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Your Theme-based Teams

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Linkachu, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I know for certain we've had this topic before, but I can't locate one within the last 3 months or so - thus making a new one. Anyways, have you guys ever made a team based on a certain theme? If so, what theme did you follow and which Pokemon did you choose?

    While I've considered building theme based teams for ages, I'd never actually made one until recently - unless my "dream team" would count (built that one last year). My latest team for my Pearl game (restarted it for the 4th time) is an all Flying-type theme. It goes without saying that they're all dual-types XP

    My choices probably could've been more solid and more powerful Pokemon, but I didn't want to use anything that I'd recently trained ('recently' being since gen 2 XD). So, I ended up with these six:

    - Doduo
    - Mantyke
    - Skarmory
    - Combee (Female :p)
    - Swablu
    - Gligar (Not yet born!)

    It's a fun little team so far, and I'm pretty happy with the choices. :)
    Roark gave me a bit of heck, but between Mantyke and Skarmory I managed to rip through him. Can't say I'm too worried about Gym #2 or 3, but the 8th should be amusing xD
  2. Well, I am starting a -Bird theme- team consisting of-
    Not Togekiss, because it doesn't have a beak! XD
  3. Oh god, I'm full of themed teams. I'll be here a while I think.

    First successful one is my Grass Type team, with the obvious restriction of everyone being at least part-Grass. That has Exeggutor, Parasect, Torterra, Cradily, Jumpluff and Roserade. It also doubles as a pseudo-Sunny Day/Trick Room team, depending on the day.

    Second one and third one are still a work in progress really, but considering I haven't touched my DS in forever... I dunno when they'll be done.

    They're a Rock-type team and a not-fully-evolved team, being made up of Aerodactyl, Kabutops, Omastar, Relicanth, Tyranitar and Lunatone; and Monferno, Sneasel, Dusclops, Magneton, Gligar and Krabby respectively.
  4. I've done teams based on characters from the anime.

    My latest one was a team based on Paul i had torterra, honchcrow, electivire, magmortor, weavile, gliscor. I know weak against ice but these where the only ones of pauls which i had trained up.
  5. I like double battles more than singles (more thinking into the combos) but a theme team that I have isa good rain dance team.
    Vaporeon, Ludicolo, Lanturn, Jolteon, Porygon-Z, Mantine

    Yeah most will ether no surf or thunder beside rain dance itself. don't forget damp rocks as items.
  6. i play a Ghost themed team on occasion, unless i'm going up against some crazy Dark-type user.

    Team is
    Rotom (in whatever forms most useful)
    and Shedinja for hilarity!
  7. i had alot of fun with a Normal type team on shoddy for the longest time.

  8. The only themed team I have is an eevee evolution team *is lame* But I did coordinate their names and elements to the characters in Legend of Dragoon!

    Eevee - Shana
    Jolteon - Haschel
    Vaporeon - Albert
    Flareon - Dart
    Espeon - Miranda
    Umbreon - Rose
    Leafeon - Lavitz
    Glaceon - Meru

    I plan on making a Poison themed team next though.
  9. thats quite possibly the coolest thing ive ever heard, actually
  10. thats quite possibly the coolest thing ive ever heard, actually

    *highfives* I freaking love Legend of Dragoon

    To keep my post on topic, I'm also planning an Electric themed team, after the Poison one is finished.
  11. sheesheesh

    sheesheesh Guest

    I'm attempting to create an ultimate Flying-type team. It would have Crobat, Fearow, Altaria, Xatu, Gyarados and Gliscor. Still needs Altaria and Gliscor. I would teach them all the best Flying moves, except one, which would be entirely for annoyance.
  12. Haha! *pokes siggy* Clearly Dark Pokemon is my main theme.

    Bold Umbreon - Toxi
    Timid Houndoom - Aldy
    Adament Tyranitar - Tark
    Careful Sableye - Puck
    Naive Honchkrow - Vinny
    Jolly Weavile - Aztek

  13. I am making a dog one consisting of just a Vulpix, Ninetales, Growlithe, and Arcanine.

    I also am making a "power" themed one I guess. I'm training a team that I think will own my friends' because I plan on a local tournament.

    Also a water team for my "Team Hydra" I'm its leader Blisk.
    Plus water is just my favorite type.
  14. My ideal Fire team would consist of....


    I would have had Magmar in that last slot, but they ruined that line with Magmortar.
  15. If I were to create a poison based team I would use:


    Naturally I stick primarily with dual types so I don't have such a glaring weakness. Seviper I use out of past experiences of dominancew with him over my friends.

    Gengar is a solid staple because it is very resistant and acts as a good sp. sweep by allowing his resistances to cover his poor defences.

    Toxicroak is a newer addition and I use him, as well as crobat, primarily as a means of launching off some unexpected attacks to catch my opponents off-guard.

    I was never a fan of roselia until I saw its shiny form, and now I have taken a liking to it. It's not all that sturdy but the typing is fun to use and a venusaur was lacking in my mind.
  16. I was thinking up a Mustelidae based team recently, but I haven't managed to figure out 6 members.


    Any ideas for that lase slot?
  17. I have a psychic team...Not a very good one, but a team nonetheless...
    A Metagross would be the defensive-based pokemon.
    Gardevoir, Alakazam and Girafarig would be used for attacking.
    Hypno would be used for status-inflicting and mild attacking.
    Xatu would be used for protective purposes.
  18. Nim


    back when i played saphire a few years back i made a pretty sweet flying which consisted of

    Mantine- surf user
    Tropius- because it is part hrass and it looks funny
    Aerodactyl- to counter electrik types
    Xatu- for special attak basically

    i also had a water team at one stage but is wasnt very good and i cant remember what qas in it

    Btw how do u hav a profile picture(im new)

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