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Open Yu-Gi-Oh: Game of Masks (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Pro Hero Dekiru, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. In IRL, I use a Cyberverse and World Chalice deck.
  2. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.


    On another note, is anybody going to reply?
  3. Replay XD and I’ll respond
  4. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    already got it covered
  5. I'm working on that right now. Don't worry about it.
    Also, just to say, if you have any questions about my deck, all the card names are links. Just click on them and it takes you to a page about them.
  6. I challenge you glaceon
  7. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Just saying this her Dinomist will crush you
  8. Well, my oc is gonna be sitting by the battle right now, kinda a little distance away. If you want, your oc can walk by him and challenge him to a duel.
  9. That actually kinda makes me happy
  10. I have made my post @Kuroyx6 make your challenge.
  11. Cool. I made Dahlia's deck online, and Tracy's deck in an app. In irl I use Madolches, Toons, and Charmers. I'm also trying to make an F.A. deck.
  12. I’m a idiot because I forgot to edit my text and put fuse my boom sharks and create bahamut shark......and I also realize that if I fused them together I could create no. 47: nightmare shark, which I would have to give it a Xyz Material and I could use it his effect 3 times
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  13. You could have, if the effect happened on your turn and chose the right dinomist to attack. Or I could have just used a pendulum effect and your monster couldn't do any damage and used Dinomist Ankylos to attack and banish your monster.
  14. I could have activated his nightmare sharks effect and your monster would be able to attack at all, or I could just not attack and use my umi field spell to give bahamut shark 2800 attack (but I had to be stupid and I forgot what I was doing)
  15. My monsters could attack. They are uneffected by trap and card effects until the end of the turns battle phase, and the 2800 attack matches my monsters attack. You would have had to sacrifice it to ever attack me, and I could always pendulum summon it back from the extra deck.
  16. And even so, Dinomist Ankylos banishs any monster it battles.
  17. Yeah, but it’s your battle phase when the field spell works Nightmare Shark makes the affects not work for your monster to attack not being able to attack at all, not only that I can choose him to direct attack you three times because I have to give him another Xyz Material and yeah I would sacrifice it and I would summon hammer head to summon another boom shark and fuse them to create shark Drake (I don’t like this card, it’s retarded when you look at it) and chaos summon and become a Barian like I am
  18. You couldn't have given hi another xyz material. You only had 2 monsters on the field. And even so, three 2800 wouldn't kill me, and i could kill you easy next turn using my monster's effects.
  19. Heheheh I agree there’s only one way I would win, Nightmare Shark when it’s summon I can give it a Xyz Material from MY HAND and direct attack you 3 times because I have 3 Xyz Material, And i just looked at chaos Shark Drake Veiss, he’s overpowered
  20. And the moment you destroy ANY of my Dinomists, my continuous trap would activate. Take a look at that. And I could always go into my extra deck and grab something from there.
  21. That’s true, so nightmare shark is my only answer after all crap
  22. I thought of something, what if I used my umi spell card and also did all the stuff to summon number 32 and i end my turn giving it an attack of 3000 and defense of 2100?
  23. That would work well, while leaving yourself without much for your opponent to do. New strat, but requires some set up.
  24. True, I’m thinking about that now
  25. I got it, if I summon hammer shark the next turn, I can summon another boom shark (because I have 3) fuse them and get bahamut Shark and than i chaos summon and get shark Drake Veiss and use it’s ablity to make your monsters attack and defense 0 and in the battle phase I use bahamut to attack your monster, of course it would get banished but your monster would be destroyed and you would take 2800 life points of damage, and then I attack with my Shark Drake Veiss and you would take 3000 damage ending the game or since there’s a continuous trap, only one of my monsters are dead but I can revive it with monster reborn, but I’ll also have no Xyz Material hmmmmmm.......but wait that’s after so it wouldn’t be much help for that one turn.
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  26. Dinomists are hard to counter. Also, were you using a randomized draw for your first 5 cards? Because I did.
  27. Yeah I did, if I didn’t I wouldn’t have spear shark in it and the other hammer shark wouldn’t help
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  28. Hey, mind if I take the millennium necklace?
  29. Bro, I don't think your character even needs the Millennium Necklace XD

    I was planning on my character getting it, but sure. Dahlia isn't the type to use future looking abyway.

    Hey, G.K, is it okay if Dahlia gets the Millennium Scale instead?
  30. Millennium Necklace: Dark version of yourself
    Millennium Scale: (forgot what it does)
    Barian: some weird magical dudes, who have powerful cards

    Where’s the story line to all this
  31. Um... Pretty sure Millennium Necklace allows you to see the future. The Millennium Ring is worn as a necklace. And it doesn't create an evil version of yourself. It's like the Millennium Puzzle, but instead of holding the Phaoroh Atem, it holds the evil Thief King Bakura.
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  32. Ok that makes sense, does that G.K. is the new yugi muto?
  33. And I know about the Millennium items and Barians, it's my character that doesn't.
  34. Ik, I think I like your character the most out of everyone else’s
  35. Thanks!

    From what I can remember about the Millennium Scale, it's got something to do with judging souls or something. Maybe not the best choice actually. It's very good at making Shadow Games.
  36. Ah, thee old shadow games, where they trap you in a shadow dimension and if you lose the duel, you lose your soul
  37. Naw, more like in the manga where "if your lies weigh more than a feather your soul gets eaten by my Egyptian Underworld monster and you die" shadow games. But yeah, probably not that. Dahlia's Shadow Games would be more like "if you cheat bad things will happen to you"
  38. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh......ummmmmmmmm......welp I’m screwed if I Battle you, that is if have powers counts as a cheat?
  39. And the reason why nothing fazes me in the roleplay was because my mentor is Jaden Yuki

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