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Ask to Join Yu-Gi-Oh: Crimson Chronicles

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by MegaloX, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Intro: Welcome to Crimson Veil City, one of the most technologically advanced cities in the entire country. All of your characters are aspiring to be students students at Crimson Academy, a duel school made to turn chumps into champions. You are taking an entrance exam upon joining to see if you are able to get into one of the main summoning classes, or simply a general studies course (No Major). They have 5 main courses to choose from that correspond to five major summoning methods [XYZ, Synchro, Fusion, Link, Ritual] as well as various other classes you can take to further your dueling skills like [Pendulum Summoning] class. The more you learn the stronger you get and the better your character becomes at the game.

    However, be wary of the evil forces that have their eyes on Crimson Veil. The dastardly group known simply as "Unbound" is threatening to destroy everything that the city stands for. Will your duelists rise to the challenge and put an end to Unbound's plans? Maybe everyone might not see things eye to eye when it comes to Unbound's ideals? Will you fight the evil, or join in Unbound's fight for destruction, or maybe even go your own way doing as you please? The fate of Crimson Veil rests in the hands of the duelists so who knows what could happen?

    Only one way to find out.....It's time to Duel!

    Rules: Alright so uh...this is my first time starting an Rp I think. To stress the matter even more, it's an Rp about Yu-Gi-Oh, so ya know that's pretty cool. Now these duels can get out of hand and lengthy when it comes to the Rp bit and the spacial reasoning can get out of hand when trying to follow what's going on in duels.

    So in an attempt to make it simpler I tried to come up with a little solution. If you're gonna duel someone you can make your little introductory posts of you two like..getting ready to duel and stuff. After that I'll simply roll a [2d6] (basically two dice) for each of you to see who wins. Highest roll is the winner.

    The winner of the roll is the winner in the Rp. So at this point you don't have to go back and retrace every move you made in the game to the Rp, but you can do like a finishing move on the loser of the battle.

    Now throughout the story there won't just be PvP duels, but also duels against NPCs from a school maybe, or even dark figures who seek to destroy you. I also take care of these rolls when it comes to dueling the NPCs. Some of these figures may be stronger than you in which case they may get an advantage or you may get a disadvantage on your roll based on various things throughout the story.

    The only reason the duels are decided by dice rolls is so that I could modify them based on the story. For example, a villain that may not be strong enough to be beaten yet may get a whole extra die to roll, whereas your character may be under some influence or activated a special power and may get extra dice to roll as well.

    However, these conditions are all up to MY judgement and I'll adjust them how I see fit.

    We'll move throughout the story I guess, doing story stuffs and I know we'll have fun along the way. I think for the majority of the beginning of the Rp I'll just be acting as the GM so I can evaluate how many system works. I may join in as a character later, but that's to be determined. So with all of that, I'll just leave the template here for you guys.

    Name: (First and Last)
    Age: (14-16)
    General Appearance:
    Personality Description:
    Major: [XYZ, Synchro, Fusion, Link, Ritual] (I consider Pendulum as more of a supporting summoning method. So there will be some who start with the ability and some who won't. All up to the dice though. You'll be informed by the time you're accepted.)
    Favorite Monster: (Has to correspond to your summoning major. Think of it like your boss monster. You need at least 4 of these because your monster will evolve as you become stronger so don't pick one that's too strong when you start.)
    Duel Skills & Character Traits: (Determination, Intelligence, Agility, Healing, Stealth Luck) (Select all of these six skills and traits in your preferred order. This will determine your stat layout upon starting the game)

    Posting: So I'll try and keep this simple as well. Due to the fact that this is an Rp with a whole statistical system and whatnot, it is imperative that I'm able to keep up with the stats and what people are doing so that I can give them their respective upgrades and such. I'm sure we can all respect that since it is after all...YOUR character that is going to be receiving a bonus from me.

    There will be two types of posts that I will be making. The first one being a general Rp interaction post in which I may be taking the action of an NPC to interact with your characters whether it be a friendly citizen, a teacher, or an enemy. I'll try to get around to everyone with these and wrap up some plot events before I post a GM Statement and move the story along as explained below.

    The second is a GM Statement in which I go over the situation of the Rp and basically move the plot along. I also give you all your bonuses and upgrades here as explained in the paragraph below this one.

    So to make sure that you all can get your stat bonuses and improve as characters I'm going to ask that each person only make 1-2 posts per round. A round would basically start after I make a GM statement post. This is where I'll assess everyone's situation and give them encounters, bonuses, etc.

    Meanwhile, you guys will also be making two different types of posts.

    The first one will be your simple regular Rp posts. Ones that u make all the time. These are just simply for exactly what they've been for. You Rp with them.

    Your second type of post will come as a response to either a decision that I've given your character, or an action that your character takes such as looting a card. These posts are only different from the first in the sense that your decision or action, whatever it is, goes in Brackets [Example] at the end of your post.

    As for the rolls for dueling, those will be in the discussion so that way we don't clog up the Rp thread and make the mods angry. Any questions feel free to hit my @ on the discussion thread.

    The Game: Oh lord we finally made it here. Hope you're still with me, I know this is a lot to read but that's because I want this to be fun. So buckle up because there's a ton more to read, but its all fun from here. This portion of the "Manual" is where I tell you some things about how the game is played so that you're not so confused as you go on through your journey.

    Almost everything in this section is controlled by me, with the exception of a few things. However, you still need to know some of it like I said, because there are some things in here that apply to you and your character as well. Mainly things about Dueling and Escaping Combat, and your basic statistics of course are all essential to your Role Play experience.

    Health: Pretty plain and simple. This is where you take damage from. It starts at 100%. If it falls to 0% then your character dies. This influences the [Healing] action. Having low health can make it harder to heal and harder to duel so be careful when you start taking damage.

    Character Level:
    • Level up by gaining skill points.
    • Increases every 10 total points. (Max Lvl 10)

    • Helps give battle bonus and evolve boss monster (Evolve at lvl 3, 6, and 10)
    Duel Skills:
    • Determination (Advantages for 1v1 Duels. [+ Values]) (Levels up by winning 1v1 duels) (Max 21) (Every 3)

    • Intelligence (Disadvantages for all opponents [- Values]) (Levels up by winning [Team Battles] & [Battle Royales]) (Max 21) (Every 3)

    • Agility (Helps you find [Action Cards] in a duel) (Helps [Retreat]) (Levels up by finding [Action Cards]) (Max 21) (Every 3)
    Character Traits:
    • Healing (Helps you heal more damage) (Levels up by healing damage) (Max 21) (Every 3 points helps chance to heal) (Every 5 increases value healed)

    • Stealth (Helps you avoid [Sneak Attacks]) (Level up by avoiding [Sneak Attacks]) (Max lvl: 21) (Every 3)

    • Luck (Helps avoid [Negative effects]) (Increases card [Looting] rates) (Helps [Retreat]) (Decreases enemy numbers) (Levels up by collecting enemy cards and avoiding negative effects) (Max 21) (Every 5 helps [Retreat], Enemy Decrease,

    Summoning Major: Every character and everyone you encounter in the world with the rank of [Specialist] and above will have a summoning major. It will of course either be [XYZ,Synchro,Fusion,Link] and sometimes the character or villain may also have access to [Pendulum Summon] as well. However, the ability to [Pendulum Summon] will be determined by dice roll so that way it’s fairly distributed.

    Summoning Major Mastery: As you’ve already seen I’ve told you to select a boss monster and to select the [Summoning Major] you wish to enter in upon passing the [Entrance Exam]. This is because you have to start mastering your skills so to speak. The boss monster you chose must be correspondent to the [Summoning Major] that you wish to enter in to. Upon successfully completing the exam you will have 1 card in whatever major you selected. This monster of course, is the boss monster that you picked on your application. Now for the fun part. Now that you have a card in the mastery it becomes level 1 (Ex. Fusion Mastery Level 1). Once you obtain 5 total cards in the mastery it becomes level 2. How do I get cards you may ask? It will be explained in [Looting]. This also allows you to potentially learn other summoning methods as well and expand your dueling skill set. So go out there and collect some cards.
    • Pendulum Counters: These are a bit different. Now this part is null and void for those who start the game with [Pendulum Summon]. However, for those of you who don’t start with it there is still a way to get it. Your enemies have a chance to know how to [Pendulum Summon]. Defeating an enemy with this ability will grant you a Pendulum Token. Once you’ve obtained 10 Pendulum Tokens you will gain the ability [Pendulum Summon]

    Duels can have difficulty modifiers. Add extra dice if necessary to keep up with character progression. Every Duel each player performs an [Action Card] dice roll.

    Team Battles: These are battles in which the opposing sides have an equal number of duelists. PvP Team Battles will be up to the players if they want to make them a 2v2 or not. However, PvE Team battles are different. Say you’re alone and two enemies gang up on you. In your introductory post you are allowed to request your teammate’s help. If they accept then they also make a post and the duel starts, if not, then uh...good luck.

    In a team battle, simply add the dice rolls of the two teams. The highest rolling team wins the duel and both winners will make a post finishing off one of the enemies. However when it comes to card capturing, the highest rolling member on the winning team picks first, then second, and so on.

    Battle Royale: This battle takes place when there is not an even number of players on each side. This works almost the same way as a team battle when it comes to the introduction. Like before, when it’s PvP it’s up to the players. However, same situation as before comes back and you’re suddenly being ganged up on by two enemies. This time your teammate isn’t here to help so you fight alone. All three duelists would perform their dice rolls. The highest rolling player would then pick other duelists to eliminate from the duel, subtracting 1 from their final dice roll for every other player defeated until your roll equals the second highest player’s roll, then it’s their turn to do the same thing. If you knock everyone else out then you win. However, if you leave an enemy alive then you might be defeated if it gets to be their turn to pick so choose carefully because order does matter.

    Duel Conclusions: Something happens whether you win or lose a PvP or PvE Duel
    • Looting: Now looting mainly happens after winning a PvE duel. After defeating a Specialist/Dual Specialist/Triple Specialist, then you’re able to have the chance to obtain their boss card which can help you increase your mastery. It’s easy when it’s a 1v1 duel in the sense that if you win and they drop a card then you get it. However, in a team battle that was 2v2. Maybe only one of the enemies dropped their card. Your team still won, but maybe your teammate rolled higher than you in his or her battle roll which would mean that he or she would get the card instead. Now as it is also stated in the Rp Discussion, not every character is required to be a good guy. What if you happen to feel like taking another player’s cards? Well almost the same thing has to happen. First of all, you have to win the duel against them. At that point you can decide to loot them or not, which I’ll ask you in the discussion thread after that battle were to conclude. You would then choose to loot them or not at which point I would do the dice rolls and you would have a chance to take their cards. Now keep in mind that some PvP matches will be exempt from looting (Ex. Tournament Battles).
    • Negative Effects: These take place when you are defeated in a duel. If you lose a duel then you’ll be informed in the discussion thread. At that point I would roll dice to see if you will be receiving any [Negative Effects]. If yes, then I would roll to receive what the penalty is. It’s different based on the enemy you lost to, and it even varies from there. Things like damage to your health, electric shocks, having your cards stolen, and even being turned into a card (essentially death). However, if I roll that you don’t receive a consequence at all then you don’t have anything to worry about. Regardless of the consequence, you have some choices in your next post. You may want to stand back up and fight again, or maybe a teammate has arrived and you’d like to fight together, or maybe you’ve realized that you can’t win and want to attempt a [Retreat] to escape danger. The choice you make will be displayed in your post after the enemy duelist would make their “winners” post for beating you.
    • Retreat: So at this point you’ve lost the duel and maybe you suffered the [Negative Effect] or maybe you were lucky and didn’t have one. Either way, you’ve now realized that you cannot win against this opponent and are attempting to run away to save yourself from imminent danger like losing your cards or death. At this point I would perform a dice roll of [1d6] for you to see if you escape. The roll will be something like, roll a 5 or 6 to escape, but these numbers can be influenced by things like, your [Agility] and [Luck] as well as modifiers that the villains have as well depending on their rank and certain conditions.
    Healing: This is another very important aspect of the game considering the fact that some of the Unbound members that you encounter don’t play so nice all the time. I’ll roll a [2d6] healing roll for your character each time they are not in combat for two turns. This roll is to see whether your character heals or not. It is directly affected by your [Healing] trait, and it’s also affected by how damaged you already are. Your character heals a base value of 5% damage, and this value is also affected by your [Health] trait.

    Final Notes: Now hopefully I’ve covered everything. I know I probably left something out and I’ll remember it later and then go back and add it, but for now I think that’s it. Unless it was something I left out on purpose cause then I'll keep it out cause it's for me to know and you to find out lol. So if you’ve read this far then you’re exactly the type of person I need for this Rp. This is more of a mature thing and I need experienced Rpers who can follow the rules and play the game along with me. Just know that the game is not easy and you may not get everything you want. Also know that I’m not a wuss GM and I’m NOT afraid to kill off your characters, and very quickly at that. So I really can’t stress enough that you make smart decisions. Maybe trying to play hero isn’t such a good thing to do at that particular moment, but in the end it’s all up to you. You are the character after all. So if you want to go and do something really dumb then I mean..go ahead. Not gonna hurt me any xD.
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  2. So... Let me see if I can get this straight, here are a few comments and questions for each part of this..,

    The story portion is about the rpers being a group of students in a Duel Academy with four main majors, Link, Xyzs, Synchro, and Fusion. And there's a mysterious group out there trying to destroy the world or city or something. Correct? Also, does this mean that characters with decks that don't use an extra deck can't attend the academy? Also, what about Ritual monsters?

    The duels themselves will be decided by a dice roll, instead of actually playing out.

    Health: okay, so our characters might actually die (or, in the 4Kidz version, be sent to the shadow realm).

    Character Level: How do we obtain skill points?

    Duel Skills and Character traits: So... Do we choose one from each for our character?

    Summoning Major Mastery: What happens when our boss monster becomes level two? Is it just like, Gatling Dragon LV2 or something?

    Final notes (from me): This seems more like a dungeon crawler then a yugioh rp, which is something I haven't seen before. Count me interested.
  3. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Well first of all, thanks for reading everything and I'm really glad you put together some questions for me to answer. I'll just go in order then.

    For the story that's basically about correct. Idk I guess I could include ritual. It's not like it would throw a wrench in anything. It would just be more options for the players and more enemy options of course. So I'll add them, good catch.

    Yes the duels are determined by dice roll. I thought about using YGO Pro, the simulator, but it would make the Roleplay move too slow if I had to be on here 24/7 fighting people as all the NPC's. So I made a dice roll system with modifiers and stats.

    Character Level: Your skill points are the points that are in all of your 3 Duel Skills and Character Traits combined. (Ex. If you have 3 points in all 6 categories then you have 18 total skill points and your character is basically almost level 2)

    And yes your character might actually die. Always loved Yu-Gi-Oh having a dark side lol . They can be turned into cards which is dying, or they can just die. It all depends really.

    For the skills and traits, your characters will have all of these. However I'm asking that you pick an order for your skill points to be slanted towards. (Ex. Picking Determination first will prioritize your skill points there first and so on in the order that you picked the other 5) and this only really matters for starting the game seeing how after you start you'll be able to work towards increasing whatever skills and or traits that you'd like.

    For the summoning major mastery it's less about your monster and more like, how experienced you are with that kind of deck. (Ex. Fusion Mastery Level 3) means you're very skilled when it comes to using a fusion deck, and you would receive a bonus that reflects that skill. The part about monster evolution is more at your [Character Level].
    And not like Gatling Dragon Lvl 2. Say for instance that I start and my monster is Hi-Speedroid Puzzle. At lvl 3 my new boss monster could be Clear Wing Synchro Dragon. Then Clear Wing Fast Dragon. Then my final monster would be Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon. Something like that. Less of directly evolving it rather than simply picking a new stronger monster to represent your deck.

    And as for the final notes, idk I was trying to go for Yu-Gi-Oh! but like I said it's my first time starting an Rp on the site xD. However, I'm really glad that you're interested and I hope this answers your questions.
  4. Okay, last question. What about characters with decks that don't use the extra deck, e.g. Monarchs or Toons? Can they go to the academy as well?
  5. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    I mean I guess I'd still allow someone to play the game like that granted that they passed the entrance exam. Just instead of naming a major on your character app, just put like..."No Major" or something like that. So then when you pass you'll be good to go. I mean I won't stop people from doing that. It just means that they'll have to collect more cards than everyone else since they put themselves behind.
  6. I think I'd be interested, if this isn't the right place to ask a question let me know, I guess I have a question about the deck I would be using, It'd be relatively counter fairy based, with Sacred Arch-Airknight Parshath being the boss, but if it also included Helios and agents, would that mean the deck is overqualified in boss monsters or would I need to pick one or the other? Also on the topic I know there is a synchro Parshath monster (I've never actually used it so don't know much about it) but would I need to throw him in the deck just to say my character has a major? I think that about wraps up all the questions.
  7. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Alright so to answer your questions here, your deck isn't overqualified with boss monsters so you're good there. However, I looked at both your boss monster as well as the Synchro monster. I'd say that your original boss monster would be a bit later in your evolution line. I stated earlier to not pick a boss that's too strong cause you need room for growth as you level up. However, I looked at both the Synchro monster and Sacred Arch-Airknight Parshath. The one you selected is definitely stronger than the Synchro monster, but at the same time I feel like the Synchro monster would probably be a 2nd or 3rd boss monster.

    If there is a boss monster stronger than Sacred Arch-Airknight Parshath that you could find then that would be great. That way you could use him as your final monster, then you can use Sacred Arch-Airknight Parshath third. Use the Synchro monster second, and then find something first.

    As for your course, I'd just say enter the Synchro major and your first monster something, anything idk. Then make the second one the Synchro Monster, then for the third you can do either Sacred Arch-Airknight Parshath or something else you choose, and then the fourth either something stronger than Sacred Arch-Airknight Parshath or it, itself. Your choice ultimately, just your local friendly GM tossing suggestions your way lol.
  8. Alright... I think I got it, so here's me two characters. Let me know if I messed up on anything.

    Diana Iranov
    Age: 15
    General Appearance: Diana wears an orange blazer and black boots. She has long, black hair that goes halfway down her back, and blue eyes. Diana's duel disk is colored black and orange. She's slightly shorter than average.
    Personality Description: Always wearing a smile, Diana enjoys playing Duel Monsters very much. She plays with honor, and keeps that honor at all costs. If someone isn't dueling what Diana considers honorably, it will make her angry.
    Major: Fusion
    Boss Monster Evolution Chain:
    Level 1: XY- Dragon Cannon, YZ- Dragon Tank, XZ- Tank Cannon, VW- Tiger Catapult
    Level 2: XYZ- Dragon Cannon, ABC- Dragon Buster
    Level 3: VWXYZ- Dragon Catapult Cannon
    Level 3: A-to-Z Dragon Buster Cannon
    Duel Skills & Character Traits:
    Determination, Healing, Intelligence, Agility, Luck, Stealth.

    Name: Chance Bell
    Age: 15
    General Appearance: Chance wears sunglasses and leather jacket. He always carries a pack of normal playing cards and a half dollar in his pocket. Chance has dyed red hair, and brown eyes. Wears tennis shoes.
    Personality Description: Chance is what one may call a Gambler in the making. He runs a self-proclaimed Gamer deck, one revolved around chance, coin tosses, and dice rolls, along with cards such as Reasoning, Ante, Transmission Gear and Question. He loves the risk and gamble of coin flips and dice rolls, as well as playing any game. Although he'll play a little dirty (such as trying to distract or mislead an opponent), he wouldn't go as far as to full on cheat.
    Major: No major
    Boss Monster Evolution Chain:
    Level 1: Barrel Dragon
    Level 2: Gatling Dragon
    Level 3: Desperado Barrel Dragon
    Level 4: Dark Master- Zorc
    Duel Skills & Character Traits:
    Luck, Agility, Stealth, Determination, Intellegence, Healing.
  9. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Alright gimme a minute to look them both over and set up your initial stats and such. Then I'll Pm you with information that you need to know as well as your character sheet. Thanks for making two characters btw, didn't expect that xD
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  10. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Pmed you about Diana.

    At first I was confused when I saw that Chance had mixed monsters and such, but honestly I was overthinking it. If he doesn't have a major then it shouldn't matter so I'll have his stuff Pmed to you as well here in a few minutes.
  11. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    and there's a Pm about chance as well so both of your characters are all set.
  12. Alrighty, looks pretty cool!
  13. Name: Donald Jameson
    Age: 16
    General Appearance: Donald has black hair with white streaks in It. He wears black ripped jeans with a purple shirt and black vans. His duel disk is black and purple.
    Personality Description: Donald is often viewed as the strong willed one not giving up until he wins. He can sometimes come off as cold to strangers.
    Major: Synchro
    Favorite Monster:
    Level 1: Synchro Fusionist
    Level 2: Flamvell Magician
    Level 3: Explosive Magician
    Lecel 4: Supreme Arcanite Magician
    Duel Skills & Character Traits:
    Determination, Luck, Intelligence, Stealth, Agility, Healing
  14. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    I think I might keep this tight. So between your character and the two that the other guy has I think I'll start it off soon. Things will be interesting but with three characters I can keep things moving faster which will be more fun for everyone. That being said, gimme a few minutes and I'll hit you with your stats in a Pm, then I guess I'll get to work on the original thread.
  15. Name: (First and Last)Jack Ester
    Age: (14-16)15
    General Appearance:A pale boy with gray hair and green eyes. he wears pants, red hoodie,And blue sneakers
    Personality Description:a quiet person and also lonely but he is intelligent and dependable.
    Major: [XYZ, Synchro, Fusion, Link, Ritual] Fusion
    Favorite Monster:
    Lvl 1: Chimeratech Rampage Dragon
    Lvl 2: Tyrant Burst Dragon
    Lvl 3: Amulet Dragon
    Lvl 4: Cyber Twin Dragon
    Duel Skills & Character Traits:Intelligence,Healing,Agility,Determination,Stealth luck
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  16. @Blake Star I really like That music you put in! Reminds me a lot of GX.
  17. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Thanks I appreciate that XD I was kinda going for a GX feel so that's good to hear really.

    and @VolcanoPheonix lemme get you fixed right up and pm you your stuff then you're good to go whenever you'd like to post on the topic.
  18. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Yeah looking at how you guys are doing your posts gives me so much comfort because the way you guys are currently doing it makes it really easy for me to insert my NPC's or my big summary posts so that's really awesome. I think I'll give Volcano a turn to post up him getting in the school and all and then I'll move right along with the rest of the first story Arc.

    So sit tight I guess because this Arc will go by really first, but that's because the second one is much more interesting.
  19. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    I don't know if u gonna post or not @VolcanoPheonix but Ima make a post to help some of the other students along. Post whenever ya can.
  21. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    LMAO I GOTCHU FAM. We gonna move along.

    I dont want it to die either lol
  22. @Blake Star hey mate, just a warning, I think Charms has a certain rule regarding pics in an RP. I can't quite remember, so you should probably check the General RP rules.
  23. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Alright this is my first time sorting out a duel so let me hash everything out. Gotta roll a crap ton of dice XD
  24. ill do the character bio for brainwashed jack XD
    Name: (First and Last)Jack Ester (Brainwashed)
    Age: (14-16)15
    General Appearance:A pale boy with gray hair and green eyes. he wears pants, Black hoodie with blue neon stripes on the wrists,And blue sneakers. he also has his hoodie on.
    Personality Description:a quiet person and also lonely but he is intelligent but is evil.
    Major: [XYZ, Synchro, Fusion, Link, Ritual] Fusion
    Favorite Monster:
    Lvl 1: Chimeratech Rampage Dragon
    Lvl 2: Tyrant Burst Dragon
    Lvl 3: Amulet Dragon
    Lvl 4: Cyber Twin Dragon
    Duel Skills & Character Traits:Intelligence,Healing,Agility,Determination,Stealth luck
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  25. Name: Max Vermill
    Age: 14
    General appearance: Black hair and brown eyes. Wears a black jacket and wears blue jeans.
    Personality description: basically the cool character of every anime.
    Major: XYZ
    Favorite monster: Gear gigant X(uses yellow gadget, red gadget, and green gadget to summon it)No. 17 Leviathon dragon.
    Traits: Intelligence, determination, healing,Agility, Luck
  26. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Mkay Max lemme get you good to go.

    And also @Cardboard Shinobi I planned on making the two boys that Chance played with official NPC's so I'm surprised you remembered them XD
  27. Thanks! The only real trouble I had was trying to figure out what decks to give them xD.
  28. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Yeah I was gonna have that issue too so thanks for doing me a favor XD
  29. Hey, yo, just wanna clarify... Anime only cards and cards we made up are cool to be used in this rp, right?
  30. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Actually yeah either like the card game format of the cards or the anime version is fine, whichever you wanna use. I'd rather not have created cards cause it just makes things confusing. But yeah use the anime version or the game version whichever works for you.
  31. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Probably going to run the last part of the first Arc so we can get going. Cause sht is about to get interesting.
  32. Are students in different majors gonna get ways of identifying, like in GX? I mean, like different jackets or something. Like Fusion could get purple jackets, XYZ black, Sychro white, and Ritual Blue. I dunno about No majors, though.
  33. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Yeah I like that idea.
    Xyz Black
    Fusion Purple
    Synchro White
    Ritual Blue
    No Major Brown
  34. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Well Y'all kinda somehow uh....figured out I was gonna bring in some creepy man. *cough* HACKS *cough*

    Ahem...uh either way. Yeah I think I'll just have the evil man take on Jack and Chance, or maybe just Jack and Chance watches and learns, or maybe he steps in to fight I'm not sure. But yeah good job mind reading my Gm papers O_O
  35. um, hey is this rp dead?
  36. MegaloX

    MegaloX Previously Blake Star

    Probably. I haven't been here in a while. Might find some new people and try for revival. Who knows.
  37. Name: Myles Ronin

    Age: 16

    General Appearance: Myles has wavy/curly hair. Its got a tint of red and purple in it at the tips and it spikes up in the back. He wears a black jean jacket, a white undershirt, and faded dark blue jeans. He wears a necklace with the Six Samurai's symbol hanging on it.

    Personality Description: Myles has a very high sense of respect and honor. He is very loyal to those he deems worthy but can also be slightly egotistical. He tends to stay out of any conflict unless absolutly necessary.

    Major: Synchro

    Favorite Monster:
    Tenkibito Shien
    Great Shogun Shien
    Goyo Guardian
    Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En
    Now i know the first to aren't Synchro Monsters but to me it just makes more sense with the Six Sam lore to progress that way. If its a problem let me know and i will fix it. Or i can just have no Major.

    Duel Skills & Character Traits:
    Luck, Determination, Intelligence, Agility, Stealth, Healing.

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