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Your Top 5 Anime Episodes

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Satoren, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. I'll change it to top 10 later if you people really can't decide. :V

    So, What are your top 5 favorite episodes from the Pokemon anime and why?

    1- Island of The Giant Pokemon (Island of Gigantic Pokemon?!)
    2- Shield with a Twist (Yosuga Gym! Vs Melissa!)
    3- Houndoom's Special Delivery (Hellgar and Togepi!)
    4- Bye Bye Psyduck (Adios Koduck, Hello Golduck!)
    5- A Six Pack Attack (Prof. Ookido and Prof. Odamaki! Secret Base Battle!)

    with Japanese titles because I'm a nerd like that :V

    A Six Pack Attack was neat in its premise, Professor Oak and Professor Birch meet up and bring along their respective Regional Starters, only for Team Rocket to kidnap them in an Evil, Giant Robot Skiploom. This episode was rather fun all in all, granted Max played a bit of a leading role in it. But then, I don't remember Hoenn enough to hate Max as much as other people might >>

    Bye Bye Psyduck is another lulzy episode, if not for the plot twist at the end and Misty's hilarious line. "Oh great, a Pokemon that acts just like Brock."

    Houndoom's Special Delivery...has to be one of the most adorable episodes ever, mmkay. One of the most sinister looking Pokemon babysitting one of the most innocent? Truly adorable.

    Shield With a Twist is so far one of my favorite gym battles ever. Granted, it made use of the counter shield gimmick for all its worth, but there's no denying how awesome it looks (especially Buizel's brakdancing variation
  2. There are a lot to pick from, so these aren't my only favorites.

    Just Waiting on a Friend
    Tears for Fears
    Forest Grumps
    The Fortune Hunters
    Ash's and Paul's full battle arc

    Not bothering with the Japanese names XD I loved Ninetales in Just Waiting on a Friend and thought that whole episode was gorgeous. Tears for Fears remains as one of the very few episodes of Pokemon that nearly made me cry, not to mention it made me fall in love with Chimchar. Forest Grumps was just lulzy. I felt so sorry for Team Rocket and how they had to sleep on playground slides and just survive on ramen (I wouldn't complain about that though). And I don't even think I even need to EXPLAIN why I love The Fortune Hunters. I AM THE MIGHTY MOLTRES!!!

    I know it isn't a single episode, but Ash and Paul's full battle arc (Pedal to the Mettle, Evolving Strategies, and Uncrushing Defeat) are three of my all time favorite episodes. I absolutely loved the battle itself, and I liked how the third episode focused on Ash's reaction to the battle.

    And Houndoom's Special Delivery deserves an honorable mention for just being adorable

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