draconaia
  20. Yes but it has to sacrifice two, I only have 1

    Also Dogma's effect isn't an attack, it just halfs your LP. Raincoat can still save you though because it can negate effect damage.
  21. Okay so forget about Lava golem, but I also have another monster face down, check my posts
  22. Yeah I know, it doesn't matter though

    Dogma's effect just deals damage to you

    I never attacked the monster or anything
  23. No Rain Goats effect activates from the hand not the field, the monster face down is a diffrent monster.
  24. Sorry, I thought you had two monsters on the field.
  25. Okay, just asking, what other than Obelisk do you currently have on the field? I can't remember if you have any facedowns still.
  26. So, hey, I'm kinda confused. This is taking place in a Battle City tournament, right? Like, I know that it isn't the same Tournament with Marik or the Rare Hunters, but a few details would be nice.

    Also, no offense @Shinx_Shades but when Dahlia dueled Zak, there were a ton of errors. Not that it wasn't a good duel, I had a lot of fun writing it and stuff! It's just that I always try to keep the number of cards a character is able to use in my head, so my characters can't make impossible moves (like playing four cards from their hand one turn when they should only have three).
    Here were a few errors I noticed:
    Performapal Longphone Bull's effect allows him to add a Performapal from the deck to the hand, not special summon a monster from your hand (like Zak did with Cyber Dragon).
    Cyber Dragon Nova allows you to special summon a machine monster from your extra deck when it's sent to the grave by an opponent's card effect, not by battle.
    When Zak summoned Battling Boxer Nova Kaiser for the second time, you didn't explain how Zak got Red Gadget on the field, because Zak had already used up his normal summon on Green Gadget.

    Please don't think I'm bashing you or anything. You're a pretty good RPer, and I've been having a lot of fun with this RP,so far. I'm just trying to help people become the best RPers they can be!
  27. ! have 2 face down cards in my spell/trap zone, plus oblisk can only be destroyed by battle.
  28. Funnily enough neither of us has actually taken damage yet.
  29. By the way, I have a Field Spell, 2 monsters, Drilldark and Monger, in attack position, and 3 facedowns
  30. Kay, thanks for leting me know
  31. Sorry but Zak won't be with us anymore. sorry
  32. Extra Deck: 1
    Decode Talker

    Main Deck: 60
    Cynet universe
    Nekroz of Trishula
    Bad Aim
    Cyber Larva
    Enemy Controller
    Sea Dragoons of Draconia
    Nekroz Cycle
    Nekroz of Catastor
    Statue of Anguish Pattern
    Mystical Space Typhoon x2
    The Phantom Knights of lost vambrace
    Monster Riencarnation
    Effect Veiler
    Mashmallon x2
    Bottomless Trap Hole
    Dark Bribe
    Supply Squad
    Abyss Stungray
    Fencing Fire Ferret
    Gogogo Goram
    Gold Sarcophagus
    Link Slayer
    Dimensional Prison
    Swift Scarecrow
    Dark Hole
    Cyber Dragon
    Evilswarm Mandragora
    Battle Fader
    Ring of Destruction
    Pot of Duality x2
    Phantom Knights Sword
    The Phantom Knights of Shadow Veil
    Burden of the Mighty
    Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
    Soul Strike
    Fiendish Chain
    Steel Cavalry of the Dinon
    The Phantom Knights of Wrong Magnetring
    Smashing Ground
    Compulsory Evacuation device x2
    Book of Moon
    Mirror Force
    United We Stand
    Call of the Haunted
    Jar of Avarice
    Beast king Barbaros
    Marauding Captain
    Lava Golem
  33. Okay, cool. Here's the plot. It's been a few years since the first Battle City tournament. Now, they be havin another. Same rules as last time, wagering a rare card in an ante and trying to collect locator cards. Once a duelist has collected six, the location of the finals will be shown and they can proceed, blah blah blah. However! There have been rumors of duelists falling into comas, just like in the first battle city tournament... And no one knows why... So y'all better be careful...

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